Ho Ho and a Merry Yo to you my fine Friday Friends!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s Christmas. And to think that last week I was lamenting over whether to put a tree up at all.

Why? Ugh. Dragging out all the Christmas crap, then having it up for a shorter amount of time due to holiday travel, and then having to put it all back away again.

But I got over it. Because I gave myself a break. This year, instead of feeling like I have to do all the deckering, all the attending, and all the presenting, I’m going  to just go half way this season. Because it’s more important to BE present instead of to GIVE presents. So if you don’t get a holiday card from me this year (oh wait…that’s been every year for the past few) don’t be alarmed Because I’d rather be eating my holiday cookies with those I love instead of worrying about going each and every cookie swap I’m invited to.

If you need a little more of this kind of inspiration (aka reality check), you’ll find it here.

On that note, I’m still into all the giving and there’s two ways I’m sharing it with you every day until the jolly fat man sings.

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Also, this Sunday me, my man, and my Smudge with all her friends will be at Smith’s Marketplace (click here to be taken straight there) with the UT/NV Dairy Council celebrating our 3rd Annual Santa’s Cookies and Milk Drive. Check us out the first year, they look so little!

We’ll be cruising the store asking customers to please consider donating milk to the Utah Food Bank. Come up and see us, or donate to Feeding America, where you can donate a gallon of milk to your own food bank in your area just by putting in your zip code.

Need Xmas inspo? We just finished creating this ecookbook for Lauren, and how cute is that cover!.

Ugh, Mercury, don’t play with my December.

Did anyone watch this interview? WHO IS Becky with the good hair? Will we ever know?

This Gilmore girl is excited to start watching this show!

And this movie looks so good. #markymark

This guy can transform himself into virtually any celeb. So amazing, but I’m not totally convinced Photoshop wasn’t involved?

This crafty Xmas DIY looks so cute and fun (would be perf for holiday place settings)!

Also, I’m 150% certain I wouldn’t have the patience required for this DIY, but I still can’t get over how cool (and life-like) these paper poinsettias look.

This holiday-themed t-shirt is making me laugh.

I’m craving this for dinner. So yummy.

Can’t wait to make this festive (af) cocktail. Hello new favorite winter nightcap (and best name ever 🙂 )

CINNAMON ROLL ALERT! If you love eggnog, you need to make these cinnamon rolls. Holy moly, they look amazing.

Son of a nutcracker, these Elf-inspired cookies look so fun!

And because you can never have too many cookies, especially this time of year…

These pretty peppermint bark shortbread cookies are brilliant.

And so is this insane gingerbread house!

How adorable are these mini hot cocoa cheesecakes?

Love this home tour. That kitchen paint color is gorgeous.

What famous food city do you actually belong in?

And, times when things that aren’t food looked like food. The first two had me dying.

Just in case you’re not hungry yet…

5 soup-er cozy soups to warm up to this weekend:

Love this pretty necklace.

And the loveliest little ring dish. And trinket dish.

Loving these sexy black boots! Awesome price too. These boots are also really cute. Love that color.

This wooden photo ledge and some family pics would make a wonderful present this year.

Such a fun gift idea for kiddos. (Though this would totally zen me out and I kind of want it too.)

Loving this pretty potholder set. Great price too!

The coolest wine rack. But which one to get—copper or gold? Decisions, decisions…

This would make such a special gift for someone in your family who loves to cook.

Smitten with these candles — I want them all!

The coolest iPhone dock I’ve ever seen. #want

This fun book reminds me of that old show Dinner and a Movie! #throwback

Everyone is buzzing about this game, which apparently is the new Cards Against Humanity.

This cookie jar is everything, so I just snatched one up!

A custom ornament of your favorite four-legged friend to hang on your tree? Omg, NEED.

And these zodiac ornaments are the cutest.

All right, friends, that be it for this week. Now go out and find yourself some holiday lights to light up your weekend!

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