Well hello 2014. Aren’t you looking pretty dang sexy in your fancy finery? Or maybe you’re showcasing your humble hipsterness. Or getting down with your groovy earthy flare.

Either way 2014, you’re looking good to me. And hopefully to all of you lovely and amazing readers.

Friday Faves FoodieCrush 01-03-14

I can’t possibly start off the new year without acknowledging the love and will you gave me in 2013 to create content, recipes, stories and of course a bit of nonsense. And you’re still here (thank you, thank you, thank you) and growing (to my incredulous delight) with each and every post, comment and share.

The end of 2013 was a great time for me to take a step back from the blog and reflect on what’s cooking for 2014. I mean that figuratively and, well, obviously literally. And it’s a really bad pun. Remember? Nonsense…it’s alive and well here in 2014.

I’ve been thinking about Kristen’s word of 2014 and Casey’s word of 2014 (whose post includes a Word of 2014 blog link up) and wondered what my word of 2014 should be.

While I can clearly see myself adopting both of theirs, I feel like I shouldn’t be a copycat and should probably push myself a little to define my own mantra of 2014.

And, so…

My word for 2014 is: Serve.

  • Serve myself by declaring that it’s okay to say yes to myself before saying yes to others.
  • Serve my health by taking control of it.
  • Serve my family more undivided attention by better organizing my time so there’s more for them.
  • Serve my readers useful content that leaves them with new inspiration, ideas and opinions. Or at least makes them have some sort of reaction. Not like a bad rash, but you know…
  • Serve my business by respecting others and their requests and timelines the same way I hope my requests to be considered.
  • Serve my friends by being part of a two-way relationship where I am the initiator (instead of them) in creating fulfilling friendships. (Starting with a joint birthday trip to Las Vegas with my BFF. Sorry husb, girls only.)
  • Serve my community by donating my time and/or services with my daughter, to teach her the value of philanthropy.
  • And of course, serve really good food and drink and make more of an effort to invite friends and family over to enjoy it with. Including you.

Now it’s your turn. As always, the fun happens when everyone throws in their two cents in the comments below.

Don’t be shy, share in the new year! Hey, maybe that could be someone’s word. Share. It’s what we’re all doing around the blogosphere, right?

But first, let’s get down to some Friday Faves.

1. New year, new you. Is it time to reinvent yourself?

2. Diet is always at the top of the new years listing bonanza, but diet isn’t always about losing weight. Here are 7 ways to fend off heart disease, cancer and other killers with…yep, by what you eat.

3. This would look extra fancy on my wrist. Get it!

4. Thank you sweet Giulia for adding me to this list of listers and turning me onto some new ones (and if you missed it, here is my list of favorite listers.)

5. Manual focus or auto? Why you might want to make the switch…

6. From dark chocolate ganache to cauliflower tabbouleh: Bittman’s sustainable diet resolutions. I know I can do more of all of these.

7. 10 things you have in your kitchen that makes food styling a snap. #3 and #7 are essential in my bag of tricks.

8. My music head husband will be happy to see I’m throwing in some tunes > three covers of Drake and three covers of my favorite INXS song. (the St. Vincent version is my favorite.)

9. These jeans. Time to get my butt in shape.

10. Oh, how much do I love her photo portfolio…And her blog, so much good inspiration.

11. Are you a resolver or a goal setter?

well then…

12. For the resolvers, try this app.


13. For the goal setters, start here.

and to make sure they stick…

14. The 10 biggest mistakes people make when making goals.

15. Hey! How about let’s get our blog biznesses organized. Do you have an editorial blog calendar? + 14 free downloads.

16. The Pope does selfies? 13 photos that will explain 2013 to your grandchildren.

17. 5 ingredients that will save your smoothie.

18. Interesting read, and one we can probably all relate to: Why I’m quitting social media for 30 days.

19. 31 delicious things to cook in January.


20. I made these on New Years Day because of this video. So amazingly good, I don’t know why I’d been afraid to attempt them before.

More recipes and round-ups on their way for next week so get those knives sharpened and your flour fluffed.

Wishing you a great and healthy start to 2014. And if you’d like, share your word of 2014 in the comments below.

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