Happy Friday, everyone!

Thanks to all the Jedi lovers out there in the galaxy, yesterday was deemed May the 4th Be With You Day. Today is Cinco de Mayo, olé to all the salsa scoopers and huevos rancheros eaters. And tomorrow, let’s all tip back a few for National Beverage Day. It’s the weekend after all, and I am more than ready.

The main reason I was aware of any and all of these nuanced holidays was in large part due to social media. 140 character or less notifications on Twitter. Stories shared on Facebook. Insta-stories and photos we all hope get a like or comment on Instagram. Instant alerts on my phone from CNN, The Skimm, Buzzfeed. Anyone and everyone (including myself) who is hoping to entice readers, viewers and commenters to visit our sites, retweet our opinions and like our photos, our status updates, and for God’s sake, please wish me Happy Birthday on Facebook or it will look like I don’t have any friends!

We have definitely become a population of instant information addicts, and it seems that those of us on social media and on our devices seem to have an even greater urge to feed off of the need to be voyeurs of the world at our digital fingertips.

But this week, I just had to take a break. Cut it all out. Do a digital detox. Step away from the phone, the screen, the pad, and just.check.out.

I love sharing online. Links, photos, stories. I mean, it is my job. But it’s also something I really, truly enjoy. Until I don’t. When it becomes overwhelming and I just don’t want to share anymore. And I don’t want to look. And I don’t have the will to read, like, share, comment, and thumbs up all the stuff and information overload.

That’s when I know it’s time to walk away. Literally, to walk away. And so, I go for a walk. Isn’t that the advice they give, to walk away from a fight, or if you’re all steamed up to walk it off? SCENE: He slams his fist on the table. Stands. Grabs his coat, tosses it over his shoulder, reaches for the door handle and gruffly says, “I gotta clear my head. I’m going for a walk.”

Okay, that was a bit dramatic, especially for me.

But what I do know is that getting my body outside so I can get inside my head is the best therapy I can exercise to dig myself out of whatever blue haze, pity party, down in the dumps feeling I’m experiencing at the moment. I really didn’t think I had time in my schedule to take the time to get outside this week. And frankly, I really didn’t feel like lacing up my shoes to do it either. But I did. And I went. And I did again the next day. And the next. And each day, when I walked back through the garage door, unleashed the drool-induced panting dogs, and then walked into the house to get back to what I’d left behind, I felt so, so, so much better about doing so. I was ready to dig back in.

Social media may not always be the catalyst for feelings like this, for me, you, or anyone else. There’s plenty of other crap out there in the world that can nudge any of us into a funk. But at least I know what worked this time. My funked fog has thinned if not entirely dissipated. And next time it comes rolling in over the hills, I’ll know exactly what to try first to blow it away.

What do YOU do to reset? I’d love to know, and I bet your fellow readers would too. Please share in the comments below.

Whew. Okay, heavy introspection OVER! Oh and hey, visit me on Instagram & FB any time 🙂 because I’m back. Mostly.

Enough of this yammering, let’s get into this week’s Friday Faves.

This cake could be the most gorgeous one I’ve ever seen.


This bundt cake is like NONE I’ve ever seen. Nacho!

This salad says all the good things about spring.

This burrito bowl has every one of my favorite flavors.

Looks like I’m not the only one who loves these stores. Check out the full list of beloved brands here (time to invest in some stocks!)

The perfect recipe for using up all your day-old rice.

No meat! My favorite kind of taco salad.

This is a good reason to love cauliflower rice. Looks delish (and ready in 15 minutes!)

This is the simplest trick to losing weight. Agreed.


Is the 8-hour diet the key? It does make sense…

How to read nutrition labels, according to top foodies.

Everything you need to organize your kitchen drawers (and spend less than $30 doing it.)

I’m a fan of organization and elimination, but is this taking things a tad too far?

maybe instead…

Decluttering 101. Now this I can handle.

I learned about keystone habits from this newsletter, and I agree, if my bed doesn’t get made every morning the rest of my day is just a bit off kilter. What’s your keystone habit?

My daughter and her friends are on the ultimate homemade slime kick. But could this playdough be the next big thing?

10 beach reads you won’t be able to put down this summer.

The real-life of living in the big city. Even when you work for Tory Burch, it ain’t all Carrie Bradshaw…

and speaking of fashion…

All the dresses from this week’s Met Gala. What the whaaaaat? That is ALOT of dresses, and some serious odd ducks in the mix.

Mom jeans are seriously in style? Ew.

I am in no way an earthy kind of gal, so if I give in and get these, am I going to like them?

6 make-up tricks that make you look 10 years younger. Hey, now I look like I’m 14! (because plus 10 equals…the reason I am not a math major.)

But this is my favorite, favorite, favorite highlighter right now. Love.

And, to keep my mood in the good, I’m going to keep on getting out, and I’m taking my new pack with me.

What I Pinned This Week That You Should Pin Too

Mom’s Day is the next big holiday on the calendar. We will be going out for brunch like we always do, but if you’re cooking in, these ideas just might proof you are indeed mommy’s favorite.

Funfetti Cakes from Scratch from Dessert for Two | foodiecrush.com

Funfetti Cakes from Scratch

Maybe you’re celebrating with just you and mom, or you and daughter! Perfect portion control right here.

Get the recipe | Pin it

Floral Strawberry Tarts from The MerryThougth on foodiecrush.com

Floral Strawberry Tarts

What mom could resist this sweet treat made from the hands of her favorite child?

Get the recipe | Pin it

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake from Well Floured on foodiecrush.com

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

Because if you’re ANYTHING like me and my mom, adding chocolate to any dessert only makes it better.

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Have a fantastic weekend my friends, hope these links inspire you to get into the kitchen and make something good!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. All opinions are always my own.  

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