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During high school, my sister Holly chose to ditch the trappings of senior year—prom, football games, college-prep drama—and instead crossed half way across the globe on a school exchange program to a very different place than the white-bread town we grew up in. A place where the locals would unabashedly touch the light, blonde hairs on her suntanned arms and where she towered over the tallest of the adult men.

When her year of schooling was up and it was time for her to come home, my mom, dad and I were lucky enough to take a month long trip to visit her temporary home and host family.

And that is where my love for Thai food and its culture was born.

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While living in Los Angeles, there were a few note-worthy Thai restaurants like my favorite —right next door to my offices on Larchmont Blvd. that served the BEST spicy garlic tofu EVER—but there were also tons of delicious Thai restaurants on nearly every corner. It was way too easy to order delivery at least once a week thanks to the Thai menus we’d find strapped to the front door or slyly slipped under the weathered welcome mat. And it was cheap, cheap, cheap. And good, good, good.

But where we live now we have a far more limited supply of Thai joints, and they’re more fancy than funky.

So when my husband found a link on his Facebook page from his friend Tom for Vegan Metal Chef’s Pad Thai recipe, we were inspired. And we laughed. And we were totally impressed by his original take on food blogging and using his sincere—yes, sincere—approach to promote veganism. And of course the awesomeness of his swarthy knife.

If you’re looking for a few options that aren’t vegan, check out the list of spicy coolio noodle recipes below.

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So we were in the mood for Pad Thai thanks to above-said Vegan Metal Chef, but most recipes call for tamarind, which we had none of. After doing some searching on the www., we found Koko Cooks’ recipe for Pad Thai and thanks to Suzanne, we didn’t miss the tamarind at all. We did add some fried tofu and sliced chili peppers, just cause we could.

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Averting the amateurish and probably American-inspired move of using ketchup in pad thai recipes, Alice’s recipe for Savory Sweet Life ‘s Pad Thai shares the secret of adding just a couple of tablespoons of sauce at a time to avoid a gloppy mess of rice noodles.

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Jasmine’s recipe for Pad Thai on Jasmine Tea uses a little wider noodle and her recipe for sweet mango smoothie is a nice foil to the spicey hits of the pad thai.

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Jen’s version of Pim’s Pad Thai makes for super easy assembly thanks to her step by step photos on Use Real Butter, making the stir-fry part of the recipe (in a frying pan instead of a wok) super simple to put together.

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Pho Ga Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

FoodieCrush Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

While the rest of the U.S. is checking out cherry blossoms or putting their spring seedlings in the ground, in my neck of the woods the groundhog lost his GPS and failed to alert the weatherman that spring is supposed to be sprung.

Hello 8 inches of snow.

foodiecrush snow in trees

And so back to cocooning I go, and that to me means one thing. Chicken soup. And to my husband that means another thing. Spicy chicken soup, or more specifically, Pho Ga.

We’ve both been a fan of Pho for a long time, since haunting spots in L.A. with names like Pho 69 or Pho 87 (so what’s with the numbers anyway?) But when we moved away it took a while to discover a new fav Pho spot.

In the interim, G tried his hand at mastering Beef Pho or Bo Pho, a complicated broth that’s all about patience as you roast bones and veggies and then put the broth to simmer for hours upon end while practicing infinite restraint from tasting the piping hot broth. The broth that one evening nearly set our house on fire. But that’s a story for another day.

FoodieCrush Steamy Kitchen Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup

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But since moving from an area where ethnic foodie obsessions are easily remedied, we often rely on Jaden‘s recipes at Steamy Kitchen and are big fans of her Pho Ga or Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup, especially whenever we get the hankering for a simple but totally tasty broth that has just the right balance of chicken and spice thanks to the coriander, clove and star anise combo.

Get the Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup recipe here.

A big plus for Pho Ga versus Pho Bo is that the hours-long simmering process is shortened and  now we get to slurp our soup in under 2 hours.

Vietnamese Chicken Soup Pho Ga

photo > eat drink and be merry

And since I’m a sucker for gorgeous photos, this Pho Ga recipe from eat drink and be merry makes me think it must smell as amazing as it looks.

Vietnamese Chicken Soup Pho Ga

photo > momofukufor2

And another gorg pic from momofukufor2 with the recipe here

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