Happy Friday friends!

After this weekend of holiday-ing, we’re in it for the long haul, and that haul has left my Smudge in a state of mourning because there will be no more school breaks until summer hits.

Spring break is over. Passover and Easter have left bare traces of the matzo ball soup that’s been slurped all gone, and all the chocolate candy eggs will have been hidden away from mom and dad’s sneaking snacking ways. And hayfever season is in full swing. I mean, what’s left for a 12 year old to look forward to?

Sigh. I guess she’ll just have to eat more ice cream.

But let’s look at the bright side. It’s the right time to make those plans for summer vacations (here’s a great spot to start) and ready our garden beds for planting (I’m installing these this year), not to mention all of the seasonal eats I can’t wait to break out the grill for. Almost-here-summer-projects (and wardrobe planning!) have had me busy searching the www for all sorts of tips, tricks, and money-saving hacks.

And what would spring be without new births to celebrate! Please join me in a big congratulations to FoodieCrush contributor Hayley who now has a 2 week old baby girl. Ah! Baby toes! There’s nothing like them. We miss you Hayley! Enjoy your time away from the www and all the crushing you do around here, give that baby girl some giant squeezes for me, and we can’t wait to have you back as soon as you’re ready.

Ugh. Hay fever. My husband gets it real, real bad, but I’m an only in bloom sneezer. I’m seriously thinking about getting this to remedy the situation. And this is how you use it. I know. It seems so weird, but how can centuries of users be wrong?

This salad has ALL my favorites.

Truly crispy BAKED fried chicken? I’ll take it!

This is my secret to the EASIEST peeling eggs! I’ll never make them any other way again.


I can make these eggs. All the colors of the rainbow!

and turn them into…

These deviled eggs for my Easter egg leftovers.

This is one reason everyone’s gaga over cauliflower. Cheesy 🙂

I’ve been all about the salmon lately, and this recipe is looking perfectly cooked.

This coconut cake. I’m trying to be good on the diet! Enough already!

I’m making this ham for Easter. What to do with the leftovers? Here’s a few ideas for it here, here, and here.

Edible water bottles. This is really a thing!

This dip is giving hummus a strong run for it’s money.

Mason jar makeover. I like.

Last week we volunteered at SLC’s Fisher House, a group home for military families in town for hospital and medical care. It’s like a Ronald McDonald House for vets. Volunteering. It’s good for your health when you hit that, ahem, certain age. I can’t wait to go back. We’re thinking about making a bunch of freezer meals to leave for the house and the families and this cookbook is going to get us there.

Gardening for beginners. Seriously, it’s time to start!

How one woman painlessly purged 80% of her closet. Purging…a good idea to make room for some of my new summer staples:

This skirt. I am going to LIVE in it! (I got it in basic black too. Actually, I bought two of each of them 🙂 )

This dress, that makes me feel like I’m wearing pajamas. Because who doesn’t love being in PJs all day but not?

These flip flops I mentioned last week that I am wearing as we speak and I give the thumbs up. I may have to order this pair for when I’m feeling fancy. P.S. they run true to size.

Spring 2017 reading list. Also, two of my friends suggested I read this book and this one too.

Why friendships are so much harder as an adult. Sigh.

This is what 13% of Americans would do to not pay taxes. Seriously?

What I Pinned This Week

I’ve been feeling more on top of my dinner game thanks to sheet pan dinners that make the meal. Here are a few recipes I pinned this week I think are worthy of your eyeballs too.

Sweet and Spicy Sheet Pan Salmon from Beach House Kitchen | foodiecrush.com

Sweet and Spicy Sheet Pan Salmon

One pan, so many dinners. Happy eaters.

Get the recipe | Pin It

Greek Chicken and Potatoes from Cafe Delites on foodiecrush.com

Greek Chicken and Potatoes

A simple marinade and a hot sheet pan delivers all the flavors any Greek god could possibly desire.

Get the recipe | Pin it

Sheet Pan Roasted Jambalaya from Candid Appetite | foodiecrush.com

Sheet Pan Roasted Jambalaya

This could win the blue ribbon for this week’s most inventive sheet pan dinner. Plus, shrimp & sausage!

Get the recipe | Pin it

Have a fantastic weekend my friends, hope these links inspire you to get into the kitchen and make something good!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. All opinions are always my own.  

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