Another day. Another week. Another month has suddenly escaped me.

I had so many grand plans for the summer: Early morning bike rides to improve my daughter’s novice two-wheeling skills, lazy days at the pool, evening cookouts in our neighboring canyon and getting my garden into tip-top shape.

Some of it happened, some of it will still happen, its my summer mission.

Free Download Food Blogger Calendar August 2012

There are two things I’m obsessed in discovering how others manage: what time they go to bed and what sort of calendaring system they use to keep themselves organized.

Before I had my daughter was such a good list-maker. I kept track of everything, knocking off to-do items like pro bowlers who hit strikes with ease.

But then I tried to make the conversion to online list making and calendaring. It worked part of the time, mostly when I was keeping track on my iPhone and discovering great new apps like Teux Deux, Google Calendar and the like. But no matter how hard I tried to adapt, I didin’t discover the app that worked for me. I  felt like I was taking a step backward. I was always 2 days behind by the time I would log on and  check my calender, to see what was in store for next week.

I needed to write it all down.

My scheduling lifeline wasn’t  in front of my face like my trusty Franklin Covey month-at-a-glance calendar with its dog-eared scribbles, eraser marks and notations. And it all resulted in the past few years of me missing appointments, birthdays and just not hitting my own goals.

And. It. Drove. Me. Crazy.

So with my change in status, I made a change in record keeping. I’ve gone old-school. I’m going back to paper and pencil.

The jury is still out on how this will all work out, bridging my two universes: my digital world and old-school recored keeping. We’ll see how dependent I am and how this marriage will pan out.

To start off on the right foot, I finally found a nicely designed, sans scrapbookey/biziness-boring 16-month paper calendar at Target—totally cute design but sadly they aren’t carrying my favorite Franklin Covey 365 calendar anymore and I can’t find it anywhere online.

Regardless, I’ve made the adjustment to physically writing my schedule down. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not still workin’ my sched with iCal. I know! I’m crazy. And probably totally counterintuitive. But I can’t let go of one without knowing the other is going to work. So for now, I’m doing what’s best for me.

Which led me to figure I should create a calendar for all of my blog posts. And for all of the occasions that I might want to center a blog post around.

And that led me to figure, why should I keep these dates to myself?? Let’s share.

Food Blogger Calendar August 2012 from FoodieCrush

The images above is low-res, just for eye-candy. Download the original size below! 

And so, with some help of my ever talented intern Elyse, I’ve created a free download for you to post as your computer desktop wallpaper or a higher res but smaller in stature version to download to your computer to print or save for reference.

Download the free desktop wallpaper August 2012 Food Blogger Calendar 

Download the free 8 1/2 X 11 printable version of the August 2012 Food Blogger Calendar

Look for these calendars in future months and  to improve upon what works for you, please let me know what you think of it, if it’s helpful or not or if you have something notable that should be listed on it or a screen size that works best for you.

I also have some new freebies I’m creating that will only be available via my newsletter. Great tips, tricks and yums. Sign up so you won’t miss out!

And now for a few more Friday Faves:

1. In the spirit of sharing, Sneh shares 10 food sources to grow your food blog.

2. With the harvest season upon us, these tips could prove invaluable.

3. It’s one of my favorite conferences and registration is next week. Don’t miss it! I’ll even give you an insider’s personal tour of the city.

4. I loved the reflections Merry-Jennifer shared about Big Summer Potluck. Next year I am so there.

5. Sarah shared this video that made me grin from ear to ear and call Smudge in to watch thanks to the combo of two of my favorite topics in a new rendition of Call Me Maybe

6. Crushing on Martyna’s delicious looking AND FREE ebook with whole food recipes for summertime eats. Have you thought about creating an ebook yet? If you need help, contact me.

7. So I can eat even more of Rachel’s amazing 31 days of pancakes, I’m thrilled he featured some of her favorite bloggers and shares how you can throw a theme blog event too.

8. I’m obsessed with learning more about video— you’ll be seeing some of mine soon—so checking out Russel’s tutorial via Sylvie is a serious help.

9. We can never learn enough about photo processing and this is why I love Lightroom.

10. Thank goodness for the weekend. I’ll be rocking it out with my husband and his band for their big punk rock reunion show—as in it’s been YEARS since they’ve been together. Wait ’til you see what he’s sporting on stage. I’ll be sharing next week, ya’ll will be proud that he’s supporting foodies.

Until then, XO and happy weekend and happy cooking!

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