How we shared our first Valentine’s day wasn’t traditionally romantic with flowers and chocolates. It was a little more secretive and even a little bit scandalous.

Friday Faves Valentines Day

Flirtation and attraction was in the air with this valentine nearby. It was sweeter than chocolate and longer lasting than roses. We exchanged it back and forth all night, in secret so that nobody would notice.

It’s become our catch phrase, our signature. How we say I love you and how we say we’re sorry. And after a long road together, Valentine’s day will always be our first day.

So what I want to say to my valentine today is, “I Ruv You, Pal,” and I know he’ll tell me the same.

I’ve waxed on all week with odes to Valentine’s Day, making chocolate a savory affair as pasta dressed up in cheese, chocolate that’s been spiced up but still sweet and chocolate paired with fresh fruits in a handily portable hand pie. And did I mention the 55 V-day sips and sweets not to miss?

Let’s just say a detox could be lurking right around the corner.

But until then…

valentines day quad

Here’s a few things that have been bringing the red, pink and some V-day flavor to da’ house this week, clockwise via Instagram.

Insta-Treat: Nothing makes a trip to Costco on a Saturday afternoon (YIKES!) more bearable than a triple berry yogurt sundae.

Insta-Sweet: Strawberries got ready for chocolate dipping into a favorite recipe I made from a fellow blogger that I’ll be posting in a few weeks. What’s not to love?

Insta-Proud:  Courtney is not only one of my BFFs, and my blogging mentor but she’s also featured in the March ’14 issue of Oprah mag, where she’s praised for her simple secrets for a simpler life thanks to her creation of Project 333, where she and her devout followers wear only 33 items for 3 months. Get more here.

Insta-Pinspiration: She may only be 9 years old, but she’s a convert too. This is where we Pin valentine’s boxes, homemade play dough and printable tooth fairy notes among other things.

And now for a few Friday Faves.

1. For all the single ladies, and those that aren’t too. This kid BRINGS it.

2. Aannnnd, this is for those of you who totally forgot. It’ll save your day.


These are spot on for all of you who wish you lived and loved at Highclere Castle. Man I love good design.

3.  If you’re a blogger, THIS is an absolute, don’t miss must. I got mine and am loving it.

4.  You didn’t get flowers for valentines? Or maybe you did? No matter either way, these will take your breath away.

5.  Oh snap! Is it a bad thing that I looked this up?

6.  So smart! If I had this I’d probably never lose my keys again.


7.  So cute! If I had one of these I’d never WANT to lose my keys again.

8.  I totally need to juice up on my Google+ juice, I’m betting on this video tutorial to move me on up. (P.S. join me here)

9.  OMG. My house seems so boring after seeing this. My husband thinks we should redo our bathroom so we can put in #31.

10.  You’ve probably seen the bacon rose bouquets. But do you know how to make them?

11.  These are amazing and make me want to put my photos in knapsack and bury them.

12.  I can totally see this necklace slipping under a slinky, silky, low cut but button up, long sleeve creme top. Isn’t it gorgeous? And where’s my Christie Brinkley in the 80’s hair? Hell, I’d take her hair now!

**fun fact: When her son was about 3, CB was shopping at Fred Segal in L.A., as was I. Her son grabbed my hand thinking it was hers. He looked at me and very, Very, VERY quickly realized I was nothing like her. Reality. Sad. Truth.

13.  The 1099s have all rolled in. Ugh. Really? It’s seriously that time again? Essential tax tips for bloggers here and here.

14.  I’m already dreaming of summer. This swimsuit, that’s why.

15.  If I buy this then when I’m out and about I won’t have to borrow the charger from my friends. So cute but with attitude.


16.  This one is probably more me. Don’t judge.

17.  12 things to remember when taking blog photos. PEOPLE! Do #7 and #9 if nothing else!

18.  Oh. How. I. Love. This Instagram wall. When do I get started?

19.  Will I ever find the perfect calendar app? Maybe this one? Has anyone tried it?

20.  9 shows you can binge watch on Netflix that aren’t House of Cards.

21.  #2 is the best social media tip I’ve read in a while. I’m so going there.

22. How much is your Twitter worth?

23.  Wait. What? This will be the cronut of 2014. No, I’m serious, you just wait and see.

24.  18 Pin-worthy ways to wrap your V-day present. Because you didn’t forget, did you.

25. Tweet of the week: “My motto on post length: “Write as many words as you need to be useful…and then stop writing.” #Millennial Talk ~ @problogger

There’s still time to donate to children whose only meal they eat is the one they get for lunch. Show your love and donate here.

Wishing you a heart-felt thank you and love to you and yours this Valentine’s Day. My heart melts with each and every comment and follow you share with me.

I ruv u, pals.

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