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This weekend is jam packed with reasons to celebrate. It’s May. It’s spring. I have spring fever, and spring cleaning fever. And we have the Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo and the NBA playoffs going on all weekend long. It’s like a party person’s — or a deep cleaner person’s — dream weekend, and this girl will be celebrating all of the above and more.

I’m knee deep into getting my house organized and decluttered, which inspired me to do the same here on the blog. It’s time for a little clean-up, a little tidy up, and a nip here and a tuck there her on the blog. I told you, I have spring cleaning fever!

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What Went Up This Week…

This week’s culinary creations included:

  • 31 Healthy Mexican Recipes to Make in May because we’re always on the hunt for crave-worthy, yet lighter Mexican eats, just in time for Cinco de Mayo!
  • These chicken enchiladas with the simplest way to make mole sauce. It may not be totally authentic, but it is delish and a great way for cooks who’ve never made mole to give it a try.

Okay, so let’s get going with Friday Faves!

Did you know the University of Utah’s library has a “cry closet” for students? Good on you, Utes!!

I’m moved constantly by smells—both good and bad— so I loved reading this interview on scent memory.

And, if you’re curious, this is my favorite perfume. It’s my heaven.

My husband has spring allergies so bad with eyes so red and sore it looked like he’d been rolling more than tortillas. But our friend Nicole turned us onto these eye drops (the active ingredient was just allowed to be sold over the counter) and they stopped the itch and took away the red, and are a SAVIOR! Or pay triple the price for the non-generic brand.

Looking to make a change? 5 questions you should ask at your next job interview because they should want you as much as you want them.

7 things you should clean out from your closet this year. Join me in the purge!

10 tiny everyday indulgences that can boost your mental health (because it’s the little things).

And, these 51 self-care ideas are great inspiration (and an important reminder to take better care of ourselves).

This Mexican hotel is made up of giant tequila barrels so you can be very meta and drink your margarita in your tequila barrel room. Now THAT is how you celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Now that’s my kind of baby shower. She is seriously my idol.

8 books to read before you see the movie in 2018.

I’m currently reading this book and it’s got me sleeping a whole lot better too.

This documentary’s gonna be a tearjerker.

11 YouTube cooking shows you should be watching. Have you guys seen any of them? Are they any good?

Relax, coffee and toast are not giving us cancer. Thank goodness, bring on the avo toast and java.

You have to sign a waiver to eat this ice cream. :O

Jamie Oliver made the new royal baby a cake and it’s fit for a king.

These margaritas are the perfect shortcut to getting your drink on.

And these ones look pretty perfect too, if you like a spicy kick.

Okay, and because you can never have too many marg recipes, these look amazing as well.

Need these tacos, ASAP. Come to mama.

Definitely making this dip on Saturday.

Craving this Mexican-inspired burger so hard right now.

Speaking of Mexican, here are 4 more recipes to inspire your weekend fiesta:

How to clean an oven with baking soda and vinegar. Game-changer!

And, 10 surprising things you can clean in the dishwasher. Who knew?

This food blogger kitchen reno just cost $700! That’s impressive.

Love these plates for outdoor dining. Bring on the barbecues.

LOOOOVING this rolling pin.

Love this picture frame. Perfect mix of colors for me and my Smudge.

This flowy top is so cute.

And this maxi dress is the perfect go between for casual and dress up. Totally on point.

Loving these espadrilles (and psst, they’re on sale).

And these sandals are super fun but are likely only cute for one season so the price is right..

Need I’m seeing a version of these earrings everywhere. They’re really cute.

How awesome are these workout leggings? Very summer.

Okay folks, that’s a wrap! Go out and have an epic Cinco de Mayo/Derby Day!

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