Hello! It’s Friday my friends. Happy. Happy. Happy.

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One good thing from this week is I harvested my first tomato. The first of only 3 ripe frigging tomatoes from the one plant I planted because this year I am on a tomato farming strike. Apparently even one plant has proven a tomato farmer I am not. But a sandwich maker I AM! And it was time to savor that one ‘mater on a BLT.

That was the upside of the week.

The downside of the week? Well, there were a few.

Do things in your world seem to be misbehaving? Like even more than normal? Where people are a little less patient and a bit more short tempered? Or maybe you’ve had issues with your computer not behaving, your phone apps acting all wonky, and maybe even your cable TV or internet bleeping in and out of service?

Guess what folks? We are at the beginning of three hot weeks of Mercury in Retrograde.

I’m not one to totally engage in astrology or outer world mumbo jumbo, but Mercury in Retrograde is something I FULLY BELIEVE IN! It affects communication and electronics and basically makes things inexplicably go haywire. I’ve already had major computer issues, picked a fight for no reason with my daughter and my husband, had an unfortunate family emergency, and my whole head physically feels heavier like my brain is being weighing dowwwwwwn, almost like I’m under water.

Beam me up Scotty! I don’t wanna go down!

This is a brief explanation of how Mercury in Retrograde works and what it affects and some good tips for how to not become embroiled in the drama that you could unwittingly become involved in. (I especially like their suggestion of focusing on “RE”-things like reevaluate, renew, reunite rather than starting something new.)

So if you’re feeling a little off, or that super important email didn’t go through, or your car died at the front of the car wash line, don’t think it’s just you. It’s likely all of us being affected by the moon and the stars which calls for a lot more patience and kindness.

But then, what day doesn’t????

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Reset and Recharge With This FREE Guide

I’m fast realizing summer is nearly over and soon lazy Sunday barbecues will turn into super-focused Sunday meal prep for the week. That’s why I’m eager to make the most of the few weeks left.

I had so many grand plans written out on my Nourished Planner bucket list and I’ve yet to cross so many of them off my list. But instead of getting down on myself for not making time for myself and my goals, I’m simply reassessing and refocusing on what’s important.

There’s still time to capitalize on my natural summer rhythm. And you can too.

Download this FREE Summer Rhythms Guide to help create space and set boundaries and create balance to reach your goals by simply following your own natural rhythms.

Let’s keep summer sizzling with this week’s list of Friday Faves. Enjoy!

Very much agree with these two ideas for making a healthier, happier YOU!

How to break old habits and create new ones. 

This would be a fun girls night party theme.

5 secrets of people who always seem to have a tidy kitchen. #2 is something I totally remember Louise doing in Thelma and Louise.


7 things super healthy people do at home that you don’t. 

Storage ideas borrowed from airbnb’s around the world.

“As much as you would from a novel or a painting or an opera or movie, you can go to a restaurant, and eat a meal, and look at the people around you and smell the smells, and taste the flavors and learn something about the world that has a lot to do with what’s on your plate.” One of the great voices in food. You will be missed RIP Jonathan Gold.

This easy pasta dinner would be totally at home at my house.

I’m down with dipping into this dip.

This is one of my favorite breakfasts on-the-go.


This makes my fave eggs totally portable too.

15 Whole30 breakfast ideas. 

I’ve never made these before, have you?

Is this breakfast or dessert? It’s summer! Who cares??!!

All this recipe needs is gravy.

A great salad to use up all the extra veggies.

I would totally give this pudding a try.

Creamed corn, minus the cream. SO SMART!

This is a veggie burger I can totally do.

Snickers ice cream. Good bye diet, not even gonna miss you.

Salads you need to try NOW:

And healthy treats you need now AND later:

A Stranger Things corn maze that actually makes you think you’re in the upside down.

We finally saw this movie and I can already predict the sequel and no, I don’t think he died.

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! Now’s your chance to live in the Brady Bunch House.

Why you should display your books like a rainbow. 

I’m really liking this duvet cover, and it’s on sale.

33 little lessons that make minimalist dressing easier.

Here’s how to get your free MAC lipstick. 

The ultimate collaboration: Vans by Van Gogh.

At $50 off, it might be time to invest in these boots. 

Leather leggings that aren’t leather. That’s one way to hip up your daily yoga pant outfit.

This summer is so hot and dry and that’s why I can’t live without this hand cream. 

I love this summer casual dress. You could even wear it to a wedding…

I’m going to one of my BFFs son’s wedding tonight and wondering if any of these most banned wedding songs will be on the playlist?

This is one diet program I totally want to follow the progress of—a 33 pound cat??? Whaaat?

Okay, I think that about does it for this week! Have a great one, and I hope you find yourself in the kitchen or at the BBQ cooking up something good!

P.S. Be sure to get in the rhythm when you download this free pdf guide and make the most of what’s left of summer.

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