Happy Friday friends, and I hope you’re wearing a stitch of green to ward off those evil pinchers.

My corned beef and cabbage is in the slow cooker to eat tomorrow for lunch since tonight we’ll be celebrating in a slightly more Neil Diamond way.

St. Patrick’s Day. Daylight savings time. Skiing in the morning and golfing in the afternoon. It is officially spring!

And with spring, comes spring break, and with spring break, comes vacation and that makes me one busy girl working ahead so I can focus on quality family time with my little unit of three. We’re heading to the islands and some serious beach time and I cannot WAIT to eat my way through all of the fresh poke bars, dig my toes in the sand, and hit the road to Hana with my puka shells in hand and Tiny Bubbles playing along the drive.

All that eating may be a bit curbed since I’m planning on keeping my 3-week detox eating habits going strong, or at least making better decisions. I’ve just about finished week 2 of the detox, and one thing I’ve learned is that a bite here and snack there tend to add up to more than I realized. Stopping the snacking and putting a firm foot down instead of a hand out to graze is making a difference in my eating habits. Sure, I’ve had a few moments of going off the plan, but I’m okay with that because who defines success anyway? It’s all in the eye of the beholder, and if I feel good, and I’m happy, that’s the goal and that’s where my success is.

I have nothing else to wax on about this week, so let’s bag all the perfunctory commentary and get right to the meat of the matter: This week’s Friday Faves!

75 Tips to organize your pantry like your favorite boutique for the storage space of your dreams. Smart!

This kale salad mash-up is every healthy-ish eater’s dream.

And this is the prettiest salad I’ve seen all week + #whole30approved

Real ramen you can make at home with a shortcut. YES!

12 fruits and vegetables you SHOULD buy organic.

This pizza will make you rethink all of your pizza goals.

Love this, and now I totally want to go out and buy some Honey Nut Cheerios. They really are my fave.

Speaking of cereals…

How awesome is this Lucky Charms cake?!

Mint.Chocolate chip.Cupcakes. That’s all.

And one-pot sausage pasta to cure all the cravings.

These are the James Beard Award finalists. So thrilled for this food blogger and this food blogger, who are both nominees!

And here are some exciting new cookbooks hitting the shelves this spring (Excited to see #2 and #7.)

20 amazingly cute home finds on Etsy, and that beanbag is thumbs up.

Everything about this home is absolutely amazing.

and Oprah always goes above and beyond, and her Colorado home proves it.

6 things I want my middle-school aged daughter to know. $5 is a lesson we can all follow.

Spoiler alert for Gilmore Girls fans…will Jesse return?

Everyone is talking about this essay, which has gone viral. It’s heartbreaking, but a must-read.

I had no idea! #girlpower

This is totally inspiring me to get a greener thumb and up my garden game this year!


I totally want to give our deck a makeover after seeing this. And funny enough, last week I bought the fire column then returned it for the fire table! Great minds think alike.

Loving this top for spring. How fun are those sleeves?

Can’t wait for maxi dress season! I’m a bit enamored with this one.

Must. Have. These. Shoes.

And since we’re on the subject of footwear…

These flats are really cute, and they’re on sale.

Recipes I Pinned This Week

I’ve seen and pinned so many fabulous recipes this week — here are three standouts in particular that I think you should pin too!

Mexican Corn Salad from recipetineats.com on foodiecrush.com

Mexican Corn Salad

Street corn in salad form? Yes, please!

Get the recipe Pin it

Crispy Greek Smashed Potatoes from cookingforkeeps.com on foodiecrush.com

Crispy Greek Smashed Potatoes

I want to devour this whole baking sheet (and then take a trip to Santorini).

Get the recipe Pin it

Totally Addictive Creme Egg Brownies from supergoldenbakes.com on foodiecrush.com

Totally Addictive Creme Egg Brownies

Everyone knows Cadbury Creme Eggs are one of the best things about April, and these outrageous looking brownies are sheer genius.

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Have a fun Saint Patrick’s Day and a delicious weekend, friends!

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