Hello, hello and happy Friday!

Last week we were in the Big Apple. NYC. The city that never sleeps.Gotham. The center of the universe! And what a fun time we had.

I mentioned in last week’s Friday Faves that I was in NYC attending the IACP conference, the International Association of Culinary Professionals, and dragged my better 2/3 of our little 3/3 nucleus along for the ride. Okay, make that the flight. So while I conferenced, they got their fill of the city, recreating moments from the past years we’ve visited and creating new memories to call upon for years to come.

We stayed in midtown, so Times Square was an easy destination. But the #1 highlight of the trip was finally visiting this museum. It was beyond all my expectations and the #1 reason to put NYC on your own must visit list. #respect

The next highlight was discovering my new hand-crafted perfume that wasn’t just in London and NYC (!!!!) , but in Brooklyn so that after desiring it and obsessing about it and thinking overnight x 853 times about it because that’s what’s  my mom always taught me to do if I REAAAAALLLY wanted something, and ever since I had become mesmerized by the amazing scent of Noir 29 wafting from the gorgeous KoreanAir flight attendant who passed by me every time I made a move (seriously, Korean Air is one great airline), I was freaking out that I happened upon the Brooklyn subsidiary of the shop she’d told me to visit in NYC and I thought I’d missed my chance to visit due to not having enough time in the city. But I had time in Brooklyn!!!! And I made it!

Game and smell on! I’m the first to admit this perfume is ridiculously expensive and maybe I should have gone with the oil, but since I buy perfume once very 10 years, I’m considering it an investment in myself if I love it. And gosh darnit, I work hard, and scents lift me up, and I’M FRIGGING WORTH IT!

My final fave was visiting our friends in Brooklyn for an order-in dinner at their house (because it was easy so we could visit instead of cook!), next-day soccer game with their son Casey, and then brunching here (the pic of my breakfast above!) and subsequently buying the cookbook, because it is that good and I’m totally loving the photography. #inspiration

So while the IACP conference was good, even better were the in-person-meets I had one on one. Some were those I’ve known online for a while, others were brand new, and a few I’m noting in my Friday Faves list below.

And while my little trio tried to get our fill of the best ramen in the city during our stay (Ippudo is seriously A-game level), one of the best meals we found was on the street from this food cart (the hummus lives up to the hype) and the corner bodegas never failed to deliver. But none of it could compare to the dinner I was lucky enough to enjoy at this new hotel dinner spot that was STUNNING and so amazingly delicious. Thank you Inspo!

I’m sharing more faves from the NYC trip below, but before I do…

What Went Up This Week…

Once I got back into the kitchen after our trip, I got busy in the kitchen and also shared a few recipes I already had in the bag, like:

So you gotta tell me. What are you craving? What do you want to see? Email me at heidi@foodiecrush.com and let me know. Because seriously, I’m here to deliver what you want to see and if I don’t hear from you, I’ll never know! So tell me, friends o’ the Friday. What sort of recipes do YOU want to see?

Okay, enough with the soap box. Let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves…

The NYC faves you need to follow NOW!

If you like food videos, she’s the one to follow. Because 2 million followers couldn’t be wrong.

If you have a hankering for Asian? This girl has the legit recipes!

She spoke so authentically on her panel at IACP, has such real, true easy to access ecipes, and she says she’ll never post calorie counts on her blog because eating should be intuitive instead of about limits that promote eating disorders. #celebratehealthier #word!!

With 4 million Facebook fans she’s doing a whole lot right, and this recipe totally proves it because I want it RIGHT NOW! Plus, she’s smart, and nice, and I wish I had her manicure to boot!

But the moment that made my sister stop and look and then comment on my Instastories ( Ishoudl pay her for this!) was she she saw the photo of me and  cookbook author aka the blogger right here! She’s the real deal, because she’s incredibly real!

So glad to see one of my healthiest blogging friends again, plus her new studio is looking like I want to work there.

And this girl didn’t stop with the guest appearances, cooking demos and guest appearances on podcasts like CHERRY BOMBE! to promote her new cookbook the entire time she was there—her own podcast with Rick Bayless is one of my faves.

I just started following @crepesandbows on Insta, and you should too. I swear, she’s the new avocado queen and she has a GINGA NINJA too! #loveourredeheads!!!

How every big change is the result of 100 tiny steps. Love this!.

And just one more reason (as if you needed one) to love Chrissy Teigen. I used to think she was annoying, and now…sigh…LOVE HER.

and speaking of love…

Oh my wordie word, I don’t think I can handle this cuteness! I mean, are you kidding me? (click for the trailer!)


I don’t think I’ll ever have to waste time trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix again…

Also, 5 documentaries that will change your relationship with food.

I am totally into making my kitchen and house more efficient (take a look at today’s stories before they’re gone to see my attempt) and I’m seriously thinking of trying this (almost) no trash challenge for a week. What do you think?

Onto recipes you need this week:

If you’re into granola you’re gonna love this one.

These muffins are perfection. Freeze-dried fruit? Game-changer.

Gluten-free pizza? Usually I’d say no, but this one looks gooooooood.

What’s the difference : Sake vs. Mirin??

And I could really use a slice of this coffee cake right now. That cinnamon ripplel!

This soup will be the next thing I make in my Instant Pot.

Jessica just took me back to college but so far beyond with these noodles. #nomnomnom

And can we also talk about these gummy bears, made with rosé AND champagne? Have mercy.

The Olympics may be over, but my obsession isn’t. Here’s what 9 Olympic athletes eat for breakfast. Lindsey Vonn, I’ll have what you’re having.

Is there a cold ailing you? This smoothie will be your new BFF.

Here are 5 recipes that are already getting me excited about spring = EEK!

I won’t be there stalking celebs in person, but in honor of Sunday’s Academy Awards, here are 30 best picture winners you can stream right now.

11 crazy things actors have done to prepare for rolls. Damn, Jamie Foxx, you go!


Here’s the menu all the stars will be noshing on. LOOOVE the Asian theme, and how does Wolfgang get this gig every.single.year? Seriously, where’s my invite?

The rooms in this New York hotel look INSANE. I want the Charlie’s Angels room!

Cannot. Wait. For this memoir. #queen

10 ways to make your bad days better. 

7 ways to up your creativity in 2018. This will be the year!

If you have a blog, you should read this. Also, what are your thoughts?

How to create a meaningful morning routine you’ll actually stick to.

This houseplant hack is a game-changer — totally giving this a try

Okay, this subscription box looks awesome and I’m really tempted. Have any of you tried it?

Love this classic jean jacket for spring layering (can’t beat that price either).

My feet are begging to have these sandals for summer.

These are also super cute and actually look comfy too.

This workout top makes me want to hit the gym (love the back), and it’s on sale too!

How could you not be excited about packing your lunch when you have this cute bag to tote it in.

That’s all she wrote, thankfully because I had a mouthful! Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

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