I love partnering with others to create unique and relevant content for FoodieCrush or for your own brand or company. E-mail me at heidi@foodiecrush.com today to talk about ways we can work together.

Here are a few ways we can work together:

Food Photography & Styling: Thanks to two decades of directing some of the country’s finest photographers and stylists and producing studio and location shoots for food, lifestyle and celebrities, I’ve learned hands on what needs to happen and how to get it done on time and within budget in front of and behind the camera and I love making it happen for clients.

Food Writing and Recipe Development: I dream about food all day long so coming up with on-trend and unique recipes that feature particular ingredients or products is one of my favorite challenges. Content can be created in partnership for publication on this blog, my online magazine or created for national publications, other websites or collateral or advertising opportunities. Here’s an example of how we can work together.

Sponsored Posts: If you have a brand I believe in and ideas about creating creative partnerships, let’s chat about how to connect the two with FoodieCrush readers. Sample posts here and here.

Video: Video didn’t kill the radio star, it just moved to the web. I can concept, produce and film short-form video for your product or company for my website or yours. Sample videos here and here.

e-Book Concept and Creation: My editorial and design background is firmly in print publications but I see the future and it is online. Let me help you create an e-book or e-cookbook for distribution on your own site or blog to become the independent author that will make mom proud.

Magazine Design and Sponsorship: I create a bi-annual issue of FoodieCrush magazine each year, featuring food bloggers, their recipes, photography and stories. Want to be a part of it? Contact me about editorial and sponsorship opportunities or how I can create a magazine for you or your company.

Brand Ambassadorship: I love to share products I believe in with my readers and creating long-term relationships with brands is always welcome.

Conferences, Press Trips or Travel Reviews: Do you have a conference you’d like me to attend or speak at about blogging, e-Books, photography or simply life in general? Are you coordinating a press trip for your brand or company that I can share with my readers and social media followers? Do you have a destination I can visit and fall in love with and want to move there and tell my readers why they should too? I have a suitcase, a laptop and want to tell your story. Sample posts here , here and here.

Contact me at heidi@foodiecrush.com and let’s put some ideas together. 


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