Hello friends, and happy Friday.

Who else is with me in welcoming this change of seasons? Hopefully it will help us all literally turn a new leaf, including Mother Nature, who has been wrecking her wrath and like I said last week, leaving me to think she is truly trying to impress upon us the only way she knows how that change needs to be made and shaking us all up.

My heart goes out to all of those who are in the midst of the ravages nature has posed upon us, from Mexico to Texas, to the Caribbean. For those who are living through it, their loved ones who are worried how they’re doing it, and those who will help us all rebuild.

Signs like this make me realize how lucky I am. And also that I need to get earthquake insurance. Utah is primed for an earthquake and 80% of residents live along one of the most active earthquake areas in the U.S. called the Wasatch Fault, a 25 miles stretch along the mountains that has been designated as having the greatest earthquake risk in all of the interior of the Western United States. Oh hi. I LIVE RIGHT ON THE FAULT! YIKES! May I get my winner’s trophy please? (P.S. my geologist sister is beaming at my investigative knowledge right now!)

So while I love Utah, once Smudge is finished with high school, it might be time to find a new place to live. And after last weekend’s stay at Sunriver Resort, I think I may have found it and a few of this week’s Friday Faves.

When I go away on trips with other bloggers, like I did on last weekend’s trip to Central Oregon’s Sunriver Resort, I love prodding and prying them with a little product research and asking them for their favorite things for the good old list o’ Friday Faves in a slightly different but totally real format.

Here’s what they had to share:

From Erin, who just shared this decadent but easy-enough-for-weeknight healthy bolognese recipe couldn’t stop with one fave, but gave two!

She says she is legit obsessed with these straws.


This cookbook. It’s completely different than most on the shelves, because instead of giving you specific step-by-steps, it teaches you to understand the core principles that define good cooking (salt, fat, acid, and heat), then how to apply them in a various cooking situations.

One of the most popular recipes on Mary’s blog isn’t a recipe to eat, it’s for homemade cough remedy. Because you’ll need it sooner than later.

Mary is a kindred spirit because her Friday Fave is this masacara, and she swears by it. How did she know I’ve been on the hunt???

Amanda is a gluten-free girl and shared this recent recipe for totally chewy, totally healthy, totally good granola bars. And they’re no bake. Perfect.

Amanda’s fave is an appliance I was literally just wondering why they didn’t make. Naturally she’s ahead of the curve and has an all-in-one washer and dryer. Yes, one unit. Does it all. Wash and dry.

Brenda is an amazing farm loving blogger who recently shared the recipe for one of my favorite things ever: FRIED PICKLES! Be still my heart.

Her favorite comes via her YouTube make-up tutorial watching teenage daughter who talked her into getting this concealer. She didn’t have to tell me twice. I bought it as soon as I got home and love it.

Cathy is all about her wine (she’s a blogger who owns an Oregon winery! #dreamy) and one of her favorite recipes is this Asian chicken pasta dish her kids can’t stop eating. Who can blame them?

Cathy loves her wine almost as much as her dogs. Almost. That’s why she loves spoiling her puppers with this.

With four kids to wrangle, Kristin recently shared this super easy fish dinner recipe ready for weeknight or weekend, but my favorite thing about her is because she does this.

As an avid reader, Kristin’s fave is this book because she says, “It’s so clever. So good. So happy. And so sad.” Sounds like we’ve covered the bases.

From Sandy, our hostess with the mostess who made this incredible caprese tortellini skewered appetizer that totally blew our minds.

This enormous platter she shared the appetizers on. Now that’s how you make a party!


Sandy took us to her favorite boutique and half of us bought a pair of these jeans. Stretchy AND cute. Perfect for post-charcuterie and wine board.

Cheryl’s blog is a mix of home, craft and food, with recipes like this fall recipe makes a hearty meal from harvest butternut squash.

Cheryl shares her love of products with her daughters who’ve deemed this mousse the very best hair accessory.

Gina recently created this Instant Pot one pot spaghetti with meat sauce that went stark raving crazy on her blog. DUH! Why didn’t I think of this technique before???

Just like the Instant Pot, Gina always has her pulse on the newest food trends and this is her newest gadget to feature. Who else has one?

Maria and I just partied the day away at a homegate tailgate party where she shared this crazy good sweet and salty snack board. I may never watch football the same way again.

Maria likes to be comfy. And she likes to be warm. That’s why these cozy pants with a stylish twist are her favorites for fall.

Lori is the only girl in an all-boy house but convincing them to love this spicy veggie chili as much as she does was a challenge she was willing to accept.

Lori is very skin care aware and that’s why this facial sunscreen is tops on her favorites list.

Sunriver Resort / Oregon Love

Fifteen miles south of dog-loving, beer-drinking, outdoor-embracing Bend, Oregon is Sunriver Resort, a planned community rimmed with over 40 miles of bike paths running along the Deschutes River, four golf courses, tons of pine trees and wildlife nestled at the base of the Cascades. It’s a lot like Utah without the earthquake potential.

One of my favorite friends who I showed above with the enormous platter o food, Sandy of the blog Reluctant Entertainer, relocated to Sunriver last year and her Instagram feed has had me itching to check it out ever since.

This past weekend she and Sunriver Resort hosted a group of blogging friends for a girls getaway. Sunriver has it all. Golf. Biking. Dining. Spa treatments and amenities. Shopping. Relaxing. Lodging including hotel style, condo style and spacious homes for a crowd like the one we called home in Caldera Springs.

I walked away with stars in my eyes, wind in my hair, and the full intention that this could be my next home base. Take a look at my pics and I think you’ll see why you’ll want to join me and go there again soon too.

Thank you so much to the sponsors who made our trip so memorable including:


As Sandy said, “Each one of these women has a flicker that shines so bright, truly making a difference in this world.” from left: Noble PigDine and DishWell PlatedHeartbeet KitchenTidyMom, Reluctant EntertainerTwo Peas and Their PodRecipe GirlSkinnytaste, me, and missing from this picture, Barefeet in the KitchenA Farmgirl’s Dabbles, and Aggie’s Kitchen.

So that’s it for today’s faves. Thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you find yourself enjoying a fab weekend when you get in the kitchen and make something good!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. All opinions are always my own.  

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