Friday Faves

Happy Friday, friends!

Just like last week, I’m still in awe that it is just the first week of March.

Here I am, sitting on my deck, basking myself in the 61 degree weather, writing this post from a dining room chair (I have these) I dragged out of the house (because why would we have our outdoor furniture out this early in the still-winter-season??) listening to new agey yoga music (I blame the my best ever yoga teacher who has me totally zenned out these days) as I try to stay concentrated on the task at hand instead of researching where our spring break vacation should be and plotting where my new spring flowers should be planted.

What the heck is going on here?


I’ll tell you what’s going on.

It’s spring fever!

Smudge has been feeling the call of spring, too. We’ve been hitting the park in the evenings to throw the ball for the dog (she is OBSESSED with balls) and for my bball gal to practice what she calls her “mad skillz” with her daddy. There’s not much that pleases me more than seeing the two of them together. They joke and play and make fun of me (natch) because in real life he acts just about her age.

Who needs brothers or sisters when you have dorky parents like us?

I love my little family.

It’s surreal to look at her doing a jump shot in a photo like the one at the top of this post, with red hair a flaming in the how-is-it-possibly-this-warm-tonight gorgeous sunset and recall the feel of her 0h-so-soft onesie in my arms, my little Smudge smelling like Johnson’s baby lotion as I nuzzled those fat little infant cheeks and kissed her on her bald little head.

Where does time go? I will never know.


Along with getting some much needed outside play time this week, I shared a my favorite recipes for avocado toast and a super good superfood salad plus spent two days shooting new menu items for Park City’s Deer Valley Resort. Their pho is pho-nominal! At a ski resort of all places.

This weekend’s escapades will include palm trees, family time and burning rubber. Intrigued? Follow me over on Instagram and Snapchat with the username FoodieCrush to keep up with my play by plays!

But enough about me, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves. 

Are these guys for real? P.S. Maybe they should think about getting to the gym #muscles #eyecandy

The best Oscar after-party photos (in case you still can’t get enough Oscars coverage).


The top celebrity Instagrams from Oscar night.

More Leo/Oscars hilarity. Oh, that darn bear.

and speaking of bears…

Homemade gummy bears? These are the cutest!

The past few weeks have been a challenge to say the least for 3 of my favorite local food bloggers. Please hop over to the three blog links below and show them some love.

This dinner pasta would lift anyone’s sprits! Hang in there Becky 🙂

This cake means so much on such a hard day. She’ll always be at your side, Annalise. XO

Your little man has the strength of 10 grown men thanks to a mama like you. Love you and be strong Deb!

3 chef tricks to upgrade healthy dishes. I’ve started to see more of #3, but I’m still not sure about it…

This hummus, I love the flavor combo!

I could snack on these all afternoon.

How to host a magazine-worthy dinner party.

I want all of these slow cooker soups and stews.

17 ways to get your Guinness fix.

ALL over this coffee ice cream cake!

My niece shared the video above on her Facebook page. It’s a goodie.

I started out this year on making this a habit, but I’ve slipped. Time to get back on the horse.

Have you Kondo-ized and decluttered yet? Here’s how hold on to and organize your sentimental items.

and on the gathering side of the spectrum…

I’m still in the throes of finishing touches to re-doing our downstairs family room and just bought this lamp to go next to our new sectional sofa that I could lounge in all day long. It’s turning into a place I actually want to hang out in!

I mean really…you can NEVER go wrong with these shoes. Hello summer!

This is a fun way to store your shoes.

I totally got sucked into this half ad/half 8-episode online series and a brilliant way to do sponsored content.

Amazing U.S. hotels that cost less than a bottle of veuve (um, sign me up)!


One more reason to escape to Vegas!

I put this in my bath every. single. night. Plus, 5 reasons you should take a bath every day. I do.

I am totally digging this bag. I wonder if it would work for an overnighter?

Or this one is so fresh and happy. But a little spendy for a bag?

From online to on the street: Etsy now has a retail space! 

This is my favorite face powder. Shiny face be gone!

8 cool Instagram accounts to add to your feed.

I have two fiddle leaf fig trees. One is happy, one not so much. Looks like I need to follow these tips.

Blog Biz Links

Tax Tips for Bloggers Plus Free Income Tracker (download)

15 Great Resources to Create Quick and Beautiful Images for Social

Pins O’ the Week

There was plenty of love happening on my Pinterest boards this week, here’s a few that really caught my eye.

Nespresso Caramel Iced Coffee from Waiting on Martha |

Nespresso Caramel Iced Coffee

I love my Nespresso, my husband loves caramel. This is the best of both worlds.

Get the recipe | Pin it

Perfect Deviled Eggs from She Wears Many Hats on

Perfect Deviled Eggs

I’m already gunning for the Easter Bunny’s leftovers with this recipe. These are indeed, PERFECT!

Get the recipe | Pin it

Honey Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches from Lara Treyvey |

Honey Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

Can you tell I am rock and roll ready for spring/summer?!?!?!

Get the recipe | Pin it

And that’s it folks! Have a great weekend and cheers to getting into the kitchen to cook something good.

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