Albion Basin Alta Utah Wildflowers

Happy Friday my FC friendlies.

I know, I know. I’m in denial too. Only 12 more days ’til Smudge starts school. I really don’t want summer to end, and given that I am writing this at 10:15 a.m., and she’s still snoozing away in her bed, I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want it to either.

Typically I wouldn’t let her sleep in this late into the day, but since she just bested me in height at 5’9 3/4 inches—gah! I lost 1/2-inch, so according to this study, I better up my Vitamin D!—I think the season of growing for my 13-year-old is wearing her out, and one reason I totally agree with this report.

But finally! Summer bucket list success! This week I knocked two items off my summer bucket list (good thing ’cause time is running out fast) when I sluffed work (okay, more like shuffled things around because when you work for yourself, it pretty much doesn’t end) and we had a Monday Funday and headed to the Wasatch mountains to see the wildflower bloom in full action in Albion Basin.

It.was.stunning. If you’re a local, you truly owe it to yourself to get up there soon, because with the rain we had early in the season and the warm temps now, the bloom has never looked more vibrant.

Albion Basic Wildflower Alta Utah

Albion Basic Wildflower Alta Utah


Cecret Lake Alta Utah |

We kept on going and hiked to Cecret Lake where on the way I had a “Come to Jesus” moment with myself because I was feeling all queezy and dizzy and like I had never exerted an ounce of energy before.

Long story short, I figured that since my achilles issue last fall, I’ve simply fallen back out of shape. But I later deduced that this whole why-am-I-such-a-loser issue may have been coupled with the fact I’ve been off the carbs for 2 weeks (okay, maybe with the exception of a littttttle wine) because I’m following this, and sort of skipped dinner the night before (wait, isn’t wine dinner?), and I simply didn’t have the physical juice to get me up the hill.

Dumb move Larsen.

Albion Basic Wildflower Alta Utah

In the end I made it. And look how happy I was that I did. Because for once, in an out-of-breath-ready-to-throw-in-the-towel situation, I didn’t allow myself to give up as I scolded myself the whole way to stop being such a frigging wimp (I mean toddlers and 75 year olds were passing me up! totally embarassing) and there’s NO WAY I’d EVER make it on Naked and Afraid, as if.

This weekend when my man will be coercing my Smudge into playing at least 167 rounds of golf with him (she won’t) and in between her soccer game, sleeping in, and hopefully watering my plants so they don’t shrivel up and die, I’ll be in the San Juan Islands for my annual Chi Omega friends reunion.

If you’d like to follow along, be sure to check out my InstaStories along the way, and if you have any suggestions of what not to miss while I’m there, I’d love it if you’d leave me a comment below.

But enough about me, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves!

Since the second I saw it, I’ve been craving this healthy baked crisp like nobody’s business.

FoodieCrush contrib Hayley’s been thinking about this recipe all week and she’s finally making it for dinner tonight. TGIF!

Give me all the melon and prosciutto, please! This is the stuff summer snacking is made of.

This may be the best way to eat cauliflower that I’ve seen all summer.

This guac is literally everything. Ha!

So frigging excited for this cookbook! I got to see a preview and I promise, I will be heating up the IP and cooking everything in it! (and yes, frigging is Smudge’s favorite word. The real version might be mine.)

I can never get enough of salads like this. 15 minutes??!! You bet.


This gorgeous salad is just begging to be enjoyed outdoors with a big glass of vino in hand. Sounds like every one of my meals 🙂

5 soups to eat when it’s 100 degrees out (and even when it isn’t!):

How freaking groovy is this cake?! Makes me wanna dig through my closet and pull out the bell bottoms.

Halo Top Ice Cream |

Calling all Halo Top fans, there’s some new flavors on the horizon. That Caramel Macchiato looks bueno.

If you’re looking for a meal-plan service to get you back into the kitchen again, I’ll totally vouch for this one!

Just started watching this show, and already. so. addicted.

Such a powerful short film and a really good reminder not to take life too seriously and to live in the moment more.

The sweetest recap of the sweetest day. Love wins. #kisses

6 Shel Silverstein quotes that mean even more as you get older. *sigh

I’ve been practicing actually living these 5 tips instead of just preaching about them, and it’s working.

Excited to carve out more time for reading, and I’m starting with this list of new book releases coming this fall.


Why books aren’t clutter (plus another good reading list!)

This woman creates creepy optical illusions with makeup! Consider my mind blown. Aaaaaand, nightmares later.

speaking of makeup and such…

Smudge has been getting more in touch with her beauty side—hello, she’s now a teenager!— and she says these are back in style and they’re on her BTS list. Oh boy.

And since she’s grown out of shoes, AGAIN, these are the next workout kicks on her list.

This cozy top looks like it could totally go from day to night.

I just received one of my fave catalogs in the mail and I am totally digging this partnership so much I almost want to move back to Venice! Or I could just buy stuff that looks like I still live there. #betteridea #saynoLAtraffic

I’ve always believed in the benefits of aromatherapy (they go with me into the tub every night) but lately I’ve been into incorporating them even more into my all day routine. This DIY refresher is next on my to-do list.

Are you going? We’re still on the fence, but since the path to totality is only a few hours from here, Smudge may have to miss her first day of school to experience it. Here’s everything you need to know about the total eclipse.

And if we don’t go, I may need to throw an eclipse party just because. Loads of fun ideas here. Who wants to come?

So that’s it. Hope ya’ll have one fantabulous weekend, because I know I will! #friendtimewins

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