Happy Friday my friends and welcome to February.

And just like when every month ends and a new one rounds the bend I say, “how did that happen?”

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This post is brought to you by Stella & Chewy’s

Time flies when you’re having fun, especially when you’re with the ones you love and three out of those five loves have four legs instead of just two.

Even when they slobber all over the glass front door as they freak out when anyone and everyone walks up the street.

And when all three of their furry bodies sleep smack dab in the middle of you and your man in “the big bed” so there’s absolutely ZERO chance for romancing.

And when the coagulated poofs of dog hair rest peacefully in the corners of the hallway ’til your favorite new vacuum zooms in and magically makes them disappear.

So how much does our little family love our dogs? More than the sun and the moon and back again and why I need this shirt.

We treat our fur babies just like family, and just like my human family—who I want to eat healthfully and love every bite—I want the same for my four legged babies too.

That’s why we are so happy to partner with Stella & Chewy’s for our dogs nutrition, because not only does their raw food blend made of gently-baked kibble coated in freeze-dried raw meat (from cage-free quail, chicken, duck, and grass-fed lamb, beef and venison) with all its nutritional value and vitamins make my dogs dance, prance, and devour every.single.raw.food.nugget more than any other dog food I’ve ever given them to eat, it’s also the most nutritious food I’ve ever fed them.

And they cannot WAIT for meal time, but then our dogs are just like us, so why wouldn’t they?

A few more doggie loving things this month…

Did you know it’s the year of the dog? The Chinese zodiac believes if you were born in one of the years of the dog, you are loyal and honest, amiable and kind, cautious and prudent. Mother Teresa was born in the year of the dog. So was Elvis Presley, Madonna, and Michael Jackson, just to name a few. Are you a dog too?

Did you know that 50% of litters are not planned and that spay and neutering is the number one way to help reduce the 10 million animals that enter overcrowded shelters each year? That’s why February is spay/neuter month. Find a clinic near you to take care of your pet and you’ll help others at the same time.

Awww. Dogs on scooters. No joke. We saw it every day when we were in Vitenam!

And this is totally what I’d do if I worked at a drive-thru too! I think I should start a #dogsincars hashtag on Instastories.

What Went Up This Week…

This week had a lot of recipe testing going down in the FC test kitchen aka my kitchen plus the recipes below going up on the blog. If you have any recipe requests, I’m happy to serve…just email me at heidi@foodiecrush.com.

But enough about me, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves. 🙂

First up…SUPER BOWL!

With so many favorites of what to eat for the big game, it’s incredibly hard to choose! So this year we’re keeping it simple and going with some of our standard faves.

  • These legs flavored like wings.
  • And this dip. Because you just have to!
  • And probably beenie weenies because they’re always the first to go.
  • This pasta salad, or this one, because you need something to soak up the beer in yo’ belly.
  • And either my slow cooker corned beef made into a variation of these (with extra horseradish and sauerkraut OF COURSE)
  • or
  • These burgers that this week’s Facebook commenters nearly stroked out over, like literally. It was my first post where the haters came out in droves. But the joke is on them because these are SO GOOD!

And come halftime, can you even imagine if THIS happened!??! Best halftime show surprise ever!!

Break out your wallets–> how to build a better Super Bowl betting pool.

And the ultimate chip and dip bowl…one for each team.

We’ll be skiing before the morning of Superbowl this weekend, and GUYS! People think there isn’t enough snow to ski on here in Utah but THERE TOTALLY IS! And it’s seriously good snow plus the temps are gloriously warm so it’s like spring skiing in Feb. But because the out of towners don’t know this like we locals do, there are some never-gonna-happen-again-deals going on that you’re going to want to take advantage of NOW! All I can say is hellllooo Valentine!

This video below literally made me laugh out loud.

The best apps to help you save money (we could all be better about this, right?)

I’m loving my contributor Hayley’s new blog and this playlist.

This food documentary just got nominated for an Oscar. How cool is that?

Instagrammer alert! 8 tips to improve your restaurant photos.

How to avoid buying crappy olive oil.

I can NEVER have too many lemony chicken recipes!

Hello healthy happy pasta.

Speaking of pasta, why have I never thought to put this ingredient in mac & cheese? I mean, they’re like my two loves in one!

Instant Pot chicken and dumplings. Be still my comfort food-loving heart.

I’m liking this homemade vinaigrette.

This is Alton Brown’s secret for better bacon. Interesting.

Would you consider eating edible plates? Hmmmm, I like the eco-friendly aspect, but for now I think I’ll take what’s on my plate. Or bowl, as the case may be.

Here are 5 Super Bowl snacks that will give this year’s game a run for its money:

The top 10 kitchen paint colors for 2018. Digging that minimalist sage green.

This is the number one mascara, according to Pinterest. I tried it. Didn’t like it.

Okay, has anyone tried this moisturizer yet? Good? Bad? Meh?

The best drugstore makeup dupes.

And, do you use toner? If so, you might be applying it the wrong way

Shoes to buy for spring (and you can’t beat these prices).

This top is super flattering. And cute color too!

This cute outfit is making me pine for a trip to the beach!

These look like the comfiest pair of pajamas.

Under $10 Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t suck. Hey boys, take notes.

All right folks, that’s all she wrote. I hope you have a wonderfully delicious and football filled eating weekend!

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