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Friday Faves link love list on foodiecrush.com

We had some new neighbors move in across the street. Instead of the de rigueur welcome pie or brownies, I took them a cornucopia of caprese makings, burrata (yes!) and DeLallo pasta fixin’s. Okay, it was a basket, not a cornucopia, but the idea…it’s solid.

I’m sublimely happy harvest season is in full swing, and have been sharing posts featuring ingredients to help you #eatseasonal. Tomatoes are always at the top of my hit list but with the Farmer’s markets delivering such stellar produce, I’m not stopping there so more seasonal fare recipes will be coming your way. Long live autumn!

In last week’s Friday Faves I shared 5 food blogs I’m following now, and hope that you are now too. If you missed the post, check it out here.

And now, onto this week’s list of list loves…

Yesterday we commemorated one of the worst days in recent U.S. history. 13 years. How could it have gone by so fast yet still feel so fresh. I remember exactly where I was when they announced the bombing of the WTC. Driving through Venice to the gym, listening to Howard Stern, when they began the live description of the grim reality. This is where they were. Where were you?

Who I’m following that you should be too:

This food blog,


This Instagrammer.  Inspiring because of the beautiful words she reproduces, like this below:


In a world where we simply don’t appreciate what we have and how lucky we have it, the two posts below, THANKFULLY, made me think again. 

This is a must read,


why I’m thankful for Mondays.

I’m never saying goodbye to summer because of:

Toasted Marshmallow Brownie Melt Ice Cream, here

Kombucha Thyme Cocktail, here 


Jalapeño Chicken Burgers with Chipotle Barbeque Sauce, here.

Can we talk about fruit flies for a second. I love having tons of fresh veggies and fruit around but DAMN! I HATE FRUIT FLIES and they are everywhere. I found out they lay 500 eggs per day (yikes!) so getting rid of them needs to go to the top of the to do list. Here’s how to drive off the little buggers.


To answer Smudge’s question, here’s where those dastardly fruit flies come from.


We’re repainting Smudge’s bedroom after 5 years of all-white walls. And she’s going plum crazy and to my somewhat questioning grin, and painting them pink and majenta. Since her dad’s a pro painter, she seems to have painting in her genes. Or maybe it’s just the outfit and rubber gloves she likes so much. (In case you’re wondering, the paint colors are Sherwin Williams

Here’s how to decorate a Minecraft  themed bedroom, but this tween bedroom is more my style.

You need this new emoji app, because we all need PBR and Ray Bans to emphasize our hipster style texts.

This turtleneck sweater. I don’t want it. I NEED IT!

How to get Olsen twin hair. Not the Full House Olsens, the glam, grown-up-beach-wave Olsens.

Life is all about inspiration. Seeking it. Giving it. Hoarding it. Here’s how to create your own vision board to inspire you to declare your path and get to where you want to be.


These hydrangeas have lasted for over two weeks, making my living room a very, very happy place to be. 10 secrets for making cut flowers last.

The most essential beauty advice from an authority in the know. I had no idea about this fragrance layering thing. It’s a real thing.


7 beauty products worth the splurge.

and not to be outnumbered…

7 favorite recipe apps.

Network TV season is almost back. No more summer fill-ins of America’s Got Talent or crazy-for-torture episodes of Ninja Warrior. Give me my Blacklist, Nashville, The Voice, Brooklyn-Nine-Nine and the final season of Parenthood so I can make room for The Goldbergs. I discovered my favorites in new time slots here. What’s your favorite show?

I feel like I’ve been on a backward slide of sleeping in and am hitting that snooze alarm way too many times. Time to change that with these tips on how to wake up earlier. But 4:00 am may be a wee too early for this night owl.

On the biz front:

I’ve been curbing my need to check my e-mail to twice a day. I’m thinking of installing Inbox Pause to help me curb my cheating tendencies.

I edit all of my iPhone images in VSCO and cannot recommend this photo editing app more! They just released a few new presets you should check out. I bought the Minimalist Collection but my favorite tried and true is Bright + Clean. You won’t believe the difference it can make.

4 ways to increase audience engagement. All of these are exceptional reminders.

#FridayFave Recipe Links: Chicken Dinner

I’m attributing the number of delicious chicken dinner main meals to the combo of impending fall meals, back to school weeknight eating and edging our way to comfort food. This week’s recipe links are all winner, winner, chicken dinners.

Italian salsa verde chicken-411-2-1

Italian Style Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken

I’ve had verde on the brain this week, but with a Mexican flave. This Italian Style Salsa Verde Grilled Chicken from Feasting at Home is the ultimate reason to keep your garden’s parsley patch pruned. How fresh is that!! Recipe here.


Chicken Cutlets

Sending kids off to the first day is traumatic! Exactly why giving them an easy to make but delicious dinner to come home to like these Chicken Cutlets from The Clever Carrot makes mama feel a wee bit better. Recipe here.


Grilled Chicken Parmesan

Weeknight cooking can often be a chore, unless you have a few shortcuts up your sleeve. Savory and gooey, Girl vs. Dough’s Grilled Chicken Parmesan deserves a place at the table any day of the week. Recipe here.


Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken

Double dredging is the key to making this super, super, crispy, crispy Crispy Honey Garlic Chicken from The Cooking Jar. Recipe here


Homemade Tandoori Chicken

The secret to A Brown Table’s Homemade Tandoori Chicken is prepping it, marinating it and throwing it in the freezer to cook for later when time is in a pinch. That’s a smart thinker in the kitchen! Recipe here

Thank you once again for stopping by and clicking around. I hope you’re inspired to get out and live, love and cook something good. Happy weekend everyone!

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