Hello friends, and happy Friday!

This week was a busy one. The languish and relaxation of the 4th of July holiday where we all check out and give the deadlines, the looming projects and those we are beholden to a holiday break is definitely over.

One reason it was a busy week is I had a fair bit of volunteering with my daughter to do. We volunteer with the National Charity League, a national organization where moms and daughters volunteer together within our local communities, doing hands-on volunteer projects where we help a variety of causes that teach our daughters about leadership and philanthropy. It’s been a great experience so far and I LOVE teaching my Smudge the true value of giving one’s time to help others all through the year.

And that’s why I’m happy to share another little something I did that made me feel really good about my week. 

Earlier this week Kraft Heinz asked me to partner with them to share with you info about their “Feed Your Family, Feed the World” initiative, and because it’s so easy to do, and for a great cause, I really didn’t even have to think twice, and I’m betting you won’t either.

Feed Your Family, Feed the World

From now through August 7, 2017, with your help Kraft Heinz brands will donate up to 20,000 meals per day with their program “Feed Your Family, Feed the World” in partnership with Rise Against Hunger to help solve the plight of global hunger.

Here’s how you can donate 10 meals to help others who would otherwise go hungry: 

  • All you have to do is visit the Food Your Photo site on either your smart phone or desktop, upload an image, add some funny stickers to it, and upload your own stickered “Food Your Photo” picture.
  • AND THAT’S IT! Boom! 10 dinners for someone who would have gone hungry.
  • It’s a fun thing you can hand off to the kids to do if you’re not feeling particularly creative, but it’s so easy to do I created the two you see above in the matter of minutes.

You can take your piece of art as seriously or as silly as you want because your 10 meal donation will happen either way!

You can also donate a meal by sharing your photo on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the tag #feedtheworld2017 and #donate. You can learn more about how the “Feed Your Family, Feed the World” initiative works, including the complete terms and conditions, here.

Just think, one image of yours shared on social media will become 10 meals for others who could have gone hungry tonight 🙏❤️  so please, upload a photo, sticker it up, and join in to make a difference!

Need inspiration? Check out the ‘Feed Your Family, Feed The World’ gallery of pictures.

Okay! Thanks for helping make a difference in someone else’s life. Now, let’s dig into this week’s Friday Faves!

Grab the Kleenex, because yes, as usual I’m all teared up. The coolest grandma with attitude and sweetest grandson who could have had skanky dancing ho’s in his video instead of his 100 year old lady love. I like you a whole lot more Macklemore.

This pork chop dinner looks straight up thumbs up!

This side dish is perfect for summer. Heck, it’s perfect any time of year!

More shrimp and zoodles! Love it!

Do you know what country eats the most ice cream in the world? (Spoiler alert: It’s not the U.S.!)

This healthy appetizer platter is right up my alley.

I’m totally ready for the weekend because I’m totally ready to drink up on these.

These little tarts are looking like a summer dream.

This green bean salad makes me want to head to the farmer’s market stat.

My kinda summer afternoon treat right here.

Wait, what? THIS is how I was supposed to be using my juicer all this time? GAH!

I loved The Girl on the Train, so I’m thinking this might be my next read.

I saw this post on her Instagram and got so jealous because it’s been on this bucket list for too long!

I’ll add “No worries” to this pet peeve list of phrases we all wish people would just quit saying. Because guess what? I WASN’T WORRIED!


7 phrases to quit saying at work. JUST STOP!


Email is my black hole and that’s why I’m into this post on the best email tools for small businesses.

Are you watching Glow? It fits right in with my youth: the neon spandex, the big hair, the 80s tunes. Ah, those were the days.

Okay, this is totally an invention my husband would come up with. Now the big question is, WHY DIDN’T HE??? $$$$

9 hairstyles that are perfect for traveling.


Airbnb’s most requested rental ever, and I would totally want to rent it too.


Loved this. No matter what beach or cabin house rental we stay at, there always seems to be a measuring cup, spatula, or really good knife missing!

Move over Portland, this town is giving you some hipster competition.

My favorite eyebrow pencil.

Ohhhh, I really, really like these espadrilles.


I’m totally liking these sneakers in white and peony.

Nordie’s anniversary sale and I’m spending way too much time perusing for:

  • I should probably get this sweater because it’s what I live in during the winter.
  • I LOVE this hoodie. Such a cool neckline.
  • I want a new cross body bag and this might be the one. Anyone have a different fave?
  • Could I write this bag off as a work bag if my computer fits into it 🙂 ???? So pretty.

Okay, that’s it for now friends. I hope you stay cool, donate an Instagram post, and have a fabulous weekend!

This post was in partnership with Kraft Heinz. As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. All opinions are always my own.  

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