Friday Faves

Happy Friday friends!

This weekend I’m off to the outskirts of West Yellowstone to spend some good old fashioned girl time with 15 or so of my college besties. We’ve made it an annual event every year since we left college, just the girls, no kids and no partners. Just girl time, plenty of wine, jello shots, loads of good food and always so much gabbing, plus a corn-hole tournament worthy of any Olympic venue.

It’s one of the most comforting, familiar weekends I have all year and even the pros give 7 reasons it’s so important to reconnect with old friends.

We laugh until our faces hurt (that won’t create more wrinkles, will it? Let’s talk botox!) and reconnect as if time hasn’t ticked by but for one hot minute since the four years we were giggling like school girls (hey! we were!) lined up at the long bathroom counter to do our sky high, permed hair and apply way too much make-up as we plotted the evening’s plan (where will the boys be?) that ultimately ended with *most of us* on the couch at midnight, in our jammies to eat mac ‘n cheese (all hail yellow death!) then tutor and counsel one another in the unknown dreams we were in the midst of, and on track to achieve.

We survived! We thrived! And we’re here to encourage our kids to do exactly the same. Oh lord. I don’t even want to THINK about THAT.

So instead, let’s talk about this week’s Friday Faves!

Wheeler Farm Farmers Market Murray, UT |

This is my favorite time of year for cooking, thanks to all of the fresh, local bounty! Here’s how to shop the farmers market like a chef.

7 strategies to keep your kitchen counters clean.

The best and worst booze to drink if you’re trying to lose weight. Cheers to wine!

Forget the coffee shop, make this mocha at home instead.

Zucchini as canneloni? Oh man, does this look good!

I think I’m over the hump because Smudge is pretty adventuresome these days. But for those of you in process: How to teach kids to eat new foods.

Here’s what Whole Foods had to say about #asparaguswatergate.

How many can you claim? 10 cookbooks ever home should own.

And on the other side of controversy from this week’s news…

A flip side view of Cecil the Lion’s death.

On a lighter note, all the reasons we’re going to miss you, Jon Stewart.

I’m the WORST at printing out photos from my phone, from my camera…all of it. Thinking about getting one of these. Anybody have one?

Smudge is totally into beautifying her room. This is a DIY she’ll be all over. Heck, I am too!

Maggie Sottero wedding dress |

Last weekend was all about the newlyweds when our nephew (with a striking similarity to this guy!) married the gal of his dreams, and the family is thrilled to “officially” welcome her with open arms. How gorgeous is that blush pink dress? Get it here.

I may have to redecorate my entire house thanks to this!


This house had me at HELLO. I LOVE it! Talk about breaking the ice with the neighbors,

and then…

This guy builds his office out of beer bottles. BEER BOTTLES!

5 cool new products in the new Ikea catalog. #3 would be good for a food blogging photo studio.

This pack would look gread on my back.

I’m such a sucker for these types of lists. Probably because all I want to do is ESCAPE! I’ve been to #8 & #11—where my husband nearly drowned—not kidding. Only 24 more to go!

If you’re working for ‘the man’, here are tips on surviving working through the summer.

Blog Biz Tips

13 tips to improve your SEO. The #1 thing people don’t do that drives me crazy: Shange the names of your image file to the name of your post!

5 ways to quickly improve the performance of your e-mail newsletter

What I Pinned This Week

A few recipes that sparked my pinning fingers. Come on over and follow me on Pinterest.

CousCous Stuffed Peppers |

CousCous Stuffed Peppers

All veg, all the flavor.

Get the recipe | Pin it

Red Hot Chicken and Fried Cheese Meatballs |

Red Hot Chicken and Fried Cheese Meatballs

Fried cheese? Enough said.

Get the recipe | Pin it

S'mores Custard Cake |

S’mores Custard Cake

This baby puts pretty much every single other s’more to shame. Gorgeous!

Get the recipe | Pin it

Have a happy weekend friends, and cook something good.

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