Happy Friday friends!

If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking it sure does feel good to be here. Here, as in, TGIF!

It seems like everyone is talking about the heat. So. Much. Heat. And how they’re escaping it. It’s that time of year, am I right?

Last weekend we headed to the mountains and Deer Valley for a little overnight getaway. A staycation. They’re all the rage. But man, when it’s time to head OUT of the state, anywhere The Montage has a property is where I want to go.


The Montage invited us to attend the Park City Food and Wine Classic, held every year in Park City. It’s a 3 day event of wine classes, excursions, a Main Street Wine Stroll and lots of good vino and eats.

It’s just my type of gig.

The weekend’s grand finalé is the Toast of Park City, this year hosted at the beautiful Montage Deer Valley, a stunning hotel that sits next to Deer Valley’s Empire Lodge, well above even the higher altitudes of downtown Park City, and boasts panoramic views for days.

Like most food and wine festivals, there was an impressive selection of domestic and international wines, premium craft beer and spirits (including Utah’s own High West Whiskey), gourmet food purveyors, and live music.

Did I mention the view?


But here’s the thing about food and wine festivals. Usually, I have one complaint: there isn’t enough food. Instead, skimpy portions are barely doled out and you might get one little nibble per person per tent as some ooof watches you out of the corner of their eye always keeping score. Half the time it’s worse than Costco! Those mini-eats make it so you have to wobble your way to dinner after the whole dang affair.

Oh, but NOT THE CASE at The Montage.


This year boasted a new dining experience, unlike any I’ve been to for a festival.

Not only did the Park City Food and Wine Classic deliver stellar cuisine from the chefs from the Park City Montage—like Roasted Lamb Tacos and Brisket Burgers on Brioche—but they brought in chefs from their other worldwide properties to show off their food as well.

The portions were more than hearty, and plentiful, and BEYOND delicious.

This move totally set this festival a step above the rest to create a food and wine experience that was only matched by the scenery.


I could have eaten a whole tray of these. Oh wait. I did. And nobody slapped my hands. Score! Red Beet Vodka Marinated Hamachi from Chef Patrice Martineau from Montage Beverly Hills.


A nod to the Utah mountains and it’s cuisine: Chilled Smoked Trout Almandine with Baby Frisee from Chef Rob Wilson of Montage Laguna Beach. Totally on-point flavors.


I couldn’t keep my hands off the Big Eye Tuna Poke Taco from Chef David Viviano of Montage Kapalua Bay and went back for at least three. So did everyone else. DIVINE!


Anything but low-brow, this Low Country Shrimp Boil from Chef Nathan Beriau of Montage Palmetto Bluff had all the right notes.


And this dessert totally wowed me, from one of Montage Deer Valley‘s own chefs, it was The Pickled Peach and Burnt Honey Ice Cream Sundae with Raspberry Nitro. It was off the wall amazing as nitrogen frozen petals created a smoky vibe to this very cool bite.


We were stuffed, and happy with wine and drink. But there was more to come.

We wrapped things up at the festival, freshened up in our gorgeous Montage room, then took a shuttle to Deer Valley Resort (they run 24 hours!) to continue our festivities with their outdoor concert series featuring The B52’s with The Utah Symphony.

The weather was perfect, the band still sounded pretty darn good (did you know Kate Piersen is 68 years old??!! WHAAT?) and I did my fair share of Rock Lobster-ing the Love Shack. “I need a refueling, I need your kiss, Come on now and plant it on my lips. WHAMMY KISS ME!”


And this Deer Valley picnic basket? I don’t believe I need to utter another word. Okay I will. Ah-maze-ing!

Thank you Montage, Park City Food and Wine Classic and Deer Valley Resort for hosting us. I mean with staycations like this, I may never leave my fair state again.

Oh wait, I’m headed to Venice Beach next week! Add me on Snapchat here and check out our wild adventure.

But enough about me, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves! Holllllla!

My husband shared a version of the video below on his Facebook, and while you may have already seen it, does it ever really get old? **Alert: Video plays with music

Whoa. This bread will fool them all in thinking you really worked for their supper.

But, THIS bread has my fave flavor fingerprints all over it.

Zucchini cake. PLUS chocolate chips. Yes, it’s real.

For when your herbs runneth over. Smart!

This jam. I’m down.

The best snacks to eat with your favorite TV reruns! Did you just double dip that chip?!

Can’t wait to try these refrigerator pickles.

This summery peach salad looks heavenly.

It’s HOT — can’t wait to cool down with some of this lemonade. 

Ever wonder what Steven King might order at a diner? This imagined brunch with famous authors is so fun to read. 

Eggplant jerky? You have my attention!

Hold the phone! Ina Garten is making all new shows? I could watch her fold egg whites and listen to her wax poetic about Jeffrey all day long. How easy is that?


My friend Tessa and I were all about the rosés at the wine festival. This Wine by Joe rosé is in limited production and actually was made just for us in Utah because we order it so much! Who knew?


Tessa turned me onto this Lorenza rosé is the only wine this mother/daughter team produces and it was just as delicious as it’s type driven style of a label would suggest. It’s in my future wine purchasing basket.

and if you need more…

The best summer wines under $15. Rosé every day.

The world’s most expensive meal costs $2 million and comes with diamond chopsticks, a 45-minute helicopter ride, a cruise, and a ride in a Rolls-Royce. You know, just a modest dinner out…

The very best food truck in every state in the U.S. of A. Did yours make the cut?

This 3-day cleanse. It certainly looks easy enough.

Oh lordie, this made me laugh and is TOO TRUE! Why do they all look the same these days?

This quiz has been floating all around Facebook this week. So, how wordy ARE you?

and, speaking of games…

Just to keep up with the kids –> 10 things I wish I’d known before starting playing Pokémon GO. Holy crap, this is serious!

10 indestructible houseplants for the non-green thumbed.

Finally! I have validation for my tardiness!

These 20 iPhone hacks are awesome! I had no idea I could take a photo with my headphones.

Fixer Upper fans, is this really what you’re thinking? HA.

but really…

I would LOVE staying in one of these. What a dream! I always fancied myself a Swiss Family Robinson.

We’re heading to our old stomping grounds of Venice Beach next week so this guide on the hottest Los Angeles restaurants RIGHT NOW might come in handy. If we can pry ourselves out of our old Venice faves.

and, this might come in handy…

The top 10 most used Instagram #hashtags used in L.A. or in other words, the only ones that really count.


It’s all about the fame! The top 10 most liked celebrity Instagram posts. And neither Kim nor Tay-Tay are anywhere near the top.


I’m obviously going to need one of these 10 easy hairstyles for the beach.

I mean, do we REALLY need a tutorial on how to do this. Apparently so.

and to whit…

My niece had this razor in her shower, and since I forgot mine when visiting her I quickly became a fan. Is that gross to share razors?

Loving these kicks! Totally sexy.


This is such a thoughtful and moving post on what’s going on in St. Paul right now.

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