Happy T to the G to the I to the F!

This week is ending on a bang. 5th grade maturation with Smudge (Oh, the groans and eye rolls at the mention of any becoming adult words starting with the letter “P”) who also earlier in the week informed me she only has 28 more days of school. What? But I was just barely making my New Years reSolutions and planning on what to post for Valentines Day.

But, as life is, you gotta roll with it.

Instead of staring at sands through the hourglass, we’re living the days of our lives. This week was all about getting outdoors. Soccer workout with Smudge’s team on Monday, golfing with my man and my girl on Tuesday and batting around the ball pretending I know how to play tennis on Wednesday. Gah. Maturation on Thursday. Wha, wha, wha.

It’s been years since I played tennis, but I think I may take it up again. I was wondering what the best sports are to take up as an adult and found this list here, but since I don’t have a horse or a sailboat, my $39 Wilson racquet will serve me just fine.

And now, let’s talk Friday Faves!


As usual, Zoee just had to get in on the snacking. We’re digging these guacamole flavored chips. 2 favorite flavors for the price of one!

We baked this cake for a birthday potluck last week. It didn’t look nearly as pretty and I didn’t get a pic before it was cut up and eaten, but I can tell you, it was the best homemade one I’ve made to date!

Grandma knows best: Retro Chicken Chow Mein. And, it’s healthy!

Crown the winner! This cocktail is definitely in the running.

This slow cooker chicken dish is gorgeous! And with a good browning tip at the end.

A Mexican chopped salad with creamy cilantro dressing. That’s what good meals are made of.

This looks like an activity straight from my childhood! Keep little hands busy with this.

Her big day is rrrriiight around the corner. Take this quiz to choose which cookbook is best to give to mom.

14 Pinterest accounts to follow if you love baking. Lots of sugar there and a few new faces to make me lick the screen.


I received a sample of this sachet at Alt Summit in January. It’s been fragrancing my daughter’s room since then and might be the yummiest thing I’ve ever smelled. People that come to the house even ask what smells so good, so I went ahead and bought 20 more here. I leave them in the packages and prop them all over the house. (and yes, that is a grenade.)

Color me mine! How to paint a KitchenAid mixer any color!

8 banned foods still available in the U.S. Aresenic? Seriously?

Earlier this week I posted this recipe using kale sprouts. It was the first time I’ve used them. What other trendy foods am I missing out on? Do share in the comments below.

This collection of favorite rooms on Pinterest. I need to buy more art.

Instead of $original art$, I headed to Target and scored on this totally inexpensive vessel for my living room table. I’d seen something just like it at the garden store for 20X the price!


We’ve been on a Friday night game night roll, pulling out all of the games from my childhood, with a few on this list of 76 best board games of all time. Can you believe I’ve yet to play Cards Against Humanity?

A good read and reminder that this is what happens when you slooooow down.

You are beautiful. Wow. Unaltered photos of real, BEAUTIFUL women with inspiring stories. This is great. (a little boob shown, so watch where you open the link)

They say this is a travel wardrobe. I say it’s what I want to wear all the time!

I really don’t think you’ll see me giving in to this fashion trend, but kudos to those that can pull it off.

This treehouse is cooler than my house! I’m moving in.

oh wait…

Maybe I’ll opt out for these amazing indoor / outdoor spaces instead. THIS is totally my idea of dreamy.

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Recipes I Pinned This Week

With Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day and lots of fresh eats fielding my Pinterest stream, there’s a plethora of recipes going onto my Pinterest boards. For more recipes ideas, check out 70 Festive Recipe for Cinco de Mayo and this Ultimate Mother’s Day Brunch Guide. Below is a small sampling of the many recipes I pinned this week.

Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Sea Salt |

Coconut Chocolate Chunk Cookies with Sea Salt

All of my favorite cookie flavors punched up with a pinch of sea salt.

Get the recipe | Pin it 

Mexican Turkey LEttuce Wrap |

Mexican Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Low carb for the win! Bonus: Make extra to freeze for later.

Get the recipe | Pin it 

White Chicken Chile Dip |

Skillet White Chicken Chile Dip

Salsa verde adds tang to bubbly cheese filled dips of chips.

Get the recipe | Pin it


Strawberry Shortcake Scones

Smudge has been all about baking biscuits. Let’s try and move her into scones!

Get the recipe | Pin it


Overnight Breakfast Enchiladas

Tor-tilla me this! Breakfast, lunch or dinner, this enchilada dish is a total winner.

Get the recipe | Pin it

Have a great weekend everybody, get out and soak up spring, get into the kitchen and cook something good.

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