Happy Friday friends!

Hopefully you’ve made the most of this shorter work week with bookends of grand adventures on each Sat/Sun side. Summer is here! Let’s get out and live and do all the things. Orrrrrr…maybe let’s do nothing at all.

I have a tendency to over-commit and over-schedule myself. Do you feel the same pressure, too? I was talking about it with Alexa, my partner in the Nourished Planner, and she agreed that she feels the same way.

We both struggle with finding the solution to stop the guilty feelings that make us want to contribute more—so we end up saying yes more often than no—only to discover we can’t do it all—and end up with the same guilty feelings we had before PLUS a growing list of to-dos instead of a shrinking one.

Ugh. It just wears me out. So instead of whining about it, it’s time to make a change.

That’s why we created this free—yes, FREE 5-day challenge, to help break the cycle of schedule-shaming, create simplicity and make space to get more done with steps to under-schedule our daily lives.

We want you to join us in making the change because it’s always more motivating to have others to do it with you. Learn more and sign up here.

I’m on the road, in the sky, and on the bus for the next 2 weeks for work and for pleasure, and I’m really, really hoping to take more photos to remember my adventures. It’s become so easy to share more behind the scenes on Instagram stories (are you following me?) that I forget to snap a pic, and then I feel like most of the time when I’m taking photos for myself I’m documenting food instead of life, and I want to change that. I hope these tips will help, and this weekly post always gives me inspiration that it can be totally interesting to document every day life when looked at with a different angle.

But enough about me, let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves!

This is absolutely the most gorgeous avocado toast I’ve ever seen. #toastgoals

This.grilled.cheese. I may never have a craving to eat Italian any other way.

I love how this usually second-string vegetable is the star of this salad.

These skewers … love the idea of the spiced bites nuzzled between caprese fixings.


These easy beefy skewers, with one of my favorite vegetables threaded in.

I can’t get enough of healthy grilled chicken summer salads. Load me up.

Hot dog eclairs and hamburger cream puffs. People are so dang creative.

and speaking of creative…

What a fun way to get kids to eat their fruit.

Ribs the Hawaiian way. YES! And I want to go back.

Homemade pop tarts! Because summer deserves a little splurge.

Someone on my Facebook page asked me for a suggestion for a veggie burger that would stand up to grilling. This one looks perfect.

I cannot wait for this cookbook to come out. I LOVE her writing style so much so that I read her first cookbook like a romance novel.

7 kitchen tools no kitchen should be without.

This is the story behind the most viral food trend this year. Are you in or out?

The best kitchen knife debate: German or Japanese?

My sister swears by these and no I’m a convert too!

I like this idea for creating my to-do list.

Why you should schedule more of nothing. More inspiration for our 5-day challenge.

My daughter loves this camera, because she actually has printed proof of the moment, and I love seeing the creative way she uses it.

Eeeek. I may need a new pair of sunglasses because I really want these. Does want really equal need?

Ombre lips! How to recreate summer’s biggest beauty trends.

What a great DIY for your summer deck! I want to curl up and read a good book right there, right now.

Beach read alert! This summer reading list has some good ideas.

Have you made your summer bucket list yet? Mine is in progress.

So I took this color vision test and crap! I couldn’t see #7! Am I the only one?

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