The month of May. so. much. going. including the fact that the IRS is no longer banging on our doors! Let’s celebrate with cocktails and this week’s list of Friday Faves.

Friday Faves

Every year, the beginning of May is packed with events to celebrate with a few clinks of the glasses and shots to be shared. Pass the lime and salt please.

Kentucky Derby = classic mint juleps paired with seriously flourishing good, and bad, hat fetishes. Whoa.

Cinco de Mayo = margaritas, Mexican food fests (like my list of 70 must try recipes) and daydreams of Tulum.

Mother’s Day = champagne bubbles, languid brunches and mama love tributes.

We may have to call Betty Ford before we’re even into mid-month. Oh but, why not enjoy? May only comes once a year.

How about some Friday Faves friends?

This video warms my heart. You could probably use a warm up too, so check it out.

An interesting perspective: The future of food writing and how food bloggers have changed the reporting game.

I know, I know…Do we really need one more keep-in-touch-with-your-friends-and-blow-their-minds-app? This one might be worth the time investment for the halfsies (pic above) alone!

Oh my ever expanding cookbook collection! I can’t wait for this cookbook and this cookbook from two of my fave food bloggers to come out. So madly talented they are.

Love the two toned look of this summer sweater. Maybe I could transition from my all black wardrobe. #boringme

Hey you food blogger picture takers, you should totally check out these 10 step-by-step examples of how to light your food photos. Or, how to manipulate your light completely with foam core boards. Bravo on real life set-up examples.


Have you ever run around the Maypole? Time for some DIY-ing here.

Really? This is fashion? Maybe for a convict.

I would think the refrigerator of food stylist / recipe creator / backbone of Gwyneth’s food glory would be way fancier and stocked than it is. Voyeur alert: a look inside hers and wife Grace’s whole (little) kitchen here.

These texts between parents and kids are the funniest ever. LOL. (that’s laugh out loud, mom.)

Such cute iPhone cases. I’m partial to the pink crystal agate myself.

This will be the shower of my next house. Husband, ready yourself.

 37 ways to have the best picnic ever,


Share your vino while enjoying it! I saw these while dreaming of cocktail creations a month ago in Nevada.

Travel season is here! And I’m totally crushing on this travel bag. So chic and it’ll never go out of style.

Okay, this DIY business card holder is the best.

One of my very first posts was for what to cook and eat for The Kentucky Derby. Let’s update our menu today and get us our horses on! Trifecta!



Strawberry Mint Julep

Strawberry steeped in bourbon is the secret to this sweetly infused julep-ish drink.

Recipe here.


Sparkling Ginger Mint Julep

We’re forgoing fresh ginger here in favor of ginger beer to create a sparkling minty sipper.

Recipe here.


Pomegranate Cranberry Mint Julep

Fresh Cranberries, cooked down and pureed with pomegranate juice and fresh mint then topped with bourbon. Pour me another bartender.

Recipe here.


Blood Orange Mint Julep

Time for old dogs to learn new tricks. This is where blood oranges trump regular oranges every time.

Recipe here.


The Menta Julep

Developed in 1865, this recipe has some serious legacy to it’s dark minty liquor taste. And plenty of sippability.

Recipe here.


Blackberry Mint Julep

Homegrown blackberries are the star here, but feel free to buy them at the store if you’re not feeling like 4 and 20 blackbirds.

Recipe here.


Orange Mint Julep

Ready to get your Southern drawl on? This here drank is yer ticket to fun.

Recipe here.


Mint Julep Fudge

Enough booze, let’s dig into the sweets. Andes mints are lend the minty flavor to this sweetly decadent julep treat. Why doesn’t the Derby come every week?

Recipe here.

Have a fab weekend friends, julep it up and here’s to winning some money on the horses.

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