Friday Faves

by heidi on September 12, 2014

Hello friends, loved ones and partners in crime. Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit this little slice of the web called FoodieCrush. I love to share, and am so glad you care. Care enough to stop by and see what’s cookin’ in and out of the kitchen.

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We had some new neighbors move in across the street. Instead of the de rigueur welcome pie or brownies, I took them a cornucopia of caprese makings, burrata (yes!) and DeLallo pasta fixin’s. Okay, it was a basket, not a cornucopia, but the idea…it’s solid.

I’m sublimely happy harvest season is in full swing, and have been sharing posts featuring ingredients to help you #eatseasonal. Tomatoes are always at the top of my hit list but with the Farmer’s markets delivering such stellar produce, I’m not stopping there so more seasonal fare recipes will be coming your way. Long live autumn!

In last week’s Friday Faves I shared 5 food blogs I’m following now, and hope that you are now too. If you missed the post, check it out here.

And now, onto this week’s list of list loves…

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Slow Cooker Hatch Green Chile Verde

by heidi on September 11, 2014

Here is the thing about eating seasonal: You eat it while it’s fresh and you eat it ’til it’s gone.

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I’ve pretty much been living this mantra all week long thanks to a batch of Hatch chiles I was gifted that resulted in an unofficial Hatch chile week in my kitchen, on my dinner table and here on the bloggity blog.

I was gifted these pretty little peppers by my friend Amanda, who brought them to me from New Mexico where Hatch chiles are authentically grown. Because it’s hard to get them fresh and locally here in Utah, I was thrilled! What a great hostess gift for a heat seeking foodie, don’t you think?

With so many options of how to put these chiles to work, I took to my Facebook page and asked you what recipes you wanted to see. Along with the favorites chile topped cheeseburgers, chile rellenos and enchiladas, here’s what you had to say:

  • Lisa said: “Green chile stew. I use the recipe from the Santa Fe school of cooking. Delish!” (I’m freezing some chiles so I can make Amanda’s version of this in the slow cooker this winter after a chilly ski day.)
  • Heather asked for: “Salsa verde!” Check that! Get my recipe for Hatch Chile Salsa Verde here. P.S. You’ll need it for this recipe, too!
  • Faye requested: “Hatch Chili and Chorizo Frittata.” I’m putting it on a to-make list.
  • Desiree commented: “I made a Hatch chile pull apart bread,” and doesn’t it look good!
  • Christopher may have been the most adventuresome of the group and a dyed in the wool Hatch chile lover. He said: “I roasted 25lb. I use them in eggs, smoothies, ice cream, hot and sour soup, stews, rice and bean burritos. I go through about a 1lb every week.” The man likes it spicy.

In then end, I had some great ideas to work with. But my husband ended up trumping them all with his request for a homemade Chile Verde.

Slow Cooker Hatch Green Chile Verde on

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How to Roast Chile Peppers

by heidi on September 10, 2014

How to roast chile peppers on foodiecrush.ccom

Whether you like them hot, sweet or somewhere in between, roasting chile peppers takes any variety of peppers to a whole new level.

The closest I’ve been able to get my hands on real deal Hatch chiles has been when Whole Foods loads up their inventory. But when my friend Amanda visited me recently (her Instagram gives me serious wanderlust), she brought with her a big bag of Hatch chile peppers.

She had just visited her man’s family in New Mexico and the actual city of Hatch (yep, there’s a real town for them!) where chile pepper season is at it’s height. With a trip in her sights to come my way, she knew I’d be pleased as punch to put some bone fide, straight from NM chiles to work in some upcoming recipes.

How to roast chile peppers on foodiecrush.ccom

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How to Make Hatch Chile Salsa Verde

by heidi on September 9, 2014

How to make salsa verde on

Right now. It’s happening. And there’s no better time to take advantage of it—of every single, last, bit(e).

There’s truly no better—and easier—time of year to eat seasonal. Fresh fruit is literally falling from the trees and the bounty of the summer harvest is at full throttle, artfully displayed in droves at farmer’s markets in small towns and big cities alike. Even grocery store produce tastes fresher and looks better. It’s here for one and all to savor.

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5 Food Blogs I’m Following Now

by heidi on September 5, 2014

5 Food Blogs I'm Following Now Sept 14

This week we’re all recovering from the last bash of summer and dreaming of the fall harvest of tomatoes, apples and dare I say, pumpkins? Don’t shoot the messenger, but it’s here folks!

We’re back after our break to bring you another list of 5 food blogs I’m reading now.  Because I’m often asked about new food blogs I’ve discovered, who I’m reading now, and where to find inspiration for great recipes and beautiful food photography, I’m happy to share a few that are always highlights of my blog reader.

Following is a short list of just some of the food blogs I’m following now. Some might be more well known, some could be flying under the radar. Either way, they’re spots on the web totally worthy of your precious time.

And thank you so much for reading FoodieCrush and these faves. You guys make my day. XO

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