This week, simply…was.

I ignored the white/gold/blue/black dress hullabaloo without a sideways glance. I passed right on by the trainwreck that is The Bachelor and I’ve yet to break into my binging of House of Cards.

And still, I’d say the week was stellar.

After a dry spell that’s been in full effect since Christmas, we finally got a taste of the winter weather us Utahns expect to brave. The winter that anyone east of the Mississippi and north of the US midline have had a serious gut full of.

It snowed 🙂  It lasted about a day 😐  And now it’s gone 🙁


But in the mountains? Conditions were great enough for a mama/daughter ski date at Deer Valley. We’ll take that.

After the warmest winter on record for UT (what? global warming? what global warming??) I’m now satiated enough to officially welcome spring.

That means wondering what in the heck I’m going to wear on 3/17 (maybe this?), watching my Pinterest board fill up with egg dying ideas and remembering that this weekend we spring forward. Or are we springing back?

Ah, whatever. Let’s just spring!

But first, let’s hit up this week’s Friday Faves…

Are we losing an hour of sleep this weekend or gaining it? I can never keep it straight. Here’s the official Daylight Savings time change for 2015.


4 ways to make the switch to daylight savings time less miserable.

so you can…

Take advantage of these 10 things to do with that extra daylight. A little quirky, but kind of funny.


Because Smudge and I had 2 cupcake recipe fails this week (why do they always sink??), we’re totally checking out this top 10 list to improve our skills. I also worked on my high altitude baking adjustments.

Discovering this recipe gives me the reason to break out that pan I’ve never used, ever, ever, asap!

These enchiladas! More health, less guilt.

This fish dish. All my favorite flavors and perfect for any night of the week.

My husband would die for these bite size nuggets of his favorite breakfast.


I’m ready to add some green to the inside of my house. 26 houseplants that detox your home’s air naturally.

The 10 most instagrammed foods, in emoji style.

Say whhhaat? A glass of red wine equals an hour at the gym? Bottoms up, in the most literal of senses.

This is the coolest way to store dishes I’ve seen in like, forever.


Tip: Pop your bacon into the fridge for 10-15 minutes before chopping it so you’re not chasing it around the cutting board.

Time to freshen up! 31 new decor items for spring.

I love this kimono jacket and here are 20 ways to wear it.

I finally discovered the easiest way to make beachy waves and they actually hold in my hair. Why’d it take me so long?


After having a mama/daughter date with my own baby, I made it a point this week to spend some quality time with my own beautiful mama. Lunch, shopping, lots of talking and unconditional love. How to have the best mother daughter relationship. She even had kale salad for the first time!

It happens to all of us. The futility of always pushing to be more.

How to be a captivating conversationalist *even if you’re shy.*

Get thee bootie to the gym and come out smelling like a rose. 12 beauty essentials for the workout warrior.

Smooth as Soup

I usually like my soups chunky so each bite gives my teeth something to wrap around, but this week Smudge made us a dinner of homemade roasted tomato soup that was smooth and delicious. And it got me hankering for more. Here’s a few posted by a few fab food bloggers this week.

Potato and Leek Soup on |

Leek and Potato Soup

A steep with parmesan rind gives this potato soup favorite a depth not to be missed.

Get the recipe | Sassy Radish

 Pureed Cauliflower Soup from on

Pureed Cauliflower Soup

Roasted cauliflower leaves give the soup a happy crunch.

Get the recipe | Crepes of Wrath

Simple Homemade Tomato Soup from |

Simple Homemade Tomato Soup

A smooth tomato soup that starts off with, bacon?? Say it IS SO! Yes, it IS SO!
Get the recipe | Pinch of Yum

Have a great weekend and cook something good.

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