While some wax on about why you should never again bring Brie to a party, I say, that’s cool, go ahead and don’t do that.

All the more for me to bring.

Brie Graham Cracker Crostini with Lavendar Honey | FoodieCrush.com

We all know brie is a favorite classic small bite at parties and gatherings. We know this thanks to observing the multiple visits to the food table your best friend’s sister’s boyfriend makes as he finally hovers over that last scoop of the smooth cheese and you somehow skillfully edge him out of the hunt and pop it skillfully into your mouth because this tutorial showed you how to eat it.

Brie is so passé. Really? I don’t think so.

I mean what person in their right mind (unless they’re lactose intolerant du course) would turn down a slather of gooey, fragrant cheese at an adult mixer?

I for one think brie should be accessible to the taste buds of everyone, whether you’re 5 or 50. And my little secret of bridging the gap of savory and sweet all starts with honey graham crackers. And brie. Made into a little crostini. And drizzled with lavendar honey and topped with Marcona almonds.

And you need this recipe.

Brie Graham Cracker Crostini with Lavendar Honey | FoodieCrush.com

Brie Graham Cracker Crostini with Lavendar Honey | FoodieCrush.com

Boring brie. Oh, poooooor boring brie.

I developed this recipe for Baked Brie Graham Cracker Crostini with Lavender Honey for the Honeybee Project and you can get the recipe here. Call me crazy or not in my right mind (but hardly lactose intolerant as judged by my love of cheese recipes) but this combo is downright delicious.

My friends all asked for more. I guess it wasn’t a bad party move after all.

It’s Friday and it’s the weekend which sends a big whoo-hoo out of my mouth and a shiver of excitement for weekend relaxing up my spine. Wait, I said relaxing. Why so excited young buckaroo?

This almost-to-have-passed week was filled with the finishing of a freelance mag design project, a client’s photo shoot that resulted in the sampling of way too many sweets and desserts, and the hatching and plotting of the Winter 2013 issue of FoodieCrush. Plus you’ll soon be seeing a number of great food blogger interviews (and a few giveaways!) on the blog soon.

And even more importantly to my housemate husband, we came up with a solution for our self-imposed, my husband hasn’t killed me yet, no cable television in the house cravings. My husband is a genius. A football obsessed genius. But more on that next week.

This weekend I’ll be playing soccer mom minus the minivan, hopefully adding in a visit to the State Fair for a deep friend something really naughty, building a Ute Indian wickiup with Smudge and I’m betting on several trips back and forth to the grocery store for ingredients my husband didn’t tell me we were out of before we started one of our cooking adventures. I’m thinking slow cooker something delicious needs to be at the top of the menu.

But what I really want to know is what do you have up your weekend dripping in fun sleeve? Leave a note in the comments below about what you’re cooking, reading, seeing or doing this weekend to inspire the rest of us to get out and do the same.

And now, it’s Friday Fave link time! Thanks for reading.

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And why you should share the Insta-props! Submit your favorite Instagrammer here.

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Tweet of the week: “I just learned what happens when you accidentally leave a waffle in the iron when you put it away and don’t use it for the summer.” ~ @dinnerwithjulie

Have a fantastic weekend, and remember to leave a comment below about what you’ll be doing this weekend that we should add to ours.

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