“Don’t worry, I’ve got this. And look at how fun! it comes with 24 carat gold flakes!”

These are words best not spoken in a bar. At Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. With your best friend for her birthday.

Friday Faves, Las Vegas and favorite recipes

Because sometimes, when you’re all full of yourself and offer to buy that celebratory glass of champagne, it doesn’t cost $25 like your deceiving eyes detect. It costs $2,500.

Clue #1 that you’re buying a $2,500 drink: Drink menu being presented on an iPad and the bus boys wear tuxedos. 

Friday Faves and Eyes Wide Open

Lucky for me last weekend, the two-for-one ticket handed to us as we walked into the flash and sparkle of the gold and glittered bar was only good for drinks of a certain flair. Or else I would have been sipping on a 6 ounce cocktail that could have paid for a newly remodeled kitchen. 

Friday Faves, Las Vegas and favorite recipes

Take heed, don’t wear champagne goggles in Vegas but do always eat dessert first.

So cheers! And here’s to my Friday Faves!

1. This video…a future food blogger in the making.

2. As a food blogger I create content all day long, so why not do it for a good cause? In February I’m donating a post to help raise money to provide a daily meal for 100 South African school children for one year. If you’re a food blogger, you should too. If you’re not, learn how to donate now.

3. THE CUTEST! Meet the 2014 Puppy Bowl lineup. Seriously, can they be any cuter? And the witty fun facts deserve a serious scratch on the belly.

4. Crushing on this blog,


5.  This Instagrammer, whose captions make the pictures.

6. I bought one for myself. And one for a friend. I ended up keeping both because they smell  INCREDIBLE!

7. Damn! This is what 50 looks like. I can only hope.

8. “My kit does have a sketchy appearance, but I figure the biscuit cutters I carry {on the plane} balance out the terrorist-looking stuff. There’s always a note from Homeland Security that my bag has been searched. I think I’m on a list.” A day in the life of a food stylist.

9. Oh this is sweet, and from a guy! A good reminder for all of us married folk out there.

10. And some good rules for those who aren’t.

11. So long Vine, move over Instagram. This is such a COOL way to create foodie videos and they’re featuring my hood and the Sundance Film Fest as fodder. @harryhyuan might be the Robert Redford of eating out.

12. So inspiring! Run like a girl: How I started, 2 blocks at a time.

13. Hallelujah and break out the frosting: 50 tips for baking better cakes.

14. Luggage? Check. Passport? Check. International service for Instagram? Check. 52 places to go in 2014.

15.  3 best types of content for Google+.

16. Finallly! But can I wait until February to cocoon myself for a massive final season marathon?

17. I’m incorporating this tip asap: Don’t check your email first thing –> 10 tips for working smarter and perform at your peak every day.

18. Food bloggers don’t need no stinkin’ Velveeta. How to make queso dip without Velveeta in case of the end of the world Superbowl shortage.

19.  Mario Batali on Michael Stipe.

20. Sure you should delegate, but have these systems in place if you want everyone to succeed.

BONUS  Free ebook! 29 ways to actually enjoy your winter.

And now, a few foodie faves from my Feedly feed (follow me here):


Why I never make crepes is beyond me. Duly noted for a to-do for 2014. And made with chickpea flour boost the healthy factor a few notches in Chickpea Scallion Crepes from A Brown Table.


A wedding proposal, a passing, shoe-selfies and whole lotta whole grain goodness in A Sweet Spoonful’s recipe for Sam’s Lentils. I could live in her proposal pics.


The definition of mouth-wateringly good food photos, this is it, right here: Chicken Enchiladas with Three Peppers and a Homemade Enchilada Sauce from Adventures in Cooking.


I was just thinking there’s been way too long of a grilled cheese absence on here, and this Grilled Ham and Cheese with Roseamary Mayo from Chez Us confirms what I’ve always known: Never be stingy with the cheese.


Spicy. Savory. The vegetarian antidote to buffalo wings: Sriracha Roasted Cauliflower from I Am a Food Blog.

Have a fantastic weekend, filled with good times and good eats. Until next week, I bid you a champagne laced adieu.

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