Happy Friday my friends!

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When in doubt, be extra.

My daughter and her friend have been using that adjective a lot lately.


I assume its part of the slang they’ve picked up from watching too many YouTube videos, but after hearing them use it to describe everything from amazing acai bowls, to outfits they love, to songs they listen to, and even when describing themselves when they’re feeling their best selves, I’m adding “extra” to my mind’s eye picture of myself too.

Because why wouldn’t any of us want to feel and be a little “extra” today??

This past week certainly had it’s challenges, but in the end, it totally took an upswing. Things are looking up.Good job mom, xoxoxo!  You’re totally extra.

We are in LA to visit on of my besestt friends, because a friend in need is a friend indeed and this friend will always be there for me. Kim, you’re extra.

And all of you readers of the FoodieCrush. I can’t even begin to tell you how extra you all are. Thank you, thank you for your eyeballs, clicks, comments, and suggestions.

Because just like Ross, Rachel, and Joey, I’ll be here for you. P.S., did you hear that Jennifer says she’s ready to become Rachel again. Can you imagine??!!

Okay, but enough about this, let’s dig into this week’s list of goodies on the Friday Faves.

SERIOUSLY! Have you guys seen Seatbelt Psychic yet? If you’re not a believer, you will be after watching it.


You’re going to want to see this new baking show on Netflix because it is going to be freaky.

We took our 14-year-old Ali Smudge to see this movie and while she said it wasn’t totally true to life, we all REALLY liked it and rec that anyone with a teen see it with them. There’s one sensitive “discovery” scene but honestly, its nothing they aren’t talking about at that age already!)


This teenager is TOTALLY embarrassed. MOMMMMM! QUIT DANCING! (I don’t know…dad might be worse!)

This is the most popular avocado recipe on Pinterest??!!! Whattttt? Why THANK YOU for letting me know Food Network 🙂

I’m considering switching over from my KitchenAid. Who’s tried the Smeg?

Meal prep tips: her plan sounds like itworks.

This is the dip that made Mommie Dearest the most glamorous hostess ever. Surprised??!!

31 quick and healthy seasonal veggie sides to make now.


I can’t stop eating this frozen treat and I don’t feel one bit bad about it.

This is why hummus is the new cheese.

This chicken sandwich is worthy of any lunch or dinner.

Zucchini brownies. Done.

This ice cream is a summer licker. Plus, an ice cream maker giveaway you gotta see.

Instant Pot recipe alert: this Cashew chicken is ready…in an instant.

This DIY wedding cake that even beginners can do. So minimalist, naturally.

Beer + chicken = grilled chicken that’s adds the crispiest skin to the equation.

I love gnocchi, and I love corn, must mean I’d love this.

This nourish bowl is a meal in one I’m totally down with.


This watermelon zoodle bowl is right up my fresh picked alley.


How to make zucchini noodles with a veggie peeler in case you don’t own my favorite spiralizer.

A vegan bolognese that’ll never leave you missing the meat.

A look at the upcoming final season with Anthony Bourdain. Two months later and it still makes me so sad.

I’m eagerly waiting for my Instagram to update: How to see how much time you’re actually spending 0n Instagram. Yikes.

Skinny eyebrows are back? Damn you Rhianna.

Could your name predict the year you got/get married?

Island goals. In your kitchen.

Is it a house or a piece of art? All I know is I want that tub!

21 college dorm rooms that will make you want to move right in.

DIY yoga mat spray, because sticky, stinky mats are no bueno.

One of my favorite things about living in L.A. was the Barney’s Warehouse sale held in one of the hangars at the Santa Monica airport and now, it’s online for all to shop and love. 

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