Hello, and happy Fri-YAY friends!

Most important things first…Happy birthday to my mama! May this year bring you all the love, travel and good fortune you so richly deserve. I love you P!

Well, as the world continues to try to get things back to some sense of normalcy, my heart continues to pain with every news report of those suffering through and trying to live within the absolute devastation wrecked upon them by the most recent weather events.

I mean, when is enough, enough?

With so much devastation from previous hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires that came in the weeks before Hurricane Maria, it seems to me that people’s bandwidth to absorb this latest round of tragedy in Puerto Rico isn’t getting as much attention as it truly needs. If you’re looking to donate to help, here is a good list organizations to consider starting with.

My daughter and her friend were convinced last Saturday would be the end of the world. Well, looks like we’re all mostly still here, muddling through.

Sure, the idea of the end of the world sounded dire, but my heart was lifted just a bit when AliSmudge’s friend Katie commented, “Well, if tomorrow’s the last day of the world…at least today was a pretty great day.” Now THAT’S the positivity we should all be thinking.

Which leads me to…

Nourished Planner foodiecrush.com

Pre-Launch Sale for the Nourished Planner

It’s been another year in the making and this week begins the pre-launch sale for my other biz, the Nourished Planner. If you’ve ever been into calendaring, to-do-ing, inspiring, or motivating, this is going to be your new favorite planner, even if I do say so myself.

Last year’s planner sold out so quickly we’ve decided to give our fave followers a head start to claim theirs before we do more promoting and before our official launch date.

Here’s a look at what’s new and improved for 2018.

Nourished Planner foodiecrush.com

And for a limited time, with each Nourished Planner purchase, we’re including a FREE copy of our Batch Cooking Basics guide, showing you how to hack meal prep by breaking it down to the basics and then layering the basics together to create delicious, nutritious meals for the week.

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on one and get started dreaming all the big ones for 2018. I know…I’m not ready yet either.

But enough about all this, let’s dig into this week’s list of Friday Faves! Carry on Grey Poupon!

This totally brought me back to when Smudge was born, and it made me puddle.

And I loved reading this story. What a woman!

This new campaign by Disney is awesome. #girlpower

Shoe shopping, fro yo and the NYC Ballet with SJP (for just $400)?! No wonder this sold out in just two hours

Have you seen It  yet? AliSmudge and her daddy saw it while I was in Oregon last week. She said it wasn’t that scary, but this is why so many others are scared of clowns.

speaking of scary things…

Here’s how Taylor Swift transformed into a Zombie. Now can I have someone come do my makeup like that for Halloween, please??


I LOVE Halloween, and these costume ideas for couples are so good (especially loving #1 and #6).


These family Halloween costumes are killing me (#5, #10, and #44)!

Pumpkin spice junkies: Here are 7 new products that are worth the hype. Or are they?

Shake Shack has two new Will & Grace inspired milkshakes, and one of them has prosecco!

This is everything I want in a fall salad. Say it with me, “smoky honey pepita clusters.” (!)


Chai flavors aren’t just for sweets. This gorgeous soup looks amazing grace.

Chicken pot pie with cheesy biscuits? I’m so in (like three helpings in).

The prettiest crostini.

Pretty sure I wanna make this for brunch every weekend this fall.

This one bowl pumpkin cake will definitely be happening in our house this weekend. Smudge…get cookin’.

5 comfort food dishes I want to warm up with when it’s getting cold out:

I just added this dreamy travel experience to my life bucket list.

Totally loving every square foot of this home tour.

This kitchen … #thatbacksplashthough.

Okay, these Anthro and IKEA apps look genius, I’m nerding out over here!

Kinda want one of these curtain rods in every room in our house.

I’m totally digging this new home line at Target! Especially this cool decanter and this lamp.

Loving this bell sleeve top (those buttons!) Also loving this plaid tunic.

Because I HATE to iron, I recently got this (it’s the secret of wardrobe stylists and this blogger and this blogger love it too!)

But for times when I can’t even bother to deal with it, this is my secret to a quick wrinkle drop. (I love the travel size too.)

I received an email from reader LaVonne who said this is her favorite TV series to watch. Sounds cool (and might make me smarter 🙂 )

This home renovation is amazing. The bathroom, the fireplace—oy!

I know so many people having babies right now who may need inspiration: The most dreamy nursery.

and speaking of babies…

I loved these totally real comics from a mom who just gave birth.

Wishing you a fab fall weekend and hoping you get in the kitchen and make something good!

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