FoodieCrush Cover Summer 2013

“Summer means watching cartoons all morning, roaming the neighborhood all day and heading home when the streetlights turn on.”

I don’t remember where I read or heard this quote, but it’s stuck with me. It doesn’t apply to me so much anymore, but it reminds me to encourage my Smudge to create her own summer memories. Memories that will get her through the far-to-soon-approaching school year ala 4th grade.

Putting together the ideas for this issue of FoodieCrush, I had a couple of flashbacks of what summer was for me as a kid. If I really let my mind wander, I could daydream all day about finding 4 leaf clovers in the grass, but they primarily center around, swimming (always swimming), my favorite sand color corduroy OP shorts, dipping my bare feet in the gutter water and racing across the black topped street, Caladryl covered mosquito bites, and riding my red, white and blue banana seat bike Sears Spirit with abandon as my hair caught in my mouth and the tassles on my handlebars whipped in the wind.

Of course as I got older the banana seat bike was kicked to the curb once I discovered one word. B-O-Y-S. Let’s just say I’m going to cherish 4th grade for my girl as much as fervently as possible.

In this issue I put the kibosh on any stories that might contain even a mere nod to mosquitos but I knew you’d be craving some serious food blogger love. So here you’ll find everything from teenage food blogger dreams to crazy fair food you can make at home, to of course, homemade popsicles sure to create some sweet dreams. Natch.

As always, thank you for visiting this little old space on the web and supporting me and the food bloggers who contributed to this issue and those featured on this blog.

The links within the magazine are all clickable and linked, making it easy enough for you to jump over and check out more of these great talents and their recipes. And please share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or whatever your modus operandi might be, there’s too much foodie talent to keep just to ourselves.

A special thanks to my former intern Jessica Baker who photographed this issue’s cover photo and the story it accompanies.

Now, let’s dig in.

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