Back to school is hard. And the end of summer is even harder.

So when the two collide in a how-can-it-be-over-I-want-summer-back flurry of a.m. activity because nobody is back on an appropriate school time sleep schedule, breakfast takes a back seat for too many school-bound families.

FoodieCrush Magazine Frog In the Hole

In my search to find some new breakfast routines that don’t include commercial, big-brand sugar cereals with way too loud of packaging for the early hour, I find myself gravitating to a go-to favorite breakfast my husband introduced to me just a few years ago. How in the world did I survive my adolescence without this breakfast?

Frog In the hole. Yup, that’s the name, don’t wear it out.

Odd name it may be, but easy it most definitely is. By choosing a whole grain bread that provides a long-wearing carbo load, protein packed eggs and the finish of cheese just because, and a bit of fresh fruit, it’s a healthy, power-packed breakfast that’ll keep my 7-year-old’s brain churning ’til lunch.

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Frog In the Hole
This kid friendly egg and cheese breakfast Recipe
Serves: serves one
  • 1 slice whole wheat bread (I like my local brand Grandma's Sprouted Wheat)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp butter
  • 1-2 T shredded cheese
  1. Heat a fry pan on medium and spray with cooking spray and 1 tsp of butter. With the rim of a water glass or biscuit cutter, cut out the center of a slice of whole wheat bread. Place bread slice and remaining round in fry pan and crack 2 eggs in center of holed-out bread. Place a lid over the pan and cook for 2 minutes or so. As eggs set and whites become cooked, flip bread and egg with turner, also turning bread round. Add shredded cheese to top of egg and bread, cover to cook and melt until eggs are cooked as desired. Serve with fresh fruit. For the adults, I serve with Chohula or salsa and sour cream for a little kick.

Need a few more ideas for make ahead or easy a.m. recipes? These will get you through the morning and are as easy as putting on a fresh cup of joe.

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Entice the kids with Family Fresh Cooking‘s sweet Berries and Goat Cheese Mini Pizza, a recipe that brainwashes the young-uns into thinking they’re eating dessert for breakfast. Pick up a pre-made pizza dough (Marla likes Trader Joe’s Pizza Dough) then go with a mild goat cheese—or a more potent flavor if your kids aren’t picky—and choose your own fruit and nut combo to keep them happy.

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Simplify your morning but still get mom (and dad) star points? Yes! Thanks to Framed Cooks maple-ey on-the-go version of the good old stand-by French Toast, Kate’s French Toast Muffins are perfect to make the night before and toss to the kids as they sprint out the door.

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Clear out the veggie crisper and bake ahead the night before so that the next morning you’re ready to warm up What’s Gaby Cooking‘s Petite Vegetable Frittatas in the microwave for a minute and toss to the kids as they bolt out of the door. This recipe would also be great in a ham and cheddar cheese variety for a meat lovers option.

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Ingredients, Inc. is full of healthy and delicious recipes. And with peaches coming into their peak season, Alison’s Fresh Peach-Pecan Muffins are no exception thanks to healthy whole-wheat flour giving kids a dose of good carbs that they’ll never see coming, pecans packing the protein and good fats (yes parents, you can eat them too, and keep your cholesterol in check) and the peaches, well, the peaches are just plain tasty and sweet.

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Super easy and quick to bake while still finding your morning coffee, Kelley uses store-bought puff pastry, milk chocolate bars and almond paste to keep her kids morning breakfast sweet and simple with Mountain Mama Cooks Chocolate Croissants Cheater Style .

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I’m a sucker for the thick, tarty flavor of Greek yogurt, and Lynda’s easy breakfast of Yogurt, Plum and Granola Parfait is another supreme example of a make-ahead-becomes-breakfast-in-a-minute recipe. I’m betting Taste Foods spiced plum compote could easily be adapted to showcase any stone fruit like spring’s apricots or fall’s peaches.And a side note, Maria is receiving some great holiday cookie submissions from our foodie blogger friends and can’t wait to showcase them in our upcoming Winter Issue, and we’d love to see yours. Submit your holiday cookie by September 1 and share your sweetness with the world.

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