The midwest may lay claim to the best corn in the land (because of the farmers I talked about here and the blogger’s recipes here). I’m gonna have to toss this one to the judges, aka my corn lovin’ family, and declare, Northern Utah does a mighty fine job of supplying the sweetest kernels around.While our local varieties haven’t quite yet come in, I’m still putting Smudge to work at perfecting her skills at shucking. Isn’t that how we all started? On the porch, with a brown grocery bag stuck between our legs and corn strands stuck to every part of our arms and legs?

For Smudge, each cob becomes a sword to wield at friends or foe or much-to-their-discontent-dog trotting past. A light saber to take her into the future, and me into the past. Or this time around as a beautiful ballerina with long hair in a tutu made of corn husk.

Man, I wish my train of thought as a mom was as simple as it is for my daughter. But then, it is all about what you make it.


This week I was in Madison, WI, dodging tornado warnings and donning my fat pants to judge the Grilled Cheese Academy’s Grilled Cheese Recipe Showdown. 2 hours straight of eating grilled cheese sandwiches. And then someone won $10,000 when deemed as the grand prize winner. But that, I can’t yet spill the beans on.

Let’s just say I have a great job. I know I do. Because that’s what I make it.

I’ll be sharing more soon, but until then, here’s to this week’s Friday Faves.

Two of my blogging friends, Amanda and Kristen, were front and center (errr, okay, a little to the left) this week when Jimmy Kimmel took a selfie LIVE on TV to make his Facebook page legit. So Hollywood. (there’s no sound because of FTC regs and YouTube. But who cares? I just want to see their shiny faces!)

Who I’m following that you should be too:

This food blogger who knows her way around a sandwich like no other and throws the best pop-up eats from Brooklyn to San Fran.


This Pinterest account for timeless, clean classics. (duh, she’s the art director for Ralph Lauren!)

and because it’s all about the Pin…

Some good tips on how to grow your Pinterest following, here 

This headband.  Yea or nea?

These photos of the cast of Orange Is the New Black—out of their prison look and on the red carpet ( WOW! Who knew Crazy Eyes was such a hottie! )—should be used to show kids what happens when you hit the skids! Be cool, stay in school.

I love the idea of these pants because it would be like wearing pajamas all day. On the other hand, I’d look like I was wearing pajamas all day. What do you think?

I am so loving this shrimp salad! Summer salads all season long!

I love these love cookie stamps! Let’s bake!

Burgers on the brain! Check out these 40+ recipes for Burger Week.

At some point between my travels to and from Miami I lost my favorite face cream.  UGGGGH! I had this face cream  as a back-up and decided to give it a try. It’s a good, deep moisturizer, but I’ll be back to my favorite as soon as this one is gone.

5 podcasts to love now. I’m totally digging #4 because she’s interviewed a few food bloggers with great insight into the biz.


How to booze on the go: With a wine holder for you bike,


A bracelet flask for your wrist. Bottoms up on the run!

21 ideas for outdoor dining rooms. How fun is the party umbrella on #17!

What to wear to a summer wedding. That dress would look good on every body type.

10 outrageously gorgeous infinity pools with a view. I would die to be in that incredible pool in Singapore. I mean, those lounges!


Check out this wetsuit! So super stylish!

These edible typography macaroons? Genius, thanks to these edible ink pens.

And to put you in a corn-y mood for summertime eats…here are a few kernels I saw on the www this week.


Sweet Corn and Jalapeño Enchiladas

We’re going double deep into corn territory with tortillas stuffed with sweet corn (my absolute FAVORITE!) and then topped with a corn puréed, enchilada sauce. Double the pleasure, double the corn. Recipe here


Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad

Super light flavors that shout to the world, “EAT ME! It’s summer.” With a limey vinaigrette, you’ll simply be saying, “Make me again, thank you very much.” Recipe here.


5-Ingredient Bacon Corn Alfredo

No cream. No butter. But still incredibly cheesy and decadent. Get the secret to this totally light summer pasta. Recipe here.


Roasted Corn with Harissa Butter

Leave the plain butter at the door and venture to the exotic side with a slathering of Moroccan red pepper sauce aka Harissa. Recipe here.


Grilled Black Bean and Corn Salad

A dose of protein with a hit of summer corn from the grill that’s all herbed up. Recipe here. 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out this week’s Friday Faves. Next week I’ll be sharing my favorite, new ice cream recipe and another fun giveaway!

Have a fantasticalicious weekend and cook something good!

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