Listen. Can you hear it too? The trumpets trilling and the drum roll building into a frenzy as the champagne corks pop and richochet across the room.

Introducing FoodieCrush the magazine.

Huge thanks to all of the fabulous contributors and food bloggers who participated in the making of the mag. Your amazing talents are such an honor to feature and share in this online mag format. Special shout outs to Maria, Jaclyn and Bev for their extra awesome contributions.

Another round of thanks to Tessa for her editing expertise and Courtney for her savvy coaching, guidance and gentle prodding. OFO.

But most of all to my family. To my amazing husband Jeff, who picked up the slack lo’ these past months with my late nights and long weekends, always believes in me and my hair brained schemes and draws my bath every night before I wander into bed; to my Smudge, who thinks I’m the best mom in the world even when I don’t, and who I can’t wait to celebrate with on our promised mani/pedis date; and of course, my mom, whose pom poms couldn’t be bigger, her cheering louder nor her love stronger. I love you madly.

I might shed a tear…oh hell, I am.


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