My Favorite Things Giveaway

by heidi on November 15, 2014

FoodieCrush Favorite Things Giveaway $100 Amazon Gift CardHey, hey, it’s almost the holidays!

To get you started on your way, 15 bloggers are giving away 15 different ways to get your gift giving in gear. And that means there will be 15 winners. We’re spreading the love, spreading the love.

From gift cards to Fitbits to kitchen accessories, there’s plenty of variety for all. Every blogger’s giveaway is different so be sure you visit each site to enter each of the separate giveaways.

For this giveaway, my favorite thing is for you to do the choosing by offering a $100 Amazon Gift Card to discover your own favorite things. There’s plenty to choose from on Amazon for yourself, or for someone you sure must like a lot if you’re willing to give up your prize for them. Hey now! That’s the spirit! Let’s all be givers and spread the joy.

Here’s how to enter:

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Friday Faves

by heidi on November 14, 2014


Happy Friday friends!

This week was just perfect. And here it is Friday and I’m expecting the weekend to only deliver more of the same. As long as I am the one to make it so.

Somehow, this week I found just the right balance of work, life and hey, I even took my first Pilates class.

Taking time out for me instead of always doing for someone else is going to be the key to my survival/success/happiness. It’s a hard task to master, but when you just DO IT, instead of dwelling on the should I/how can I/it’s too hard/aspects about it (whatever IT happens to be) is the oooph you need to set your sights to steam roll through.

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Buttermilk Blue Cheese Mashed Potatoes

by heidi on November 13, 2014

It’s okay to admit it. We all know it’s true. The best part of dinner, especially when it’s a holiday dinner, is the side dishes. And when the side dishes are rocked with flavor, the main dish can just scooch on over to the sidelines. Unless you’re slathering a turkey with hot and spicy sauce (like I did), because then we’ve got a match!

When you’re operating in the multiple side dish zone (which seems to be the theme of nearly each and every Thanksgiving table) it’s a good idea to keep those recipes simple. Complicated, overwrought 182 ingredient recipes just aren’t what the frazzled home-cooking-hostess needs when guests will be sampling a bite of this and a dig into that and complicates the beauty in simplicity that our palates crave when loading our buffet plate into a mound of food that would serve a family of four.

Simple you say? Let’s go with it. But don’t make it boring. Let’s add 2 different ingredients to the basic mashers to make them smashers. Yes, I did say that.

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20 Bodacious Bundt Cake Recipes Round-Up

by Hayley Putnam on November 12, 2014

20 Bodacious Bundt Cake Recipes on

We like big bundts and we cannot lie. We like little ones too — they’re adorable, and French looking, and we can always talk ourselves into eating more since they’re so small.

But while there’s certainly no reason to discriminate against any cake, there’s just something extra special about bundts. Maybe it’s their simplicity. We can drizzle, pour, or quickly drip our luscious icing over them, rather than worry about tedious crumb coats or flawless frost jobs.

Or maybe it’s just that it’s fun to say “bundt.” We’re giving you 20 good reasons to get your “bundt” on, plus some bundt cake goodies you can’t resist.

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Buffalo Roasted Turkey

by heidi on November 11, 2014

After this bird shows up to the table, Thanksgiving may never be the same.

Buffalo Roasted Turkey is basted with a buttery hot sauce |

Most people who know me, know that I am not what most would consider a traditionalist. Strike that. I do have some traditionalist tendencies, so I guess I’d consider myself a progressively wavering traditionalist. I’m a little stuck in my ways but always open to trying something new.

Take Thanksgiving for example. It’s the ultimate traditional holiday. Back in the day the family always gathered ’round to reconnect for that one must-meet time of year. The kids watched the Macy’s Day parade. The women cooked. The men watched football. We all snuck swipes of whip cream from the freshly made pumpkin pies. Then we joined hands, said thanks and we ate. Then we said we were full. And then we ate again.

And then we put a whole wrench in the traditional monkeyworks and swapped out roles so that now the guys and gals cook together and the ladies are the first to fist pump the SF 49ers as they roll over those Seattle Seahawks in this year’s turkey day’s big game (fingers crossed!) And then we join hands and we say thanks. And we eat. And then we complain about how stuffed we are. And then we eat again.

Just another reason to celebrate tradition with a twist. Like this Buffalo sauce basted bird. Yep, that’s definitely bucking with tradition.

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