Hello, hello and happy Friday!

Peach and Tomato Caprese Salad | foodiecrush.com

What do you know. Even with all the crazy things going on in world events, life continues and Friday is still showing up each week so things must be good!

Last weekend was a total teenage success. We celebrated Ali Smudge’s 14th birthday at our friends cabin with eleven 14-year-old girls and everyone (including my husband and I) survived.

Beauty barging, stand-up paddle boarding, hammocking (they tried to replicate this!), too much food—including the peach caprese salad above (do you want to see the recipe in a new post?) put-your-guests-to-work DIY foil dinners, and this birthday cake pie—plus lots of card games, were all part of the party.

DIY Foil Packet Dinner foodiecrush.comHammocks foodiecrush.com

Speaking of stand-up paddle boards, I had a ton of people ask me on Instagram and last week’s Friday Faves (and at the lake) about our inflatable paddle board/kayak hybrid and so here’s the link.

This week has been one of total catch up. I’ve had to let a few things slide so I can get ahead on a few other projects like finalizing the design of next year’s edition of our Nourished Planner, editing food photos for my favorite client, and getting future blog post recipes photographed, edited, and written.

This podcast totally made me rethink my to-do list and what rally is the difference between urgent and important. After listening to it, I’ve discovered my priorities were totally misguided, and basically backward. So this week, I took a new approach. It’s put me a bit behind on posting on the blog, but in the end I’ll be so much further ahead. And damn, that feels good!

These past few weeks of summer between July 4th and our state holiday of July 24 (Utah’s Pioneer Day aka Pie and Beer Day for us heathens) always seem to languish. Everything is simply slower—including our brains. People are on vacation. Nobody’s really checking in. It could be the heat. It could the summer malaise. Or it could simply be too much ice cream.

So when I went through my list of sites for this week’s Friday Faves (I use this reader to keep tabs on them all) I was totally surprised by how much good stuff came out on the worldwide web. So much I simply can’t share it all here, it’s just too much! Luckily there’s always next week 🙂 .

So let’s dig right on into it, and click the links that make up the goodness in this week’s Friday Faves.

First off, I have been talking about making gym memberships and organized sports fees deductible and thus our country healthier to anyone who would listen for years and it might finally happen! Join me and support the PHIT act! (love the acronym too!)

I don’t need much of an incentive to cry, and this just did it again. Awwwww, little dude!

Apparently Hollywood is banking on Reese saving it by re-making all her hits. Sweet Home Alabama part deux! 

Mama Mia! Cher has a new album and it’s all ABBA!

I read about this podcast over on this monthly list of lists and am totally going to give it a listen (she said the Kate and Andy Spade interview is a goodie.)

And I am loving all the tips in this how-to-be more productive post. Timers! I need more of them.

I LOVE THIS: Summer bucket list: 16 things I WON’T be doing this summer. 

Yes, it’s almost here #cryingfaceemoji –> One month of healthy school lunches with just two hours of meal prep. GENIUS!

Oh my, these bars are looking healthy but soooo good.

This bruschetta chicken is gonna totally rock your dinner.

File this easy dinner recipe under healthy, smart, and DELICIOUS!

Crumbly oatmeal topped fruit crisps are my love language, and this one looks incredible.

Oven-fried pickles???!! YES!

The 6 most viewed cooking videos on YouTube. It’s all about the cakes and eggs.

This bbq’d shrimp is on the list.

This crustless quiche is totally on the good eating plan. Plus, tomatoes and basil!

Jamabalya! Nuff said.

Zucchini overload like me? Here you go:

Such an easy tortellini salad that it’s pretty much a guaranteed potluck success.

15+ freezer meals for anyone having a baby (or just looking to save time!)

One of my best friends just went vegan, so I’m compiling some recipe basics for her. If you have more, stick ’em in the comments below.

Watermelon poke. This makes summer look better than ever.

Canning troubleshooting: Why your jars aren’t sealing.

Instant Pot recipe alert: This is one I’ve bookmarked for my soup lovin’ husband.

If you’re choosing not to have kids, read this. I was there once too…

I have such a hard time finding prints for my walls that aren’t cheesy and this list is looking good.

Clever ideas for organizing small spaces, that I bet will work for bigger spaces too.

We’re going to La La Land in a few weeks but how amazing would it be to spend a few nights in this place in Malibu. OMG! GORG! (p.s. these people are raking in the Benjamins!)

Okay, and this little mini thing of a cabin could fit in my backyard, but can you imagine setting it up on a plot of land somewhere? Dreamy. But how does it even work?

Bookmarking for future foodie travel plans:

This trip looks positively dreamy. And wine-soaked.

Where to eat lobster rolls on Martha’s Vineyard.


My favorite preventive trick for jet-lag.

9 great books you can read for free on your Kindle. 

10 things that should be nowhere near your bed.

Natural bug repellent spray DIY because I could never be on Naked and Afraid because of the mosquitos alone!

Nordstrom anniversary sale stuff I want:

Okay, I think that about does it for this week! Have a great one, and I hope you find yourself in the kitchen or at the BBQ cooking up something good!

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