Happy Friday my friends! And greetings from NYC!

Happy Friday my friends! And greetings from NYC!

I’m here in the Big Apple for the IACP conference, aka the International Association of Culinary Professionals. But let’s get one thing clear, I am FAR from being a professional cook.

So, what kind of cook am I? I’m betting I’m a whole lot more like you, unless of course, you are a professional :). I’m someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to spare but still craves getting in to the kitchen to make real good, real food for my family and friends. The food I crave doesn’t have to be complicated, and is most often a nod to a family favorite from when I was growing up, or inspired by something I’ve tried while going out.

And where better to experience new tastes and loads of foodie variety than NYC? For me that doesn’t necessarily mean dining at 5 star restaurants (but if you invite me, I certainly will!) but also hitting the corner bodegas, discovering the best street food, and trying to choose what to eat from one of the popular food halls—because NYC would never call them what they really are: trendy food courts minus the mall shopping.

If you want to travel along on this NYC adventure, follow along with me on my Instagram stories, where I’ll be sharing some of the highlights, including my cameo on NYPD Blue. Okay, we weren’t actually ON film, but we did stumble upon them filming and Ice-T graced my Instastories… you can check out in my highlights but only via Instagram on your mobile device :).

What Went Up This Week…

This week had a lot of recipe-making and in the kitchen as I worked on getting ahead of my schedule for once. If you have any recipe requests, I’m happy to serve…just email me at heidi@foodiecrush.com.

But enough of all that. Let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves…

So moved and inspired by these young people.

The key to raising a happy child. Some serious golden nuggets here.

Mothers helping mothers. Reading this gave me chills.

An honest blog post about phone addiction. I think we can all relate? I’m trying to do better myself.

Another reason for couples to be inspired by Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. #couplegoals

And, 30 random acts of romance that will make your relationship better. All of these are so good!

If your immune system needs a reboot (thanks cold and flu season), you should drink this.

Who needs taco Tuesday? I could eat these fajitas every day.

This meal prep breakfast taco scramble is SO up my alley!

Definitely making these chicken thighs ASAP.

The best homemade pizza dough. PIZZZZZA night!

The perfect solution for when you’re craving cookies and brownies and simply can’t choose.

Everyone seems to be putting Everything seasoning on…well, everything, and here are 5 recipes on my radar:

Did you know you can do yoga while you work? Totally trying these moves.

Also, therapeutic podcasts to help you de-stress. Yaas.

Is this one of the most perfect pantries ever?. I mean, I kind of want to live in there…#goals

And if you aren’t following this Insta account yet, you’re totally missing all the organizational inspo. And their stories are one of my faves to watch every single day.


I’m totally obsessed with watching every single one of the beauty tips from this Instagrammers’s Instastories. The only problem? I’m buying everything she recommends!

Awesome Target finds for spring. Need that doormat.

Luuuuving these slides for summer!

And this boyfriend blazer. Stripes are everything right now.

The loveliest lip color for spring.

And that’s it for this week. Please let me know if there’s anything more, less or specific you’d like to see here on the Faves. Have a grand weekend everyone!

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