Hello and Happy Friday friends o’ friends!

Raise your hand if you survived the eclipse? Did you find your path to totality? You didn’t glare directly into the passing orbs? You aren’t blind? Well I hope not because if you were, you’d be listening to this instead of reading it and man, my voice is TERRIBLE when recorded.

If you did miss it, don’t feel bad because the FOMO was real, people. And now look, we have a hurricane headed to Texas. It’s going to be a rough weekend for a whole lot of people, including my sister and her family in Houston so I’m sending all the good vibes to our lonestar friends. Be safe guys!

A few weeks ago I went on my annual Chi Omega reunion trip with about 12? 13? 27? of my sisters. We’ve been doing it for so long I can’t even count how many of us there are anymore.

The rule of the game is it’s just us. No husbands or boyfriends, no kids, and no other hanger-ons. It’s been the rule since the beginning and frankly, we’re all pleased as punch for it to be just us.

This year we all gathered in a home in the San Juan Islands, WA for 4 days of serious girl time, killer whale watching (yes! we saw a pod of 5!), a little bit of exercising, lots of good eating (like the fresh halibut and my dad’s famous potatoes above) too much fun drinking, card games, hot tubbing and of course so many stories dug up from our illustrious pasts that are better kept exactly where they’re buried.

The best part of every reunion is catching up on how everyone’s families are doing, talking about how the kids are, and simply getting to be ourselves with one another.

Next year we’re sticking closer to home, but the NEXT year is a big one so we’ll be going all out. Hawaii. Costa Rica. Florida Keys. Everyone’s agreed it needs to be a beach, so if you have any suggestions, I’m all ears because guuuuesss who is in chaaaarggge?

This week I’m adding a little bonus round of faves from some of my sisters who flew home with me on the same flight. Let’s dig in:

  • Jenae sported this backpack all weekend and I seriously coveted it every day because it doesn’t have that back to school or hey-I-just-went-hiking feel. Love.
  • Also, Jenae showed up wearing this dress that I bought online before I left for vaca too. (she bought hers full price, I got mine at 67% off!)
  • Melissa’s daughter does lashes and brows, so MP brought along these little razors that work wonders (and get rid of that pesky face fur that comes with getting wiser 🙂 )
  • Krista is a big fan of pilates and this top is totally her style. And, she’s a huge fan of BLTs.
  • Tawnya luuuuvs this lip treatment. If you lick your lips enough it probably curbs those sweet cravings too.
  • Keri is addicted to this podcast. Figures, since she’s a lawyer who bikes, runs marathons and has better legs than any 21 year old I know since she’s so sporty.
  • Susie, our resident tarot card reader, said she can’t put this book down. And, she wanted me to add, she loves anything freaky.
  • Julie’s dad passed away last month. It’s never easy. To remember him by, she’s having this made for her mom with his signature. What a treasure.

And now…back to our regularly scheduled faves!

If I was smart, I’d totally meal-prep this salad for lunch next week.

These muffins are packed with EVERYTHING in them! YEEES!

20 quick and healthy slow cooker recipes for the dinner time win.

There’s nothing like homemade hummus. How gorgeous is that olive oil swirl though?

I can’t stop looking at these dreamy grilled peaches.


This sangria … more PEACHES!

They may be back to school, but with temps in the 90’s, they’ll still want these popsicles.


Back to school means back to cooking recipes like this super easy sheet pan chicken.

Instant Pot recipe alert: These chicken bowls with quinoa will be ready before you are.


How to cook beans without soaking them first.

4 late-summer pastas worth every carb:

And if your tomatoes runneth over, check out these 55 recipes ideas to take care of them.

This pretty pink doughnut makes me wanna hop across the pond.

The secret reason why McDonald’s apple pies are so good.

What’s in Alice Water’s fridge. Now I don’t feel so bad about mine.

All the little moons! The shadows were actually what hooked me. I didn’t really plan on geeking out over the eclipse viewing and totally didn’t order glasses but my neighbors across the street shared theirs so I did see it in the 91% path of totality here in Utah. My friend Annalise got the BEST shot of any I’ve seen!


Another favorite.


How awesome is this eclipse cake though?

Hands down my new favorite Instagram account. Warning: cuteness overload. (and if you can spell dachshund without looking it up, you are the winner of the FoodieCrush spelling bee 🏆 !!)

Are you a parent? You should definitely watch this interesting little social experiment. Makes you think…

Also, I may not be the one going back to school, but I’m liking this backpack and I’m typically not a fan of her stuff.

The best pieces from the new IKEA catalog. That rattan chair has my name on it.

In love with this new candle I got for my kitchen.

The perfect v-neck tee.

I LOVE this shirt dress (and it’s on sale)!

My favorite lipstick lately. Nooooouuude.

Awesome price alert: I just ordered one of these super cute workout tanks, in black, natch. Love the back.

Since I don’t have a hose on my deck I’ve been hand watering my plants all summer long with this dude. Maybe if I save my money over winter I can get a bit more upscale with the prettiest watering can I ever did see.

Majorly crushing on the house & home section of this online boutique. So many treasures and goodies! #onlineshopperaddictandnotsadaboutit

Have a grand weekend friends. Only one more before summer is officially out so get out and enjoy!

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