Oh well hello again, and happy Friday!

So I have a question for you. How often do you step back and objectively look at your life and realize just how lucky you are?

I mean, if you’re reading this post right now, that means you have internet access, and a computer or a device to view it on, and likely you’re sipping on a cold or maybe a hot beverage at the dwelling that may or may not be your dream home, or at a job that may or not be your dream job, where you’re whiling away the hours because it’s Friday and it’s the holiday weekend and how many more hours do we have to pretend we’re working before we can go home!!??

Man. We are some lucky son of a guns. 

While others are obsessing over whether to grill burgers or ribs, worrying over how often to re-apply sunscreen, or being annoyed at how many times they have to remind the kids not to run with a sparkler in hand, let’s all try to remember that the 4th of July is about those who have come before us and who stand beside us, near and far, who have declared, fought, reasoned, and stood up for the values, justice and liberties we all too often take for granted.

Shoot off those fireworks and fly that flag proudly, friends.

And yes, we’re just like you and gearing up for the 4th, where we’ll definitely be grilling up some burgers, and some corn, (don’t forget the flavored buttah), and my dad’s favorite pie. What’s on your menu?

If you need some ideas, don’t miss this fun little 4th of July recipe roundup I put together a while back for all of your red, white, and blue eats. And then, download this free printable Fourth of July Bingo. Let’s go.

Looks like we are all in agreement its’ time to get the weekend started, so without further ado, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves. Enjoy!

I’m okay with the New York Times charging a monthly fee for it’s list of online recipes because it just makes the free content on blogs that much more attractive. Yes, we are still free!

No bake holiday cheesecake for all the red whites and blues.

Instant Pot recipe alert: Pulled pork!

S’mores dip. Oh yes.

4 easy chicken marinades. Fire up the grill, honey.

“French people don’t expect homemade food to look like something off Pinterest.” 6 gloriously easy ways to entertain like a Parisian from David Leibowitz.

The perfect lemon poppy seed cake that magically become popsicles.


Another favorite cake gets the icy makeover: carrot cake pudding pops!


Jeni of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream spills her ice cream making secrets.

I totally want to try this linen napkin dip-dye DIY (also fun to say) as a little DIY with Smudge, and then throw a big summer dinner party.

Breakfast nook envy. But seriously, those hot pink Brentwood chairs.

I’m always looking for more awesome apps, and this list looks like they’ll have me heading to the healthy side.

Okay, this is THE CUTEST INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT you’ll follow all week! Oh man, makes me so happy!

Since I’ve had my summer bucket list on the brain (this week I struck off the free Wednesday night Deer Valley concert series), I couldn’t help but take it one step further and check out this list of 83 ultimate travel experiences. Can you say you’ve even done one?


As evidenced by the photo above of my Smudge hitting up the Snaps, teen texting acronyms every parent should know about. Yikes!

I’ve seen shipping container pools on the www when it’s at a trendy NYC location, but these modular pools for your home look AWESOME! Plus, there’s a window!

Because I can tend to procrastinate this article is suggesting why I am, and why it’s not only okay, but a good thing.

This first grader has a painting hanging in The Met. No biggie or anything. (!)


Chander Bing’s Hollywood home is for sale and I WANT IT.

Can’t wait to see this movie. And it’s a true story (sucker for a true romance).

Reading Rainbow isn’t just for kiddos anymore, this podcast is the perfect way to lull adults into sleepy time.

I’m still trying to get into the habit of meditating. This list of guided mediations have some good ones to choose from.

I’m really liking this white blazer. Smart. And 40% off.

The cut/hem on this t-shirt dress is really fun, and looks totally easy to wear.

Hey! A tote bag named after me! That leather looks so soft and supple I could sleep with it.

My friend wore this dress in a rosey shade the other day and she got compliments all day long. It’s only avail in gray now, but it is still so cute.

Ahhh, then I saw this dress, similar, but with a little more oomph. Love.

All right, that’s a wrap, folks, we all have some weekending to do. Have a save and fabulous one and a firecracking 4th!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. All opinions are always my own.  

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