Happy Friday friends!

And, OH! How GLAD I am it’s Friday instead of Monday when I was down and out in bed with a stomach bug that was. not. good. For me, the worst part of being sick is pulling myself out of the woe-is-me-I’m-still-so-sick-but-am-I-really?? FUNK. Thankfully, that is over. And as such, my week was pretty much uneventful.

But that all changes now.

Today I’m back, up, and at ’em, and have made my way to the shores of Lake Michigan to meet up with a bounty of food bloggers at the #FreshCoastRetreat. I’ll be sharing what I’m learning, eating and experiencing  so if you’d care to, follow along on Instagram (#freshcoastretreat and @foodiecrush) and Snapchat (@foodiecrush) for a behind the scenes peek.

I know, I know, I know…It seems like each week I drone on and on and on about Snapchat and how much fun I’m having posting to it and following others on it (I can’t get enough of Gwen and Kate Hudson!), but seriously…it is so much fun!

How could I not love an app that features the utmost flattering filters like the flower crown that makes your skin all dewy and widens your eyes with an added sparkle tipped in?

Smudge is OBSESSED with the filters.

Uh oh. Now so am I.

The filters change all the time but I hope, hope, hope this one never goes away. I’ve always said whoever comes up with a real life Photoshop filter for every day use will become a millionaire. I want this one to be my real-life aura and follow me around forever. I mean who wouldn’t?


Because even Drew Barrymore is sporting the flower crown filter. I mean, WE COULD BE TWINS!

Okay, those are real flowers, she isn’t filtered (she may be photoshopped, but that’s another story) and she’s a movie star who has great hair, but it just goes to prove that moms babes like us in flower crowns, are, like, totally all right with the world.

Unless you are the commenter on one of my FoodieCrush Facebook posts:

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 12.30.58 PM

I HAD to LIKE it. (yep, that’s my 👍)

But let’s set a few things straight.

First, A: I am not 55. Yet. But I will be eventually. And when I am, I’ll be damn happy I’m alive.

Next, B: I’m not attempting to be cool. But, because I try to be fun, may possibly be a bit goofy, love the Snaps, and may sometimes use the same lingo as ‘kids these days’, I’d say some people do assume I am younger than I really am. Or at least they’re really good liars when they tell me that. I have a good teacher in my husband who is 8 years my senior but will forever act younger than I ever will be. I gotta keep up with him, you know? Plus, my 11 year old daughter likes me, and I “get” her. And I like that even better.

And finally, C: Stacy, thank you for the reminder to practice what my mom always taught me. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” My lips are now sealed.

But beyond all that, I am loving this cover and new look of GH. The photo is so fresh, the typography is on point and the interior redesign and new content is lively and resourceful. It’s not your old mama’s magazine anymore. Even this old mama. I mean babe. Jeez! I gotta get that one right.

So hop on the Snapchat train with me and join the fun. I pinky swear it isn’t all naked boobies and naughtiness. You have to watch network news for that! Oh, what people will do to get on the news…

Before we get into favorites, my heart goes out to those who are going through the massive flooding in the Houston area. My sister lives there and has shared with me so much of the devastation that has happened to neighbors, friends and so many plagued by mother nature’s soaking fury. Here’s one way you can help.

And now, let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves.

Bring on the summer pool parties!

I love the healthy spin on this classic recipe.

rainbow grilled cheese!! YES!

But wait…

A rainbow latte??!!

What’s next? Flying unicorns??

5 minute no knead bread. That’s totally my style.

Oh lordie. This pizza has all my favorite flavors. But THE CRUST!! Nailed it.

This creamy chicken pasta is calling. Plus, BACON!

The perfect cinnamon roll search is still on. Bite size is the right size.

Another essential bookmark for me: More high altitude baking tips. 

How to load the dishwasher the RIGHT way. Until my husband shows up and reloads it HIS way.

Since I’m still saying “totes”, this lingo guide might help. On fleek? GAAAHHH!

How to keep creativity alive from one of the most creative bloggers I know.

I knew there was a reason I was holding out! I. Just. Bought. This. In GOOOOOOLD! It comes in rose gold too. GAME CHANGER!

100 Things to Do In Salt Lake City Before You Die

This summer and I’m going to be instituting a Funday Monday. Or maybe a Funday Friday. Or maybe both! My friend and former editor just wrote this book and I can’t wait to take Smudge and her friends out and about to explore and tick things off our summer bucket list!

These illustrations are…so…real…life.

It’s Earth Day! This device has me re-thinking how much time I spend in the shower. Brilliant!

It’s time to make a garden plan.

Huge fan of Vogue’s “73 Questions” series, and loving this latest one with Tay Tay! *crush*

Apparently they’re keepin’ it real. What these celebrities wore to meet the President.

These beautiful storefronts are giving me shopping fever. Let’s go!

RIP tissue alert: The world’s oldest dog just died at 30! Oh, furbaby!

Oh…You need this dress.

I totally want these espadrilles.

But if they don’t strike your fancy, here are 12 more spring espadrilles for 2016.

I made a Sephora run before my trip to stock up on some of my languishing essentials:

I’ve been waiting for this mascara to come out with waterproof. If it lives up to it’s name, I’m going to be one happy girl.

This eye shadow palette works on everyone.

Spring’s smoky eye. FANCY.

I usually buy this undereye concealer (even the magical Snapchat filters can’t hide my bags) but I’m trying this one out after seeing it on @inspiralized ‘s Snapchat, and I’m loving it.

This blush and contour product guide seems really helpful. I love my Nars.

As if I didn’t already want to go to Mexico, now I only want to go here and hand out with Cindy, George and Amal.

10 great lake vacation destinations. Take me away…

How to earn 382,500 frequent flier miles in the next 2 weeks. It’ll help get you there.


How to pack like a travel pro. I agree! Roll your clothes instead of folding.

Blog Biz Links

How to Create Time-Saving Systems for Your Business and Your Blog

Fave Pins ala Pasta This Week

So many recipes, not enough time! That’s why Pinterest is my haven for saving for later. Here are a few that hit my boards this week that I really loved and I hope you will too!

Creamy Baked Sausage Risotto from The Clever Carrot |

Creamy Baked Sausage Risotto

Ok, risotto is technically a rice but…it’s all in the family. And nothing sounds better with risotto better than the word ‘creamy’.

Get the recipe | Pin it

Spinach Artichoke Lasagna from Cookie and Kate on

Spinach Artichoke Lasagna

A lighter version of everyone’s comfort food for spring.

Get the recipe | Pin it

Creamy Cashew-Miso Pasta with Peas and Fava Beans from The Bojon Gourmet on

Creamy Cashew-Miso Pasta with Peas and Fava Beans

Nevermind that this recipe is gluten-free, vegan and ticks all the healthy check boxes, it looks so good I would want it anyway.

Get the recipe | Pin it

I hope you all have a great weekend and I hope you find yourself in the kitchen cooking something good! Snap that!

As always, thank you for reading and for supporting companies I partner with, which allows me to create more unique content and recipes for you. All opinions are always my own.  

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