I’m finishing up my unofficial, undeclared week of delicious cream cheese dips with just one more cheesy wonder: Hot Shrimp Creamy Cheese Dip.

Shrimp Scampi Dip | foodiecrush.com

While I’ve been slathering my Smoked Salmon Spread on bagel crisps, and dipping chips into this Porter Caramelized Onion Dip (check out the cookbook giveaway that features it), I figured what better time than this very moment to break out a Hot Shrimp Creamy Cheese Dip.

Because I haven’t broken into the crackers yet!

Click here to get my Hot Shrimp Creamy Cheese Dip.


So speaking of potato chips, Kristen was talking about the new Lay’s Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips on Facebook and people were going nuts!

Then yesterday at Target, there was more dip drama, I mean besides the newsstands creeping out on Chloe taking back Lamar.

When I was at Target—at 9 a.m.—a woman approached a sales associate—at 9 a.m.—and demanded to know why she couldn’t find the new Chocolate Dipped Lays Potato Chips (take a look at this taste test, hmmmm.)

I mean, this woman was UNHAPPY—at 9 a.m.

Apparently she had big plans for the day that involved both salty and sweet and doing a lot of finger licking. She must have been a food blogger.

Food shoppers are funny animals. Which must make food bloggers hilarious, because we’re always at the grocery store.

Case in point. Some of us just can’t seem to be bothered with making a list to take to the store. Yep that’s me.

Who needs a list? Why not  just wing it when I’m making 4 recipes in one day? I mean I’d done most of the shopping throughout the week, I just needed three things to finish things off. I may not be 20 anymore, but I can remember that, right?


don’t be a dork shopper like me, download a free version of the shopping list above


At 8:30 a.m., I was at Smith’s, my usual grocery store, cruising the aisles like a NASCAR driver in the hunt for the championship. At 9 a.m. I slid into Target’s parking for holiday prop shopping, then raced over to HomeGoods to look for what I couldn’t find at Target, and then circled the corner to World Market. I was making good time, striking off my mental list and it was only 10:30 a.m.

Then I remembered I was out of oregano so back to Target I went AGAIN. This time I left with yet another 3 bags (including the cutest desk calender, see my Friday Faves below) and a receipt for $43 because all I needed was OREGANO.

Then home. Where I realized I forgot peanuts. So a quick hustle to Dan’s Market, because it’s closer than Smith’s, but generally costs more coin. Then home AGAIN and the cooking commenced.

Halfway through recipe #2, I couldn’t find the can of Dulce de Leche I KNOW I had (this was not for the recipe with oregano or the peanuts, silly!) So back to Smith’s, because while Dan’s is closer, they only carry the Dulce de Leche at Smith’s. Which is what I discovered juuuuust before I trekked it to Smith’s.

Back home to finish the recipe before I have to pick up Smudge (2:45 p.m. by this time) and what was waiting for me in my pantry?

My can of Dulce de Leche. My head nearly exploded.


image source


My lesson: Even when you go for just one thing, go ahead and make a list, and check it twice. And check the pantry twice, too. Better yet, have someone ELSE check the pantry.

But enough about my day, how is yours?

Here’s a few Friday Faves to get your weekend moving in the right direction while you eat your bag of Chocolate Dipped Lays Potato Chips.

1. My Smudge is obsessed with the original version of this song. My husband’s partial to the parody. I wonder why….?

2. Soon enough it will be tax time. Ugh. Here’s an app that will help keep track of all of those write-off receipts clogging up your wallet.

3. Oh man, I want my Thanksgiving table to look like this. Hell, I want it to look like this everyday.

4. I check out cookbooks from the library. This is my cookbook of the week I may need to buy. GORGEOUS photos!

5. This…I need –> The greatest secret to productivity that no one is talking about.

6. How to make recipe cards online for the design challenged. Neighbor holiday gift?

 7. Celebrities and their stunt doubles. JLo, your double looks like one pretty hot dude.

8. Another new favorite lippy. I wore it around the store for 15 minutes before I’d buy it. It was still stickalicious.

9. Creamy yolks and wedge salads. Check! See what else is on the list of hottest food trends for 2014.

10. How to write by David Ogilvy. I need to listen to #3: “Use short words, short sentences and short paragraphs.” I should have heeded that advice in my droning story at the beginning of this post.

11. Since I’m a visual person and have a long to-do list, I really love this DIY wall of goals.

12. This light and airy home office is making me crave an office remodel, although I’d outfit it in gold and black with a yellow or FoodieCrush pink accent. DIY alert, how much do you love those monogrammed chairs!?!?!

13. Layers upon layers deep, this Holiday Cheat Sheet is stuffed with some pretty awesome ideas.

14. Donald Trump might soon be looking her up –> Why I bought an apartment to specifically rent out on Airbnb.

15. I enjoyed this read about the forethinking legend in the kitchen who left us this week. So he’s the reason we’re all eating quinoa!

16. Beer makes you smart. Here’s proof.

17. My favorite L.A. stationery store has designed a line of calendars for Target. I got the black bound with gold accents during my extra $43 shopping spree.

18. How do you make friends IRL when you don’t work in an office and are done hitting the books and bars? The comment section is where the great advice flows.

19. Totally crushing on these recipes that made their way to my screen. The theme? Just totally crave worthy. Please Pin these images if you’d like, but do so after clicking though to the original recipe.


Jen is totally convincing me I could make English Muffins at home. And lookie there, whole wheat to boot thanks to Savory Simple.


Brian is definitely classing it up by calling giving A Thought for Food‘s Pumpkin Potage with Toasted Farro an aristocratic air. I’m not that smart, mine would be ‘soup.’


Gerry took a tour of the Pacific Northwest and came home all tricked out on seafood and cheese in Foodness GraciousBacon Langostino Mac ‘n Cheese. I like the way you think Gerry—and you’ve been Pinned to my Mac ‘n Cheese board. Just like a food sensei voodoo doll.


Naomi may not be craving sweets with her bun in the oven, but that hasn’t stopped her from delivering drop me to my knees dessert inspiration like this Maple Pumpkin Brulee Cheesecake at Bakers Royale.

20. Most helpful Tweet of the Week (congrats Twitter on that IPO):
“Baking #pie? Choose a pie plate that is glass or aluminum with an dull finish. Shiny pans cause crusts to become soggy bc they reflect heat.” ~ @GoldMedalFlour


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