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Have you ever had one of those weeks where you were anticipating the avalanche of to-do’s, requests, and responsibilities, only to be hit with the reality that the build-up of anticipation and angst and anxiety was a hangover from every other week’s build-up of anticipation and angst and anxiety, and the truth of the matter is…what in the heck were you so worried about? ?

Because guess what? Things are actually in control.

To my surprise, that is how this week’s flow has been: totally in control. And believe you me, I’m relishing every second of it.

Chalk it up to having blog content in the bank, a travel-free schedule, and setting more dedicated work hours so I could allow myself to shelve my typical mindset of “work comes first” attitude.

Instead , I made it a point to take the time to be a better friend, to be a better daughter, to be a better sister, and to be a better mom by simply connecting with those who too often come in second to what too many of us place at the top of the food chain on our values list: our jobs.

Next week I am adding to this list the “be a better wife” goal. I mean, I can’t do everything all at once or he’d probably think something was reaaaaallly off-kilter. But I have to say, when I do pay extra attention to “us”, “he” does too, and “we” are a whole lot better.Gene Simmons quote | foodiecrush.com

All of this has come about after reflecting and thinking and implementing this month’s theme in our Nourished Planner. It’s my favorite of all 12 months of the year:  to Get Out and Live.

To me the idea stitches together every element of what I want my life to look like: to work hard at what I do to then be able to make the time to get out with those I love to live the life I really wish for. Basically to just get out and live the life I crave by making it a priority.

For me, it’s about making my monthly bucket list and working toward bringing the plans I make come to fruition.

More dinner parties. More adventure. More me time. More gardening. More walks with the dogs. More connection with those I love and with those who deserve to be loved.

What more could I ask for? Nothing. Nothing at all.

I’ve been reminded too much lately of how the complacency and expectation of living forever (because we will, won’t we???) can suddenly, swiftly, and totally jarringly be taken from us with one diagnosis, one car ride, or one poor choice. That’s why I’m working toward making every month, every week, every memory, count like it should.

Because in the end, memories aren’t made by sitting around waiting for them to happen, but from when you get out and live.

Who’s with me? 🙂

Let’s all make summer memories to last a lifetime. If you have one, or two, or ninety five, we all want to hear! So leave a note in the comments below or email them me at heidi@foodiecrush.com

Okay, so that all took a nose dive with this Debbie Downer. Let’s perk things up and get into this week’s Friday Faves. Hey ho, let’s go!

Oprah speaks, we listen, and hopefully our future selves are too. Watch Oprah’s 5 best pieces of advice to new graduates below…

And back to summer bucket lists, I still need to make mine but am feeling inspired with ideas from here and here.

Could Danny Devito be the best prom date ever? She thinks so! Totally awesome!

And, it’s true. Elle Woods is coming back! 

Changes are afoot again: Instagram’s new algorithm, explained.


The most Instagram-worthy waterfalls to hike to in all 50 states. I can strike Utah’s off my list.

but even better…

This dogs in food Instagram account will add a laugh to anyone’s day. A must-follow.

Depression is a disease, and there are far too many of us who suffer, including some of my own family members. This commentary on the apparent suicide of Kate Spade is a heartfelt reminder of what needs to happen now.

I’m super excited for this pop-up art museum coming to SLC. Hello breakfast!

Great tips: How to convert your favorite slow cooker recipe for the pressure cooker.

This chopped ramen salad has all the right moves.

10 rosés for drinking all day all summer.

This cheesy garlic bread is all you need, along with that rosé.

Artichokes on the grill make me so happy.

This island shrimp bowl is totally meal prep ready.

Totally cuckoo for this coconut cream pie with a pie crust twist.

This grilling recipe makes me want to bob for the kebabs.

One thing on my summer bucket list is hosting a shrimp boil, but these shrimp boil foil packet dinners might have to happen first.

I might think I’d like to spend the summer living in an airstream trailer, but really I’d rather take a month off and live like them in New England. Totally dreamy!

5 secrets of super organized families. #1 is key for me.

New parenting controls are coming to the iPhone and my 14-year-old daughter is not going to be one bit happy about it. I’m in control!


I want to give her everything, but I have to remind myself every day that it’s about parenting, not pampering: Why kids are behaving badly and what we can do about it.  A must-read for any parent.

I’m so bummed! My new slides arrived this week and I discovered they run a size small. Consider yourself forewarned!

So I downgraded and got these for kicking it around the house instead.

This mini is now a part of my mini-me’s wardrobe. Grandma spoils her rotten!

And she’s been obsessed with selling her old clothes online using this site. Have you tried it?


9 other online sites to sell your clothes for cash.

Clear eyes, full hearts, which Friday Night Lights character are you?

And that’s all she wrote this week. Have a great weekend and stay safe friends.

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