Thoughtful Friday Faves

Happy Friday friends, and happy 2017!

Nope. I can’t believe it either.

Focus. Enough. Present. Those are intention words I set as past anthems to guide my new years ambitions, the themes to remind me of what’s important through the entire year, not just until my (re)solutions lose their fire. I’ve known what 2017’s intention word would be for months.

This years word is…


It’s inspired by a friend who described her husband as being “one of the most thoughtful people I know.”

That stuck me.

She said it with such love and admiration. Would those who know me — and those who don’t — do I do things to inspire them to think that about me? Because when all is said and done, I want to be remembered as someone who not only cares, but SHOWS they care. I want to be that thoughtful person that I want in MY life.

I am not yet that person, nor does my lifestyle warrant grand sweeping acts to change the world. But I can add random acts of kindness, simple gestures that might make someone else’s day a little better. To reach out and show others that I’m simply thinking about them.

So while you may not be getting your birthday card on time, or an invite to dinner every single Sunday, I am going to do better at checking in with you, spending time with you, and thinking of you.

I’m exited to make my intention for 2017 a habit to last a lifetime, and what better time to start evolving into what I want to be and share with you, than today.

This month I’ve been participating in a social media challenge created by two of my blogging friends, Kristin of Dine and Dish and Bree of Baked Bree, called Rock Your Happy. However if you don’t care for social media, you could certainly do it without posting too. It makes me stop what I’m doing and focus on what’s around me. And on me. ME. ME. ME. That’s part of being thoughtful too, thinking of myself.

I’ve LOVED doing it and think you should check it out too, here’s how.

Nourished Planner

I am floored at the response we’ve received for the Nourished Planner. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you haven’t gotten yours yet, do it soon because once they’re gone for 2017, the warehouse will be empty ’til next year.

Get your Nourished Planner here. 

We self-published the Nourished Planner because we had a need, a dream and had years of experience to do it all on our own. So what if you want to do the the same for a cookbook? I say, go for it.

To get you started with meal planning, download this free printable weekly meal planner/to-do list to fill in, tape to the fridge, take to the grocery store, and use for reference next year, and this free weekly meal plan and prep list will help narrow those bee-in-a-bonnet-tendencies when deciding what to fix for mealtime, too.

Like that homemade chicken soup? Yep, recipe is right here.

Check out the video we created and see more of the planner below.

And now, let’s get into this week’s list of FRIDAY FAVES!

This avocado toast..welcome to my fave breakfast for 2017. And probably my cuke-obsessed husband’s even more.

Oh my shrimpy bucatini. My comfort zone. Hell, its my comfort hemisphere.

As a kid I hated cauliflower. As an adult I only want more of THIS. Looks so good.

31 days of healthy comfort food to make all the way through January. Meal planning? CHECK!

These little steak bites are perfect for a party. Or for when you only want…a bite.

Seriously? Snowmen in my coffee never looked so good. Actually, I’ve never look at snowmen in my coffee before, but I’d totally welcome them now. So cute.

This chickpea salad. I can’t get enough mint during winter because it reminds me that spring is just around the corner.

A beer made just for the shower. My husband is in heaven.

Looking for some new year health goal/exercise/diet guidance and a program that actually works? Love these girls. Love their passion. Love their message. Have you signed up yet??? I have!


How to create resolutions that last. 

What to do instead of a detox, and not just food, it’s an overall practice.


How many of you are Whole30-ing right about now? (Don’t be shy!) Here’s how to cope.

Every single food trend that’s been predicted for 2017 — I’m intrigued by #24 and will never get enough of #57 or #77.

There’s a new restaurant in Amsterdam that’s devoted entirely to the avocado. Good thing we have the avocado emoji now.

and back here in the good old U.S. of A…

A restaurant devoted to fried pickles? Teleport me now!

and hold the phone to raise your glass…

Billy Murray is opening a Caddyshack-themed bar?! “It’s a Cinderella story.”

FoodieCrush kitchen before |

We are currently in the midst of a little nip/tuck kitchen remodel. We’re extending the counter top and losing our floating shelves so I can have more room to hide things like glasses and dishes. You know, the little things. And new marble. Ugh, I NEVER liked the color of the Cararra marble since the day it was installed. Way too gray. It already feels bigger. Until the cabinets go in. Ha! Do you want to see a post on the before and afters? As they say, let me know in the comments below.

speaking of kitchens…

I totally agree with so many of these kitchen style tips. Except the floating shelves, because I hate having to clean my dishes and my display of glasses all the time because they get greasy and that’s why I’m getting rid of my floaters. Maybe if I had actually used the glasses every day instead of using them just for dipslay???

Spring cleaning never hits me as the traditional calendar flies. Instead, I get the fever a few months early. It’s always after the holidays when I get the organizing itch and I am in the THROES of craving organization now. Tracy’s tips are ALWAYS spot on. Just get rid of it!

and because I’m a fan of less is more…

Love these simple ways to change things up when you’re simply “over it.

On a more somber note, I’ve had a few friends experience loss lately, but what do you say? Loved this advice on how to express your feelings to help them — and you. Embrace the grieving.

Not even halfway through this trailer and I’m already crying.

10 books to read before the movies hit theaters — guess I’ve got my reading cut out for me.

All over this swan planter DIY. It’d look cute next to my gold elephant above.

The 15 best places in the world to take a big trip in 2017 — my wanderlust is in high gear.


We’re planning a trip to Maui to celebrate my birthday this year. Besides this rock, what else should we see?

Have you checked out H&M’s home section? I’ve got my eye on a few pretty things, like this vase, this tablecloth, this throw, and this basket.

Okay! Here are my favorite things I got in my Christmas stocking sourced from some of my favorite boutiques (like this one where I shopped side by side with Modern Family’s Ty Burrell!)

LOVING them all:

This candle — who doesn’t love bourbon and vanilla?

This face serum — totally moisturizing with such a delicious scent.

This whipped sugar scrub — totally refreshing.

This eyeliner — it’s so precise!

This energy drink for my eyes — bye bye bags under my eyes.

These gloves — so warm and I can still use my phone.

And these earrings — Smudge picked them out so they mean even that much more.

Whew. I got spoiled. Hope yours was just as amazing.

Recipes I Pinned This Week

I’m still doing a happy dance about the fact that it’s 2017. So ready to make some new healthy habits (and stick with ’em)! Here are 3 healthy recipes I’ve pinned this week that I actually want to make. Who’s with me?!

Greek Chicken Tacos with Feta Citrus Slaw from on

Greek Chicken Tacos with Feta Citrus Slaw

Greek flavors could be my absolute fave. Okay, along with Thai, Italian and Korean. I’m such a sucker for ethnic.

Get the recipe | Pin it 

Healthy Mushroom Bolognese with Tagliatelle & Buffalo Mozzarella from Broma Bakery |

Healthy Mushroom Bolognese with Tagliatelle & Buffalo Mozzarella

One world. Buffalo mozzarella mushrooms bolognese tagliatelle. Yes. That is one word.

Get the recipe | Pin it


Baked Spiced Salmon with Coconut Milk Black Rice

Get the recipe | Pin it

Have a great weekend. I hope it’s snowy and delicious and makes you want to COOK it up in the kitchen!

As always, thank you for reading and supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. All opinions are always my own.  

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