Every summer I have such grand plans to do so many fun things. And then, SNAP! Summer’s over before I ever get to them.

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This year, I’m not going to let my summer escape me. I’m committing to setting most of these things to a date on the calendar and actually making them happen and even sharing them here on the blog, in hopes if it’s in print, I’ll be more accountable to making them happen. Plus, it’s just a fun excuse to think, dream, plot, and plan. 

Won’t you join me in making yours, too?

How to Make a Summer Bucket List

Before we dig into jotting down our lists, here are a few tips to think about before starting.

Make each item on your list something that brings your joy. So whether it brings you joy to clean out that junk drawer that’s been driving you crazy, or to hike to the nearest mountaintop, it’s your joy to have. But try to keep the to-do tasks at a bare minimum. 

Have a healthy balance of things to do on your own and things to do with others. Being alone with one’s self is often one of the most rejuvenating gifts we can give ourselves (and others.)

Make your list attainable, even practical. This is not a wish list, this is a do list. If you don’t like to fly, or don’t have any vacation days, it’s unrealistic to list climbing Monte Picchu on your summer bucket list. Move that one to your life long bucket list. Keep it real guys.

#GOAL every day, or in non-acronym form, Get Out And Live. Do something every day that gets you out of the house / office / car to discover the grand outdoors. And no, walking from the car to the grocery store doors does not count as getting outside. Sorry.

No business tasks allowed. This is not the time to plot your end of year work agenda, or think about how to take your profession to the next level. This is personal time folks, let’s keep it all about us.

My 2017 Summer Bucket List

And now without further ado, here’s my summer bucket list for 2017. Some of the items are skewed toward living in Utah, but you’ll get the picture.

Read something entertaining every day. It seems that all I read anymore are magazines, self-help, or business books.  It’s time for some good old non-fiction and I’m going to do it first thing in the morning to set a happy tone for the day.

Cook from a cookbook at least once a week. As a blogger I’m always feeling the pressure to come up with my own new recipes. It’s time to relax and have fun with someone else’s recipes for a change.

Have dinner ready at a reasonable time. I swear. You’d think as a person who thinks about food all day would have her act together instead of freaking out at 6:30 p.m. because I don’t have any idea what to have for dinner. Because 9 p.m. is not a reasonable time to ring the dinner bell.

Clean up my stash of greeting cards. Okay, so this is a to-do, but a small bit of organizing makes me feel good.

Take a nap outside. There’s nothing more decadent than falling asleep to nature’s white noise.

Make it a Friday Funday. One day a week I want to take my daughter and her friends out and about and create an adventure of fun, like afield trip minus the school bus.

BBQ with friends or family at least once a week. Scheduled or impromptu, it doesn’t matter.

Garden more. Digging in the dirt clears my head making the rewards inside and out.

Walk the dogs each day. It’s good for all of us.

Take the girls zip lining. Oh my word. Last year I went zip lining with my college friends in Park City and it totally tested my metal. We went in Maui earlier this year too, but it didn’t even come close to compare.

Have a campfire dinner up the canyon. The perfect excuse to cool down and chill out and because we have 3 canyons within 5 minutes of our house, it’s a no-brainer.

Ride my dang bike. I’ve had it for 2 years and have ridden it twice. Not cool Heidi, not cool. Actually, it’s just so dang hot!

Read a book in a hammock. I have the hammock, now I just need to get into it.

Host a shrimp boil. Two years ago we went to Florida and had the best shrimp boils! I want to recreate it on my front lawn and invite all the friends and neighbors.

Go on an old fashioned picnic. Like the hammock, I have the picnic basket, just need to use it!

Go to at least 3 of the free Wednesday night concerts at Deer Valley Resort, and stay over in Park City for one of those nights. I love that the concerts are free, and we can take our own food and drink—in our picnic basket!

Make homemade ice cream. This one is my husband’s favorite.

Bake a loaf of homemade bread. I’ll start with this one. 

Go see the wildflowers in Albion Basin. I want to do this every year and then I miss it. Gotta get on a wildflower alert somehow.

Play in the women’s golf league at least 6 times. The golf is fun, but it’s even better to be with other women who aren’t great at it, too.

Go to the drive-in. I need to see if there even any left around!

Set up an outdoor movie with dinner for Smudge and her friends. I just need to get a projector, anyone have a suggestion? And mosquito spray! Those buggers love us.

Go to the Avenues street fair. It comes every year and I always miss it. September 9 isn’t technically summer, but I’m ok with that.

Go see at least 3 matinee movies. I mean seriously, how luxe is a daytime movie??!!

Take a photo scavenger hunt/walking tour of downtown SLC with Smudge. We don’t get downtown often enough and when we do, we aren’t walking around. There’s so many cool graffiti walls and historical buildings I think it would be a fun way to get a little education in both of us.

Go to the Spiral Jetty. I can’t believe I’ve never been!

Have a freezer meal party and take them to the Fisher House. The Fisher House is a non-profit that provides military families housing close to a loved one during hospitalization. It’s like a Ronald McDonald House for veterans and they can always use meals for the families staying there.

Take the Smudge and her friends to the cabin. We’ve done it for the past 3 years for her birthday and it’s the highlight of the summer. Three days and twelve 13-year olds? What am I thinking?

Road trip to McCall, ID. Everyone raves about this lake and I really want to see it. This will be our only out of state excursion for the rest of the summer, but if I don’t get it planned, it may not happen. EEK!

Sign up for a master swim class. I’m starting on Monday, I can’t wait!

Read more good writing so I can be a better writer. It’s the only way to get my brain in practice.

Get my taxes done. I know! I know! Bad girl. Bad girl.

Drink more water. I love adding cucumber and lemons to make it even more fresh.

Have a Bear Lake raspberry shake. It’s the real reason to visit!

Go to Fruit Way to shop all the fresh produce stands. My favorite jaunt of the summer and oh my, those peaches! And yes, stopping at Maddox Drive-in for a turkey burger is mandatory.

Visit every farmers market within 25 miles at least once. I may be in over my head on this one, because there are a LOT of farmer’s markets here in the summer. (here’s the list.)

Go to the Bonneville Salt Flats for a photo shoot with the girls. I mean, how much fun does this look like, and it’s just 90 minutes away!

Take 1 entire day off, with no work, no social media, just fun, once a month. Yes, yes, and yes.


So now here’s the big question…when am I going to find time to work?????

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