Hello my friends, and happy, happy Friday.

What a week this has been, with the tragic news and events that filled my Instagram and Facebook feeds with tributes, concern, and mostly a whole lot of questions of, “WHY?” to which we will likely never have answers to. I don’t want to delve too deep into the tragedies, but I’d feel like a fake if I didn’t address it.

So all I’ll say is that I hope we keep the conversations going, all of the conversations, whether they’re about suicide, mental illness, gender inequality, sexual violence, or racism, and shed light and more attention on the root of the problems to create more support for those in need, and stronger communities for everyone to thrive in. Talking about it is good, because it IS okay not to be okay

And I am now stepping off the soapbox.

This weekend and next week is all about the family, and I am ready. My sister and her family are in town for a summer visit and a sort-of staycation for us all to celebrate Father’s Day, my dad’s birthday, and to have a little fun in Park City for a few days.

How lucky am I that a 20-minute car ride transports us to one of the most sought-after vacation spots in the world? Because while Park City is known for it’s stellar vibes in winter, summer is truly where it’s at.

We’ll be hitting up the largest outdoor table in Utah spanning the length of Park City’s Main Street (here’s what happened last time), starting out Father’s Day by hitting up the crazy amazing bloody Mary bar here, then the girls can paddle-board while we lunch on my favorite deck, and there will for sure be zipping down the mountain on the Alpine Slide after we get some drives and putts in, too.

After last week’s woe-is-me rant on Instagram, I am ready to take life back by the reigns and simply enjoy. We all need a break, am I right, or am I right?

On that note about Instagram…

I’m looking forward to speaking at this conference about Instagram with her, her, her, and her. Truthfully I’ll be there just to learn from THEM :)! There’s only a few tickets left so get yours here before they’re gone.

Okay, so that’s enough about me…let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves!

The video below is just about the best thing I saw all week. #cuethetissues

If you’ve ever watched The Office, you’re going to love this dog owner’s tribute.

This Twitter account might actually make me want to get back on Twitter again. Totally funny!

I’m all about making my weekly to-do lists, reading this made me realize I really should make a 5 year plan.

My favorite Real Housewife doesn’t really care if she’s your favorite Real Housewife — and I knew she was close as it gets to our own royal family, but I had no idea how close!

The pain and privilege of traveling with Anthony Bourdain.

15 powerful women shaping how we eat food today. Let’s do this!

Can this diet really cure cancer? Have you watched the documentary and if so, tell me what you think.

Road trip healthy snack hacks that are sure to save summer.

Watch out Ruth’s Chris –> 5 food styling tips to get the best grill marks.

10 dinners your middle-schooler can make this summer. Oh my Ali Smudge, you are GOING TO WORK!

What? Frosé is on the outs??? Say it ain’t so!


Forget about beer can chicken, it’s all about rosé can chicken. 

This salad = eating the rainbow in the very best way.

Brown butter! An ice cream cookie sandwich I’ll gladly add to my treat list.

Pineapple zucchini bread? Yaaaasssss!


A zucchini pasta salad with all the right stuff.

These foil packet dinners are all I really want.

If visiting Big Ben is in your vacation plans, this cheese loving foodie says these are all the places you HAVE to eat in London NOW!

How to pack like a minimalist…because you’ll wear the same dang thing over and over anyway!

Whether it’s Pride month or not, I’m all about the rainbows.

The best haircut trends coming out of L.A. right now, and if you think beachy waves are out, you’re not in.

How to slow down the aging process...by simply slowing down.

If you’re looking for an affordable version of that wildly popular overhead Bondi beach photo, head here.

I’m still on my organizing binge, and these have been totally useful just about everywhere.

How to get your best brows ever. 


My favorite tweezers, ever.

I’m loving these slides. Simple. Love.

I’m not really into jumpsuits, but this would be the one to convert me.

Loving this pillow for the couch on the deck.

And I need more of these gold-lined bowls. They’re such good gifts!

Okay, that’s all she wrote this week. Have a fantastic Father’s Day weekend and hoping you get out and live a little. Actually, a lot!

And that’s all she wrote this week. Have a great weekend and stay safe friends.

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