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Happy Friday friends!

Here we are, middle of May, and I thought those of us who live in Utah had made it round the bend. The weather bend that is. The rule of thumb around here is to always wait until Mother’s Day to plant anything that might freeze, because in Utah, you just never know. Tomatoes, annuals, my sweet Thai basil, you’ve all been on hold.

But look! Mother’s Day passed. We had weather in the 70s. And then, it snowed on Thursday. Everything that wore a weather-sensitive sweater slumped and then frumped after the snow dumped.

But this weekend, the coast is clear and my gloves are going on and the tomatoes are going in so that maybe by the time our first freeze hits come fall, I’ll have picked three or four tomatoes that actually had time to ripen.

In other news, these past few weeks have seen a little different camera work around here with video shooting going on in my kitchen, including one for the Easy Italian Spaghetti Pasta Salad above. Do you like seeing video in recipes? Are you fan of Facebook videos or are you over it? Is there a recipe you’d like to see in video? I’d love to share content you want to see, so please, e-mail me or leave a comment, I’d love to know.

But enough about me, let’s dig into this weeks Friday Faves!

I was sad to hear of Chris Cornell’s passing yesterday. He was part of the soundtrack of my young married life. Say Hello to Heaven.

This salad might be the prettiest one I’ve seen all week.

Another healthyish salad to put in your BBQ side recipe tool kit.

This chocolate and PB dessert will make anyone want to celebrate.

This chicken dinner puts a whole new twist on my family’s comfort food classic. Why didn’t I think of this?

This pasta dinner has me loving every sign of spring.

But if you’re looking to go pasta-less, this dinner is totally making my heart beat-beet.


Plus, another amazing cinnamon roll recipe, and this one will have you doing rosé all day.

Apple’s newest invention might be it’s best yet. Pizza lovers rejoice!

Hello summer! The 5 best day drinking beers — because who wants to nap those sunny afternoons away?

I LOVE these options to open shelving (which I do not like –> too much cleaning!)


Totally digging this tile trend.

How to clean your microwave naturally, thanks to one lemon.

Memory making time! How to photograph your summer like a pro.

My puppers have been going crazy for this mix-in I add to their dinner. They seriously dance when they see the bag.

It was Dorothy in Blanche’s bedroom with the can of hairspray. The Golden Girls will soon have their own version of Clue!

My favorite discount store is opening a whole new line of stores, I hope there’s one that comes my way soon.

Fun garden ideas scoured from some great ideas on Instagram. (check out the floral wall on #10!)

22 wedding gifts for the couple who has everything.

This dress. A little bit cute, a little bit sexy, totally flowy. And all on sale.

Have I been living under a lingerie-less rock? But more to the point, does this really work?

My friend told me about this creamy cover up and she said it’s so good it even covers up tattoos. Should work for the bags under my eyes. Ordered.

And there you have it! Have a great weekend friends, and see you in the grocery line.

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