foodiecrush Heidi LarsenI admit it. I have an addiction. Maybe not so much an addiction as a fetish.

I love food magazines.

My husband will attest to this fact, emphatically reciting the number of food titles scattered on the floor next to my bed—the magazines he nags me to clean up whenever he breaks out the vacuum to do his monthly cleaning contribution.

But the thought of shelving my stacks of culinary bibles with their post-it notes and dog-eared corners—putting them outside of arm’s reach and then possibly out of mind—is too far fetched for me to think of.

Why? Because I covet the sumptuous photography where a single photo can make me lick my lips as I plot the perfect occasion to add it into my recipe routine. Because the articles about dinner parties where everyone is having the time of their lives, motivates me to create my own. And of course because of the time saving tips, hot trends and amazing new kitchen gadgets.

But for some reason all of this enthusiasm tends to fade once I get the next month’s issue. When last month’s are shuffled to the bottom of the stack.

See, because over the past last few years I’ve changed. Not that I love my mags any less, it’s just more of a practicality issue. I’m not checking my archives of favorite print magazines when searching for the perfect gumbo recipe that I saw in…oh which issue was it and which magazine even? My system for archiving my magazines and recipes has become gnarly and unwieldy.

And that’s why I have another, new fetish. Food blogs.

With food blogs I have an easy and tempting path to lead me to a virtual buffet of recipes accented by gorgeous food photography, on-demand searchability and techie food gear that just might make me a better cook. Or at least make me look cool doing it.

But still I want more. I want to know more: Who are these food bloggers after they’ve (b)logged off? What and who inspires them? What do they crave? Who are their favorite bloggers? And what is their can’t-live-without kitchen gadget (’cause I want one JUST LIKE IT!)

So after 20 years of designing print magazines, I’m celebrating my favorite food bloggers by creating an online magazine to celebrate their foodie-ness, their savvy creations and to satiate my magazine fetish, all online in a magazine-style format with gorgeous pics, tasty recipes and loads of new info all linkable and discoverable in a flip-book style format.

FoodieCrush is an intimate look at some of the web’s most innovative food bloggers, photographers and foodie contributors plus current foodie market finds, and of course, curated original recipes from some of the web’s best food bloggers.

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