Hello Friday Faves friends. And happy almost Easter-egg-all-the-egg-salad-sandwich-eating days!

Two nights ago  I had the most wonderful visit with my grandparents. It was especially sweet because my Grandma MJ passed away nearly 14 years ago and my Grandpa Cal just 12 years ago. And yet, it was like we had never parted.  

They were the same as I remember them in the better stages of their latter days. Neither of them were in the most vibrant of health that I most often remember them as I was growing up. But instead, they were in their elderly years with those ghosted eye locks where you hope they’re recalling the same memories your are. Hey, I feel the same way most Tuesdays. 

I don’t have any idea why we were together. And as dreams go, I couldn’t tell you where we were. But there sat my stoic Grandpa, like I always remember him, quietly and proudly beaming as Grandma M.J. regaled stories that always ended with her best punch line and that amazingly infectious laugh as she engaged every eye in the room to be sure the rest of us were laughing with her.

It’s so weird. No matter what time of my life I was with them, my grandma’s storytelling times are my absolute most vivid memories of them. 

Okay, mom. You win the bet. I’m crying now. Jeeez. The Agricola bladder sits right behind our eyeballs.

As dreams go, we were somewhere I’ve never been before and couldn’t even tell you where. Neither of my grandparents were in their most vibrant of health, but in this dream they were every bit as real as I fondly remember them when.

Thank goodness for the power of memories. And recipes. Like my grandmas’s potato salad, fruit salad, now world-famous potato salad, roasted turkey breast for a crowd, and her famous chocolate fudge.

It’s just one more reason why we all need to take a step back and realize our family and friends won’t remember that most important report you emailed, or the new prospect you diligently spent days discovering. Nope. They’ll remember the smiles, the laughs, and the love notes, thoughts and feelings they were delivered with, not the paper they were printed on. Wait! Does anyone besides me even  print stuff on paper any more?? I may be the only reason Epson ink is still around!   

In the end, it was incredible to wake up and have created yet another vibrant, real memory of being with two of the most influential inspirations in my life again.  

I hope that one day, I too make the impression on others like my grandparents did on me, and leave a long lasting memory . Isn’t that all any of us can ever ask for?

Because why live for later? Today is the day to live for now.

What Went Up This Week…

My kitchen creations included:

So I’m asking yet again this week. you know the drill…. What are you craving? What do you want to see? Email me at heidi@foodiecrush.com and let me know.

But enough about all that, let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves.

So inspired by this fearless young girl and this powerfully moving statement.

And also this girl too, who is just ELEVEN years old!

Yeeeees, Apple.

I LOVED listening to this podcast episode, Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd are just too adorable.

9 new books that will help you break your reading slump. I’ve heard such wonderful things about #6.

These friends have been playing a game of tag for over 20 years, and now there’s an actual movie about it. Crazy!

More chefs should follow this guy’s lead. Talk about soul food.

101 dishes that changed America. This is so cool, and thank goodness for basically all of these, but especially #4.

This new Krispy Kreme donut is out just in time for Easter, and it looks absolutely insane.

Here’s the best way to reheat pizza. Game-changer.

French onion soup + mac and cheese = hell. yes.

And speaking of French onion, these deviled eggs are on point.

This is my kinda pasta right here.

So is this one (be still my carb-lovin’ heart).

Pizza for breakfast is always a smart decision, especially when it’s got bacon and eggs. #nomnomnom

If you love avocados, you’ll definitely want to make this (and I’m making some ASAP).

These yummy blondies are the perfect vessel to get that afternoon caffeine buzz I need.

Do you have a signature scent? Here’s a guide to finding one.

This is a really great post on 15 ways to save on a home renovation.

Speaking of, I love, love, LOVE this kitchen remodel.

And, 11 cool ways to display family photos. I really want to try #8!

I totally need one of these in my bathroom. Genius.

Pretty much the cutest potholder I’ve ever seen.

Crushing on this pretty top.

Which would look so great with these shoes (and what a steal)!

Obsessed with this dress for summer.

Okay, little bunnies, get out and enjoy this Easter weekend!

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