Happy Friday my friends!

Almost every day is a fun mail day here at Casa de la FoodieCrush. But this week’s was especially special.

Smudge has been following a 16 year old artist on Instagram for quite a while. Her name is Julia. For being such a young artist, Julia has done some incredible work and Smudge had been enamored with her.

And now, Julia’s created a work of art for our family, too.


It’s been almost 2 years since Smudge took this selfie of herself and our dog Chewy.

It’s been almost 1 1/2 years since Chewy passed away.

We miss him and our girl Gigi every. single. day. BUT. We will always have reminders like these that keep them close.


Some say social media is a detriment. It takes away from real life experiences and one on one connections.

BUT…If it weren’t for Instagram:

     ~ Smudge wouldn’t have taken this selfie with her boy Chewy.

     ~ It wouldn’t have become my favorite photo and uploaded it as my Instagram avatar—the only avatar I’ve had for 2 years.

     ~ Smudge wouldn’t have discovered Julia on Instagram @drawingsmything1 and we wouldn’t have this treasured piece of art.

     ~ I wouldn’t be sharing it here on my blog and sharing on my own Instagram today.

The internet really does connect and interconnect. And I’m thrilled about that.

That’s why above all else, this pic is one of this week’s faves. Check out Julia and more of her work on Instagram at @drawingsmything1 and don’t be afraid to share! You never know who you’ll connect with.


Last weekend I had the fabulous experience of connecting with fellow bloggers I met online in real time at a retreat just outside Grand Rapids, Michigan, on Lake Muskegon.

Once again, the weekend brought home not just the notion, but the reality, that online friendships can be just as strong as any other type of friendship, but they’re especially nurtured in person. You can see more of the weekend on Instagram (natch!) under the hashtag #freshcoastretreat.


I’ll be sharing more soon, but until then, let’s sit back, relax, and dig into this week’s Friday Faves!

I never was a huge Prince fan, but man-oh-man, I’ve learned so much about him this past week that I have a whole new appreciation for him. Too little too late? No. His legacy will live on forever.

This is such a great account of his guest starring role on The New Girl. Really? The New Girl? Yes! “We weren’t cool enough for Prince — we did an entire episode about someone leaving a wet towel in the bathroom. A very real part of me felt that this was a prank some mean girls from middle school had spent 15 years concocting.”

11 songs you didn’t know Prince wrote for other famous singers in the video below. I had no idea!

It’s almost here! 70 tried and true Cinco de Mayo recipes. Arrriba!

My mouth is seriously watering over this beautiful rhubarb crumble.

Strawberry shortcake DOUGHNUTS!

Are they breakfast or snack? Who cares! They look delish!

I had these last weekend and couldn’t stop eating them. Okay, I used a spoon straight out of the pan. But still!

Totally intrigued by this cocktail trend — which one would you try?

Has traditional food media lost it’s credibility?

This peanut butter and jelly coffee cake is going to need to happen this weekend — that swirl, that streusel topping — oh boy!

I absolutely LOVED this book, so I’m super excited to see the movie — it looks so good!


This spring 2016 reading list. Get me to a beach, stat!

Speaking of, Smudge informed me she only has 18 days of school left. She loved her teachers and she wants to give them a gift. Here are a few fun teacher appreciation ideas to make her own.

And the gender wars escalate with Trump’s take on the “woman card.” This response is hilarious.


The investigation continues: Who IS BECKY with the good hair? HA!

This wine is making me awesome napkins |

Cocktail napkins with a sense of humor (my kinda napkins).

Also, my backyard totally needs these awesome lanterns.

to go with…

What I think I’ve narrowed down to be my new deck couch—because my level of lounging requires more than a chair. Thoughts?

Suffering from Downton withdrawal? Watch these.

If you’re a pet lover, you need to see (and sign) this.

Stay out of the sun, DUH, plus 32 things that ruin your skin.


Getting this to get my glow on, or, ahem, cover up my age spots.

LOVE Amanda Peet, and her refreshingly honest take on aging gracefully in Hollywood.

Ohhhhhmmm. 5 meditation experts to relax to on YouTube.

This necklace from one of my favorite local designers is just right for every mom. And thrifty too!

Add a colorful pencil skirt for summer.

The perfect summer top to hide your Buddha belly. I mean, not that you have one or anything.


These jeans would be so cute with these wedges that I WANT SO BADLY! Always invest in the shoes.

Obsessed with succulents these days, and these candles are awesome (and great hostess gifts).

Blog Biz Links

3 Scripts for Dealing With Past Clients

How Bloggers Can Partner With Hotels for Travel

When Life Gives You Lemons, Pin ‘Em!

This week’s focus on Beyoncé’s new album (this is a good look at what’s really going on…or is it?) and ‘who really is Becky with the good hair’ finally makes sense of why she called her album Lemonade. Because when life gives you lemons…you know the rest. In Bey’s honor, here are three sour sippers I pinned this week that you should too.

Rose and Tarragon Gin Lemonade from Heather Christo Cooks |

Rose and Tarragon Gin Lemonade

Rose flavored lemonade and a shaker never made better music together.

Get the recipe | Pin it

Mel's Hard Lemonade from The Faux Martha on

Mel’s Hard Lemonade

A lemonade made with wine? That’s so Bey.

Get the recipe | Pin it

Spiced Lemonade Fizz from Playful Cooking on

Spiced Lemonade Fizz

The earthy spices will totally heat up this frothy refresher. Masala lemonade. What a great idea!

Get the recipe | Pin it

I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope you find yourself in the kitchen cooking something good! Snap that!

As always, thank you for reading and for supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. All opinions are always my own.  

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