So much for the peaches I’ve been hoarding in my crisper. Those babies sadly saw the heave-ho, because while they looked blushed and perfectly ripe on the outside, the inside told a very different story. So much for saving the best for last.

Baked Pear and Plum Phyllo Tart with Blue Cheese on

But they made way for another farmer’s market fall favorite. Four F’s in one sentence, that must be a sign. A very good sign.

This phyllo recipe with baked pears and stone fruit has multiple personalities. One day it thinks it’s a dessert, the next it shows off as an appetizer. And watch out Nelly, because it also has the chops for breakfast, lunch or dinner (+ pancetta or bacon perhaps?)

While my sister-in-law Ginni has the very sad condition of not being able to stand the mere mention of baked fruit, let alone eat it, I’ve pick up her slack, and have always been a fan.

Fresh fruit baked on a bed of puffed crust is a favorite dessert for entertaining. Most likely because when I’ve finally gotten to the end of planning my entertaining menu, I’ve lost my mojo and need something simple and fast to pull together.

Honey sweet fruit with blue cheese fits the bill in all the right ways.

Baked Pear and Plum Phyllo Tart with Blue Cheese on

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Friday Faves

by heidi on October 17, 2014

What a glorious season this fall has been. It’s already mid-October and snow has yet to hit the front yard and wreck all of the Halloween decorations Smudge and I have crafted for our spookalicious spook alley. Glory yes!


Thank you so much to those of you who sent me feedback in my reader survey. So far I see you guys still love Friday Faves, family recipes and lots of yummy food photos.  I’ll be tabulating the results to help me create a FoodieCrush you want to visit and be inspired by but if you’d still like to give me your 2 cents (I think it’s worth a lot more!) then please let me know here.

This weekend I’ll be with some inspiring food bloggers at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah, where we’ll be encouraging, teaching and helping one another build better blogs for you to visit and learn from. Stay tuned for about what I’m going to be learning soon, can’t wait to share with you.

So now, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves.

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Move over quinoa, there’s a new grain in town.

Sweet Corn, Gouda and Farro Risotto on

Well, now, wait a minute. Farro is far from new with its roots running deep, deep, deep (pun intended) and this ancient grain is making major waves in the foodie scene.

The 90′s were all about couscous (which I still adore), the 00′s saw the wave of wild and unusual rices, and who can’t open a cookbook / food blog / food magazine for the past few years without seeing the glories of quinoa being extolled from the high heavens. But do you farro? If not, you should.

Farro is one of those wonder grains that to a lot of us mainstream eaters in the U.S., seems a bit outlandish and even exotic. But is it? If you consider the grain of choice that ancient Egyptian kings dined on as exotic, then yes, exotic it is. I mean, they were KINGS! But that hardly makes this grain unapproachable or intimidating. In fact, farro might be the easiest grain of all to cook and it’s versatility will have quinoa looking hard and fast in the rear view mirror, just waiting for farro to take over it’s first place run in the superfood popularity polls.

Sweet Corn, Gouda and Farro Risotto on

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One of my favorite quotes from Jessica’s cookbook refers to her cooking philosophy. “There is no exact science as to how I began cooking my own recipes—but that’s just it: I started,” she says. ” If you want to learn how to cook and how to put your own spins on dishes, like anything else you just have to START.”

Well said, Jessica.

Jessica Merchant of How Sweet It is

Anyone that’s discovered the deliciousness that IS the blog How Sweet It Is is very familiar with it’s creator’s obsession with neon, 80′s pop culture trivia and that all things are better with browned butter, bacon, and sprinkles.

I featured Jessica on my first list of 5 Food Blogs I’m Following Now, and my respect and devotion hasn’t strayed. Known among her legions of fans as an inspiring creator for recipes, beauty and simply all things fun, Jessica Merchant can now add author to that list with the release of her first cookbook, Seriously Delish: 150 Recipes for People Who Totally Love Food.

Need she say more? I don’t think so. Her book pretty much says it all.

Jessica’s cookbook is jam-packed with family favorites and homages to her grandmother, nicknamed Mother Lovett, with many recipes featuring her inspiration and tutelage and where her love for cooking began—in the kitchen for Sunday dinners.

Most recipes in her book clock in at 20-45 minutes of prep time making time in the kitchen totally doable for newbie cooks to those that want to spend the time but simply don’t have it, including this Obesessed-With-Cheese Mac & Cheese. And you can enter to win a copy of Seriously Delish for your very own at the end of this post.

Obsessed With Cheese Mac n Cheese

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I’ve had a hankering to post a fried green tomato recipe, for, oh, say, the past 2 1/2 years. And lucky Mrs. GreenJeans, the day has finally come.

You can thank my underabundance of ripe, red tomatoes that instead produced a lovely harvest of green tomatoes for this recipe.

I’d have to say after eating this grilled cheese sandwich, it was nearly worth forgoing another burrata caprese salad in place of the plethora of my under-ripened fruit. The sweetness of these tomatoes paired perfectly with the spiciness of the monterey jack cheese oozing out from it’s edges.

Green tomatoes are still stunners, afterall.

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