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15 Favorite Valentine’s Day Recipes

by heidi February 14, 2013
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I had every intention of creating something special for you for Valentine’s Day. Something you could share with your honey. Anyway, that was the plan. I’ve been saving these Harry & David pears until they were perfectly ripe, perfect for poaching. And dunking, or maybe drizzling. In chocolate. And sprinkling […]

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Rice Krispie Valentine Lollipops

by heidi February 5, 2013
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Goodbye Superbowl (ugh, my poor 49ers), see ya soon Mr. Groundhog (yes! Spring is in his sights!) but before I break out the daffodils and easter eggs, there’s another holiday in the line-up that I’m more than ready to welcome. Hello my sweet Valentine. Now, as you may or may […]

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A Love Note with Harry & David

by heidi January 29, 2013
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Oh, the pressure. Oh, the wonder. Will he remember? Will she like it? What if my affection is a one way street? And the classic: What if I spend Valentine’s alone? Why does Valentine’s Day turn normal functioning human beings with emotions and relationships in check into forlorn, unsure teenagers […]

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Craving > Sweet on Sugar Cookies Plus Valentine’s Day Hearts

by heidi February 9, 2012
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When I was in 7th grade I was OBSESSED with hearts. Anything hearts. Everything hearts. Hearts, hearts, hearts. I’d draw fat bubble hearts over and over, making my mark on just about everything my magic markers could get close to. Oh and rainbows and juicy red lips. So its no […]

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